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Time tracking software for remote teams

Get Your Employees Submitting Timesheets Faster

If your firm bills clients as a function of time worked, missing timesheets mean missing revenue. This can be prevented by motivating timely timesheet submissions, but problems can arise when trying to speed up timesheet slow-pokes.

In a world where most hourly billing employees are very proficient and extremely qualified (such as lawyers or consultants), that also means they are extremely busy. But how do you politely inform them that you’d like to run your books on schedule? The answer is to make submitting timesheets as easy as possible, which can be accomplished with these software features.

Remote Access:

Consultants, lawyers, accountants, and many other hourly billing workers do tend to work out of the office. As a result, getting to network resources may not be possible….

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Employee Monitoring Software: 8 Must See Tips

The fact is, remote employee monitoring has become a key concern for businesses globally. The reason is because companies are going global with a vengeance – a founder based in Silicon Valley, California; programmers based in Bangalore, India; marketing teams sitting in Madison Avenue, New York; and distribution teams based in Europe are not a pipe dream anymore.

remote workersMillions of individuals in the US can be categorized as remote workers, whether self-employed or employed for organizations on a full-time or part-time basis.

Where you are located is of little importance in today’s connected workplace as long as you fit into the overall scheme of things at the company and contribute effectively to the brand’s growth.

The reasons why remote working and remote employee monitoring is gaining popularity rapidly are many.

The recent economic downturn leading to widespread joblessness across the globe contributed to more and more people switching to being self-employed and setting up flexible work from home businesses. Companies too chose to take their jobs to locations that offered cost advantages in a tough economic climate.

However, these are not the only reasons why mobile workforces are here to stay. Reasons vary for the employer vs. the employee, but a happy medium that keeps both employees and employers happy is not a tough task.

The Employers’ Perspective

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Trello Time Tracking Software: How to Track Time to Trello Cards

With our recent Trello time tracking integration you can now track time to specific Trello cards directly from your desktop using the natively designed Hubstaff apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. Trello time tracking for the daily workflow of your organization has never been easier.

Everything from your Trello board will be synchronized automatically including the list names, member assignments, descriptions and priorities from Trello.


With our new Trello time tracking integration you can:

  • Easily track time to specific Trello cards
  • Push cards to trello members automatically via our desktop application
  • View detailed work reports and time spent on each card
  • See employee screenshots and proof of work for specific cards

Simple, Accurate Time Tracking for Trello


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How to Manage a Remote Team in 5 Simple Steps

Recorded: 12-16-2014

Summary: 5 Steps to Managing Remote Teams

The founders of Hubstaff have implemented into the remote business to more easily manage the tasks in their startup.  This was an informal webinar and Q&A session on how the business is managed internally focusing on the daily workflow of tasks.  If you’ve ever wondered how to manage a remote team, this webinar is for you.

Replay of the Live Webinar

Download the Slides

Webinar Recap: 

Hubstaff founders Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown conducted an online webinar entitled “5 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Remote Business.” During this session, we revealed five steps that businesses can take to increase productivity and how to effectively manage remote teams. Since Hubstaff shared their experiences managing their own team of contractors located all over the world, the webinar provided great insight for how other web development firms, ad agencies and others could use the Hubstaff tools and integrated project management apps to better manage their remote teams. Here’s what webinar attendees learned:

trello_screenshots-0fac7518cf1dd0ab42a8462cffca1f231. When setting up tasks, manage business from the highest level.  When you attack your business from the top down, you’re not getting bogged down with all of the details, which can derail your productivity. So look at your business from a 500-foot view when you managing your priorities and projects. You can follow this rule  too when you list priority items in your project management apps like Trello or PivotalTracker. As you clearly define your business needs and goals, your team will understand what you want to do. Spell out any requirements (members, processes, details). Don’t worry about getting too complicated just yet. The important thing is to get a basic plan down that you can enhance later. Finally, if you are working on a development project, sometimes creating wireframes can help your team understand the specific GUI components.

2. Manage the project first, the person second. If you follow this advice, you’ll operate your business on results, not on the volume of work or tasks completed. This step involves assigning project specifics to your various team members and subcontractors. Using project management tools, divide responsibility for your projects among your team members, without overwhelming any one person with too many tasks at once. Keeping this in mind will force you to prioritize your tasks and manage them better. Describe your tasks with enough detail so that the employee understands everything they need to do without having to come to you for further explanation or discussion. This will save you time in the long run. If you’re using Hubstaff’s time tracking tool, you can easily track specific Trello tasks and cards that you’ve assigned to your team, enabling them to track their work hours to a specific project or task. Then using your project management tool, your team can manage and update the task as they go along. This step of managing your remote business should take no more than five minutes per day, but will keep your projects highly organized.

