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How Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help Expand Your Business

In today’s real estate jungle, it’s hard to keep doing things alone. Sure, you get to keep all the profit to yourself, but for how long can you keep up? The idea is bigger than that, isn’t it? You need to look further. You need to look at the bigger picture, preferably one that involves real estate virtual assistants.

Once you’ve acknowledged that you aren’t superhuman, move on to the next step. As a real estate professional, delegating some of the work you do would benefit you in various ways, giving you some spare time to focus on other profit-oriented activities first and foremost. Real estate virtual assistants can provide you with the edge you need to thrive in the real estate market.

virtual assistants

So what exactly do real estate virtual assistants do?

The idea is that, even if you are a good, or even excellent real estate agent, there is a point where you know that you will need to hire some additional firepower.

The truth is that you can’t be your own assistant, and until you get one, you are one. There some benefits to using a real estate virtual assistant…

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Article Writing – How To Get Better Content For Your Blog

Article writing is one of the two most popular ways of implementing content marketing. The other is social media, which is actually used to distribute the content written on blogs.

You might have encountered great blogs in your niche but that doesn’t mean that the blog owner wrote the content. Blog owners usually hire writers for that task.

needle in haystack article

Finding good writers these days can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. The best writers are usually quite expensive. Cheap writers are usually the worst….

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New Feature: Download Brandable PDFs and Improved Reports

Today we are excited to roll out some great new features in our reporting section.  We’ve overhauled our whole reporting section to allow for more flexibility, and more detail.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Ability to download a PDF report (branded with your company logo), and easily send to clients via email
  • New weekly, daily, projects and members pre-defined templates
  • Work notes are now shown in the reports
  • New custom reporting for flexibility

Here’s what each of these features looks like in more detail:

Downloadable PDF Work Reports

You can download all reports to PDF in the exact view that you are viewing.  As you browse the reports, you can click on “Download PDF” at any time to generate a PDF of that exact report.

Employee work reports

Here is what the actual PDF will look like – Generate a PDF report here

Pdf work reports

Read our detailed support docs here:

Pre-defined Templates

Our employee reporting software is now loaded with several new reports that will allow you to get summary and detailed information for your work.  We’ve built predefined weekly template that serves as an overview as well as more detailed views grouped by date, project or member.

Employee work reports

Work Notes are now Included in Reports

As your contractors work, they can leave work notes in the desktop apps or on the activities page.  All of our reports now include work notes.

Employee work notes

Redesigned Custom Reports Tab

In addition to our pre-defined templates we also have also added the ability to view all of your data in exactly the format you prefer through a redesigned custom reporting tab.

custom employee reports


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The Essential Guide To Outsourcing

You know how useful outsourcing is – you know that if you had a great outsourcing system, you could run your business on autopilot. So why aren’t you doing it then? Do you fear getting scammed by a random freelancer? Are you worried that outsourcing is just too complicated for you?

When done right, outsourcing can seriously increase your personal productivity as an owner (or manager). It allows you to focus on what you do best, come up with the ideas and the vision for the business.

Finding the right contractors is the hardest part of outsourcing

If you haven’t tried outsourcing before, get ready for a lot of frustration and headaches. It’s really hard to do it right with the millions of contractors online. It sometimes makes you just want to give up on business and outsourcing altogether.

Of course, you can always let Hubstaff do the hard work for you – just check out the end of the article. Our staffing solution will save you a lot of time and eliminate frustration. If you do insist on mastering outsourcing on your own, stick around and read the following tips.

The Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing

Choosing what to outsource

How do you even decide what to outsource? If you won the lottery, the answer would be simply to outsource everything. In the real world however, you have a limited budget. You have to start by outsourcing your highest-leverage points first. Ideally, doing this should increase your profits. You would then be able to use the new profits to outsource other parts of your business.

The easiest way to determine where to start is by asking this question …

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How to Find Clients As a Freelancer – Five Killer Tips Revealed

You’re probably sitting there wondering how to find clients as a freelancer. Be warned, finding that first client is an arduous process. The first step is usually the hardest, especially when you have no reputation or credibility.

Not to mention that clients tend to systematically avoid fresh freelancers, regardless of the freelancer’s skillset; the reason being that the Internet often leads to distrust and apprehension. People cannot instantly trust someone they’ve met online.

Consider, for a second, what this last statement implies. You are new to the market and you don’t have anyone to turn to. Employers that you don’t have previous experience with are going to fear you. So, you may eventually find yourself facing a dead end. Instead of losing hope, you should turn your attention to the following 5 innovative ways of how to find clients as a freelancer. 

1) Get in touch with every connection

how to find clients as a freelancerEven the absolute worst freelancer in the world has more contacts than they could possibly use. Assuming you don’t make it a habit to alienate everyone you meet, you should be able to find someone in your life that can refer you to a potential employer.

