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Today, on Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage Podcast, I’m talking with Greg Verdino of VERDINO & CO, the consultancy he started with his wife to help clients get the attention, engagement, and outcomes they need by giving their audiences content they’ll crave. Today he shares how content marketing is evolving and how your agency can stay ahead of the curve.

Typically on the podcast I focus on the business side of things, how to get clients, streamline your processes, that sort of thing, but today we get a bit more into the nuts and bolts of content marketing for your clients, as well as your agency.

I wanted to take this approach because as more and more agencies start offering content and inbound marketing services, it seems like many are simply trying to check the box of “Do we have an active blog?” without thinking about the end goal.

Greg shares why this approach to content marketing isn’t effective, why content needs to be at the core of the entire company, how this changes the agency/client relationship, and what this looks like in practice.

If your clients aren’t getting the results they are looking for from content, or even if you aren’t getting those results for your agency, then this is the episode for you.

So without further ado, here’s Greg!

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Key Takeaways

Why content needs to be at the core of a company

According to Greg, content tends to be siloed away from the core of the company, just another box to check that lives with the marketing director or the marketing department instead of at the heart of the company. However, clients are first and foremost engaging with your company through the content you produce. To the client, content is not a tangential item at the bottom of a to-do list; it’s how they get to know who you are and how they decide they want to work with you. It’s one of the foremost ways to create value for your customers. Therefore, content creation needs to move to the heart of the business and be just as important as everything else you produce.

Thinking beyond the blog

Content marketers often focus on the process involved in creating content, creating a social media strategy or a content calendar. As far as the content itself goes, there’s often no cohesive strategy behind it, and agencies are left chasing trends, talking about the same topics everyone else is talking about that week.

Greg argues for a different approach, where companies completely change their mindset toward content. Every piece of content, from an email to a newsletter to a proposal, should be centered around a content strategy that speaks to the core values of the company. Every employee should understand that content strategy and how it informs their job, from salespeople to the content creators themselves.

Where agencies go wrong with their own content

According to Greg from even his own personal experience with his company, agencies have a tendency to avoid practicing what they preach. The first step to engaging with any client is sussing out the market and the client’s competitors, as well as figuring out what the client’s audience in and figuring out how to tailor their content toward that audience. And yet agencies so often forget to take this approach themselves. They look at what’s on trend in the market, but they don’t really take a look at what their audience needs. There’s no point in throwing content at an audience if it’s not what the audience wants. In that spirit, Greg’s company is taking a step back from content creation, temporarily of course, to really do a market audit and figure out what is most valuable to their audience, as well as what makes them stand out as a company. He urges every agency who wants to improve their content marketing to do the same.

Want to learn more?

You can reach Greg through his website,, or @verdino_co on Twitter, on Facebook, or Linkedin.

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