3. Continually manage remote teams within the system. Using your time tracking and project management applications, you should be able to see at a glance the activity on your various projects. At the end (or beginning) of each day, briefly review what your team accomplished. You can also look at weekly reports, which you can set to automatically email you, from an employee or project level. Compare this activity with your deadlines to manage employees and ensure that things are on track to meet your goals. Next, dig deeper by reviewing specific employee activity. Using Hubstaff, you can review screenshots of your employees working on specific tasks. This can help you quickly understand what your team is doing as well as the detail of their process as they work on a project. This valuable insight can give you knowledge of how your employee works, and also gives you insight to their progress. Rather than relying on status updates from your employee, you can quickly see  if their work is up to par and make any necessary adjustments or recommendations before the projects gets off track. This can prevent rework and can speed up the completion of your projects. The screenshot capability in Hubstaff also allows you to see whether your team member is working in a distracted manner or in a productive zone.

4. Follow-up within your project management system: Rather than spending hours in status or project meetings each week, why not coordinate communication with your team on an ongoing basis right from your project management application? Spend no more than 15 minutes a day moving the project forward by answering questions and responding to status updates in the system. Using your PM tool rather than email, phone or in person meetings not only saves you time, but it allows your employees to store and track discussions directly in the system to access later. If your team needs further clarification, videos are a great tool, especially when you need to explain a concept to remote employees. who can’t meet with you in person. Some great tools we use are Jing and MonoSnap, cloud-based services that allow you to record and send screen captures. Videos are also a great way for developers to show a beta version of the front-end feature, giving managers an instant demo mode. Following up frequently within your project management system can reduce stress, knowing that you have somewhere you can document and record everything that’s going on in your business — in your way and on your own time. It also keeps the backlog of too many projects from getting in the way of your progress, and allows for a very collaborative work environment.

5. Make data-drive adjustments to your business: This step involves going back to the high-level view of analyzing your business. Now that you are using your project management and time tracking tools on a regular basis, you are armed with information about how your organization runs. If projects are slowing, analyze how employees are spending time on that project, and make any necessary adjustments (add more staff, provide feedback to the team member, etc.). When paying your remote employees for their time, you will have more confidence and more accurate billing for the work performed. And with this new business intelligence, you’ll make better decisions that will save your company money in the long run. You will move your projects along smoothly and your employees will have more satisfaction too, knowing that their projects are well-organized and that they have what they need to accomplish their goals. Using Hubstaff employee time tracking and project management tools, your employees can even monitor their own activity on a project, helping them become more confident and productive.

Managing remote teams doesn’t have to be a daunting process. If you set up your system and projects in an organized fashion, set clear expectations, document projects appropriately, and give your employees the right tools to succeed, you’ll achieve the results you’re seeking.


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Time Tracking for Ad Agencies – The Top 10 Benefits

Why time tracking for ad agencies makes sense: 

Here at Hubstaff, there are a large number of ad agencies who use our time tracking software for keeping track of their client hours and projects. If you are an ad agency of any size, why would you benefit from having a time tracking application like Hubstaff? Here are 10 good reasons:

1. Gain visibility into the hours spent on a client project: Wouldn’t it be great to have an at-a-glance look at the current hours your ad agency employees have tracked toward a particular client’s monthly retainer or project? With time tracking software, you can have that visibility. When employees begin work on a project, they simply have to pull down the appropriate client or project name from a list of options, and begin tracking. When they switch to a different task, they simply hit ‘stop’ and it will record the exact number of minutes tracked to that client. No more guessing approximately how much time the employee spent on that client. No more emailing or stopping by the employee’s desk to see how far they’ve come on the project. No more waiting until the end of the week when your employees fill out their time sheets to see where you stand.  You’ll have the time down to the minute level with time tracking software.

time tracking for ad agencies2. Keep your client hours under control: Just as it is useful to be able to track exact client hours in Hubstaff, you can help to keep your agency client hours in check with time tracking software. Only  have a limited number of hours for a client with a tight budget? With time tracking, you’ll see when those hours come close to the max budget, and you can adjust your resources accordingly or let the client know that you’ve reached the limit. This is especially helpful when multiple team members are working collaboratively on a client project. Knowing the budgeted hours for your ad agency client can help your employees stay on track with the client project while taking into account other employees’ hours….

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Which Applications Feature ‘Time Tracking Software QuickBooks’ Integrations?

The good news is that these days there are quite a lot of options for time tracking software Quickbooks integration. The bad news is that the choice can be somewhat overwhelming, and making the choice isn’t easy.

Each time tracking application has different features and advantages. You will like some of the features of one solution, but dislike some of its other aspects. There is no right choice as part of this is about personal preference.

