5 Project Management Apps that the Most Productive Businesses Use

There are a wealth of awesome project management apps in the marketplace — some that perhaps you’ve never heard of — but should have. With software in place to collaborate and manage projects more effectively, you’ll wonder how you ever worked any other way. Here’s a roundup of five cool project management apps that will change the way your company does business:

RedBooth (www.redbooth.com)

Boasting half a million teams in 100+ countries using the online project management software, Redbooth is perfect for the marketing, creative, IT, education and legal industries. More than just a project management app, Redbooth also features real-time communication via chat function and video conferencing for truly meeting with teams on the fly. Redbooth also offers the standard integration with Dropbox, GoLive and other cloud-based storage solutions. Pricing starts at $49/month for up to 10 users, with an enterprise version for $199/mo for up to 50 users, as well as elite and on-premise solutions.

GitHub (www.github.com)

Designed as a collaboration tool for software development teams, GitHub allows developers to share software and code for open source projects.  GitHub serves as a project management environment of sorts for teams to communicate on a project “with less friction.” The tool, positioning itself as the “world’s largest open source community,” hosts millions of repositories (currently 17.1 million), from music to data visualization and even government apps. You can even browse current repositories to see what’s trending on a daily basis. GitHub integrates with many other tools and platforms, and offers security for private projects as well as integrated issue tracking, collaborative code review, text entry, and more. The company recently launched its new enterprise version, an on-premise solution, which is available for a free trial.

Mavenlink (www.mavenlink.com)

Mavenlink is an online project management platform with additional capabilities, from financial to timeline and resource management. This work management software enables you to view all of your conversations, activities, tasks and financials in one global, digital feed, as well as individually within a project feed. With email and Chrome plugins and integration with Google tasks and apps, file sharing and more, Mavenlink also offers advanced project management features such as detailed financial/budget management, permission settings and security. They offer a free, 10-day trial, and pricing starts at $4/user/month for basic, $29/user/month for professional, and up to $49/user/month for the premier edition, with more storage, financial management and analytics features.

Podio (www.podio.com)

Podio offers a fresh take on project management apps with a flexible tool for managing and organizing a company’s workflow and viewing “content, context and conversations” all in one place. The software enables companies to creative customized tables and dynamic card boards to better visualize work projects and workflow, with no coding knowledge required. Podio also integrates with current tools such as Dropbox, Google docs, Google calendar, Freshbooks, GotoMeeting and Hubstaff, with an open API for extensions. The software is free for up to five users, with premium versions going for $9/user/month.

JIRA (www.atlassian.com/software/jira)

JIRA by Atlassian is a proprietary issue and project tracking tool for software teams. Teams can keep track of all of the bugs and issues that arise throughout the course of their software development projects, and help move these issues through the workflow. This enables them to spend less time managing issues while focusing on time-to-market. By connecting people, activities and tools, JIRA helps companies and developers create better software. A daskboard keeps teams updated on priorities and issues, while several hundred add-ons available in the Atlassian Marketplace can extend the use of the software.  JIRA offers a cloud-based and server version of its software, along with a 30-day trial. Pricing starts at $10/month for issue tracking for up to 10 users and $20/month and up for more advanced features such as agile  project management or service desk functionality.

Integration with Hubstaff:

The best news about these cool project management apps? They all integrate with Hubstaff’s time tracking software for individuals and organizations. So when your team is using one of these apps, you can keep track of their activity, screen captures and time spent in the systems, to better manage project and client billing as well as project timelines and budgets. To learn more about how to integrate one of these project management apps with Hubstaff time tracking, visit our integrations page, or see our time tracking overview.

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