If you have ever heard of the six degrees of separation, you’ll know that in theory, you are six steps away from any other person out there. With these odds in mind, the chances are that your very own mother, father, sister, cousin or local shop owner will know someone that wants to hire you.

It’s clear as day that the odds of finding a potential client are very high. Besides, you’re not looking for the job of a lifetime; you’re looking for a single reference, meaning that any connection will do. The real challenge is convincing yourself to get out there and actually ask around….

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Now You Can Benefit from Skilled Remote Staffing without the High Cost

Do you know how to hire remote employees? Remote staffing sounds great, but is it reliable? If you’re like most people, you’re probably afraid the hiring process will be too complicated. Perhaps you worry it will take you too long. Your fears are legit, since a lot of entrepreneurs find it hard to hire efficient remote employees.

While we offer the best (autopilot) solution at the end of this article, some people insist on doing their own hiring and management. If you like doing things the hard way, we have a few tips to help you make the process just a bit easier and smoother.

remote staffing

The best remote employees have lots of experience

Do you have the time to hire a cheap employee from a third word country and train him or her from the ground up? …

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The Formula for Finding Amazing Blog Writers

Great blog writers are hard to find, we can all agree on that. The search takes a lot of time, effort, testing, and trials. While this process can never be easy, I’ll show you a few unique tips and methods to make the process less grueling.
blog writers typing

The fastest way to find blog writers is by finding excellent blogs

You probably stumble upon great really blogs from time to time. I am talking about the kind of blogs that you see and go “I wish that was my blog!”

Here’s an idea – every time you find such a great blog, just go ahead and contact the owner, ask them about their writers. There is no guarantee that the writer will be available for hire, or that the owner will even want to give away the name.

And even if you can hire this amazing blog writer, the chances are that he or she will be prohibitively expensive. Great blog writers charge well for their services.

This is definitely not the cheapest way to find blog writers, but it is fast and easy. I presume that you already know a few blogs that you admire. Why not get in touch with them?

The cheapest writers are on freelance websites

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Do Employers Really Need Time Tracking Software?

time trackingIs your virtual team doing its job or are they slacking off? Without time tracking software, how can you really know? Before the advent of this software, employers could not effectively monitor their contractors and pay them by the hour.

Time tracking software is the ultimate invention for employers. You finally get to see what your contractors are doing. No more worrying about your contractors wasting time on Facebook or Amazon instead of working.

Time tracking software has become the best friend of employers and managers. But even the contractors get to see how productive they really are.

The question isn’t whether time tracking software should be used; the issue is how to pick the right software.

Do you, as an employer, really need time tracking software?…

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The Ultimate List Of Tasks That Can Be Outsourced To A Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

You’ve got a lot of tasks that you need to finish, but you just don’t have the time to do it all by yourself. A virtual assistant could help you but what tasks would you let him or her work on?

How can you be sure that virtual assistants can replace you properly? I am sure that you have pondered on these questions already. Hiring a bunch of incompetent virtual assistants would do you more harm than good.

Then again, you know that you need help and virtual assistants are basically your only choice. But where do you even find virtual assistants whom you can trust to complete your tasks?

We’ve answered all of these questions in previous installments, and today we want to focus on something a little different. We’ve noticed a peculiar and rarely mentioned issue. Most people are unaware about what and how much they can even outsource in the first place. In this installment we want to help you understand exactly what you can and should let your VA handle for you.

Tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant

Managing emails

Emails are probably one of the biggest time wasters for most entrepreneurs. Imagine working hard on a particular task, getting into the zone or into the flow, and suddenly, a new email appears.

You start answering that email and before you know it, you’ve totally lost the flow in the previous task. It takes you a minimum of 20 minutes to get back to the previous task. That’s what interruptions do to focused workflow. Just imagine how many hours you have lost by getting interrupted by emails….

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At Last! Efficient and Skilled Virtual Employees

virtual employeesThe internet has revolutionized the concept of work. Millions of people are working from home instead of commuting to work.

Need a graphic designer or a developer? There’s no need for you to provide an office anymore. Actually, there’s even no need for them to be in your country.

But as with every technological advancement, certain fears come up. Employers should watch out for some warning signs when they’re thinking about hiring virtual employees.

What happens if your employees are not in a traditional office?

What is your biggest fear about hiring virtual employees? A lot of employers fear that they might end up with inefficient employees. Others don’t know how to even find virtual employees.

You can’t really know whether a certain worker is more efficient working at home or in an office. So you’re basically taking a risk. But you’re also getting an opportunity to save money by cutting various costs.

The key to seeing whether virtual employees have self-discipline, organization and good working habits is diligent testing.

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