It’s important to figure out which time tracking application has the features you need. A detailed list of different time tracking applications can help you make a choice.

Solutions that include time tracking software QuickBooks’ integration


Hubstaff has recently introduced their new integration with QuickBooks. We are currently still at stage one, which means that you can integrate Hubstaff with QuickBooks 2006-2012. The time you track on Hubstaff can easily be imported to QuickBooks so that you can pay your employees….

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Getting Things Done – A Proven System for Time Management

Since Hubstaff’s mission is all about helping your business be more productive — through our time tracking software and outsourced staffing services, we thought it might be helpful to give you some additional time management resources that can help your team get things done. This includes resources such as related software or websites, but also books that belong on your must-read list.

Getting Things Done - Time Management Book by David AllenThe Getting Things Done Approach

David Allen, author of the bestselling title Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, remains Amazon.com’s #1 Bestseller in the category of Time Management. While there are many approaches, strategies, and systems for time management, David Allen’s Getting Things Done system offers a simple, easy-to-implement method to start processing the information in your head and create meaningful action steps that get results. Rather than focusing on the end result or goal, Allen starts with simply organizing the vast amount of information we have and helping us to organize it first, and then take action. While the original book debuted in 2002, most of the principles in his flagship book still apply today. Here are some of the main takeaways from the book:

  • Get the “Stuff” out of your Mind: Especially in today’s information-cluttered culture, we often become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of data and tasks that we must manage as part of our working daily life. In order to control all of this chaos, Allen suggests we need to get it out of our mind. By simply writing, recording, and collecting our to-dos — on paper or electronically — we can get them out of our head for processing. This step alone helps us to feel more in control of our chaos because we stop thinking about it. When we file the information immediately, it doesn’t have a chance to overwhelm us. Instead, we plan to take that list of phone calls, errands, or project tasks and do something with it in the next step. …
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How To Outsource: Avoid These 10 Outsourcing Mistakes

Do you want to know how to outsource the right way?

Most businesses try to keep their work within the organization, hiring new staff to fill specialized job positions, such as programming, design work, editing, and even marketing management rather than outsource the work. This approach has a few advantages, namely;

  • it allows the business to retain tight controls over work flow, and,
  • in some cases, it minimizes costs.

But, keeping everything internal doesn’t always result in cost benefits. Since specialized companies staff niche employees with varying levels of expertise and capabilities, they tend to work more efficiently at a lower cost.

Having realized this, the problem arises: how do you determine that it’s more efficient to hire your own staff, and when it makes more sense to outsource work?

Signs It is Time To Outsource

The following are cues that it’s time to start outsourcing specific tasks.

Stagnated or Slow Revenue Growth

Graph With Stacks Of CoinsIs your sales revenue stagnant or growing slower than you would like?

This could be a sign that it’s time to outsource some of your marketing efforts. Online marketing is one area that you should consider outsourcing if you find yourself in this scenario. Specifically, consider outsourcing content marketing, social media, and PPC campaigns. Most online marketing agencies measure their success in terms of ROI (Return on Investment), giving you an objective insight into how much extra marketing revenue you generate for every dollar spent on outsourcing online marketing….

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Why Your Team Will Actually Like Employee Time Tracking Software

At Hubstaff we are proud of our employees. Every day our team comes together across many countries, time zones and projects to help out clients make their businesses more productive. We know that our success is dependent on the enthusiastic team of people that we employee. This thinking isn’t new, it’s no secret that a company is only as good as it’s people. What we feel differentiates Hubstaff is that we give our staff the tools to show how great they really are. Hubstaff’s employee time tracking software allows us to connect teams keep track of our progress despite being dispersed.

Know What Matters

Time tracking has always been a burden for employees. It’s just one more thing that you have to think about that distracts from the real work that you are trying to do. We want to know what our employees are working on so we can reward them for their efforts, but we don’t want that tracking to be an extra hassle. Employee time tracking software makes it simple for teams to focus on the project at hand. Employee time tracking is a huge time saver. Gone are the days of status updates and long-winded meetings (see our tips for remote team meetings) to see what people have been up to, with Hubstaff the numbers are clear.

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5 of the Best Autoresponder Services To Run an Email Campaign

An autoresponder is a computer application that automatically responds to email sent to it. It may as simple as saying, “thank you for your email, I will get back to you soon” or something more complex such as a marketing autoresponder series. Autoresponder series is simply another fancy term for automated pre-written emails that are sent to a subscriber in sequential form. They are widely used in email marketing, an vital component of any meaningful online marketing strategy. One of the first questions by anyone starting out in online marketing is, “which are the best autoresponder services?”

This is an important question that this article seeks to answer.

But, first, let us look at the advantages of email marketing and why any serious online marketer should invest in it.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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