Remote Team Management: The Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team.

Thank you for checking out our guide on remote team management. Begin reading by selecting any section from the table of contents below, or continue to Part 1. Enjoy!

Hiring-Secrets-1Table of Contents

  • Part 1 – The 50k Foot View
    • Your “Why”
    • Your “Why” from an Employee Perspective
    • The Challenges of Managing a Remote Team
    • The “Push”
    • How to Virtually Guarantee Success
    • Always Be Building a Better Team
    • Do What You Love and Outsource the Rest
    • Specialists
    • Interchangeable Work
    • Why “Accountability” is the Most Important Word in Business
    • When Your Employees Become Accountable – What to Expect
    • You Can’t Change People
    • Your life, Your Business, Your Terms
  • Part 2 – Hiring Principles and Processes
    • Developing Your Personal “A-Team”
    • Try Before you Buy
    • Posting a Job
    • Weeding Through
    • Assigning Test Tasks
    • Fire Fast
    • Hiring Virtual Teams Based on Constraints
    • Pay in Arrears
  • Part 3 – Outsourcing
    • What is Outsourcing?
    • The Outsourcing Mindset
    • Why Outsource?
    • Getting Started with Outsourcing
    • Where to Find a Team
    • What Tasks Can Be Outsourced?
    • Less Expensive is Not Always Better
  • Part 4 – Successful Virtual Team Management
    • Managing Tasks and Projects
    • The “No Excuses” Management Flowchart
    • Embrace Technology
    • Remote Communication and Remote Team Management
    • Remote Time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Part 5 – Creating Documentation and Processes
    • Blueprinting Your Tasks
    • Blueprint Types
    • Blueprinting Formats
    • Blueprinting Tools
    • Building Your Blueprint Library
    • How to Measure “Knowledge Worker” Production
  • About the Author
  • Resources and Tools

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  • Anna Grigoreva

    Dave, thank you very much for such a wonderful article! I am studying virtual teams during my Project Management course in the University, and your material was indeed very useful to my work.

  • Micah

    Just finished it. VERY Good. Great job

    • Hubstaff

      Thanks you Micah – appreciated

  • Dave Nevogt

    If you have any questions on this guide, please just ask here in the comments. I’m glad to answer them personally.

    • Johnny

      Hello. Do you have a PDF version of this guide? I would love to be able to read it while offline. It’s fantastic!

      • Dave Nevogt

        Thanks Johnny – yeah there is a PDF here –


        • J Hunter

          Wow – this is great Dave. You really did a fantastic job. I’ve been managing a remote team for years and there’s a ton of things I wish I knew then, and even some that really help me moving forward. The next step is training my remote staff to learn this so I don’t have to do all the HR! Thanks for all your efforts here.

          • Dave Nevogt

            Thanks a lot. Glad that you enjoyed it – we are starting a new blog series soon that focuses on this stuff as well as how we grow our business.