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Today, on Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage Podcast, I’m talking with Siimon Sander, founder of Oscar Hamilton, a productized service agency that helps clients produce and edit their podcasts.

Siimon built this agency on the back of his popular podcast, Entrepreneur Decoded, and today we talk about how other agencies could benefit from the same process.

In our chat, Siimon shares how his podcast directly lead to more clients and why it’s possible to get big results without a large audience, and lays out the step-by-step process he follows to produce his podcast without taking much of his time.

Podcasts aren’t for everyone, but after seeing how powerful they can be, it blows my mind how few agencies have launched their own. Even if you don’t plan on ever getting behind the mic, tune into this episode with an open mind.

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Key Takeaways

Building an agency with a podcast

Siimon focuses on making sure his advertising isn’t intrusive. In the beginning, he only linked to his company, Oscar Hamilton, in the show notes as the sponsor of the podcast.

People would listen to the podcast and check out the show notes, then email him about the company if they were thinking of starting a podcast, since he had already positioned himself as an expert thanks to his podcast.

Siimon also uses Twitter’s pin function to his advantage. He keeps a tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter page that just says, “Do you want to take your podcast to the next level?” Since that’s the first thing Twitter visitors see, they end up clicking through to his company and, again, contacting him about his services.

You don’t need a huge audience to get results

Siimon stresses the value of finding your niche. If you make a vaguely targeted podcast about agencies in general, you’re just another fish in a very crowded sea of bigger and more popular podcasts, and it’ll be difficult to get any traction.

If, however, you focus on a niche that no one’s really talking to, it’ll be easy to pick up an audience since no one else is taking up all the space. This is the strategy he used with Oscar Hamilton, since it’s a unique company without a lot of competition, marketed specifically to people producing podcasts and not just listeners.

The other thing Siimon emphasizes is to not stress about your listen count. Too many podcast creators think their audience needs to be huge to be successful, but the whole point of a podcast is to bring business to your agency.

It only takes a handful of clients referred through the podcast to give it a high ROI, and if you are really targeting a specific niche, more listeners will come seeking your services.

It’s about more than just sales

The other thing Siimon wants would-be podcasters to remember is that a podcast is great for more than just creating revenue. Yes, you might get into it thinking that you just want to turn listeners into clients, but podcasting offers a bunch of other benefits.

If you choose to do interviews, you’ll make connections with the leaders in your industry. It will help you build your professional network. Even if you don’t choose interviews, your podcast still positions you as a thought leader and helps create an image of expertise, which will get you more clients.

Want to learn more?

Head over to Siimon’s podcast,, and you’ll find some pretty cool interviews.  If you have any questions about taking your podcast to the next level, you can contact Siimon through his website,

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  • Great read! I have been thinking about starting a podcast to help Shopify merchants with their eCommerce shops, in hopes to help grow my Digital Growth Agency, Mirgo Digital.

    • Dann Albright

      You should definitely give it a shot! It might take a while to get it up and running, but it’s definitely worth it.