Building the Agency Business of Your Dreams with Jake Jorgovan

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In this episode, I’m talking with Jake Jorgovan of Outbound Creative. I had Jake on the podcast almost a year ago. At that time he was focused primarily on using “eye catching outreach” like messages in a bottle or hollowed-out books to help his clients close deals. He was also ramping up his team.

Since then, Jake has taken stock of what he actually wants to get out of his agency, scaled down his team, and refocused his offering. Today, Outbound Creative helps consulting clients win their dream clients through personalized outreach campaigns. And what used to be a team of 12 is now a team of two.

Today, Jake shares how to decide what your real goals for your agency are, the system to help you achieve it, and how he is implementing it himself. If you’ve been focused on growth at all costs with your agency business without taking time to reflect, this is the episode for you.

Grab the transcript of my interview with Jake.

Key Takeaways

Determine objectives for your agency business

When you’re running a growing agency business, it’s easy to get caught up in headcount without taking a step back and asking yourself why.

Some people truly enjoy building and managing large teams and wouldn’t be fulfilled without that. Others just want to take a shot at building something big and making as much money as they can along the way.

If that’s what you want to do, more power to you. Just make sure you take the time to figure out what you want so you can be deliberate about building your business.

For Jake, this meant scaling back his team and moving upmarket. This way he could still earn a good living but do so on his own terms. He wants to travel and doesn’t want the responsibility of managing a full team of people. Outbound Creative’s new structure accomplishes this for him.

How to achieve the agency business of your dreams

According to Jake, the first step to building the agency business of your dreams is figuring out your organization’s big picture goals.

Do you want to be a thought leader? Do you want to sell your business? Do you want to be number one in your market? Then break that big goal into an annual goal. Figure out what your major plan is, then break off a chunk of that to focus on this year.

Next, decide what tactics you’ll use to achieve those goals. Are you reaching out on social media, with physical mailings or blog posts? Decide what will work best for you to achieve your annual goal.

Finally, choose what three tactics you’ll focus on. Jake picks three specifically because it means you can make sure you’re moving forward with your goals without overwhelming yourself.

Two goals should be ongoing, like producing a podcast or creating vlogs. One goal should be a shorter term project, like writing an ebook. If you decide you want to work on something else, like writing a blog, pause one of your projects. That way, you make sure you’re always giving 100 percent to your work.

How Jake does this at Outbound Creative

Jake doesn’t just suggest this approach. He uses it in his own business. He has two ongoing projects: his podcast, and his blog and newsletter. His shorter term project is writing a book.

Although Jake has a lot of other interests and ideas, restricting himself to three projects at a time means he gets the best out of each tactic. His podcast allows him to create strategic partnerships and drive leads, and his blog gives him another source of clients.

Because he isn’t constantly jumping from project to project, he can focus on writing the book and get a draft done so he can try out something else.

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