Building a productive remote team may be a challenge, but once you have your systems down it goes a long way toward virtual teams’ success. Virtual team tools can make remote work more productive, and there are a few things that our teams do that we’ve found works well.

A while back we shared some of the tools and techniques we use at Hubstaff and published a wildly popular post titled 5 essential productivity hacks for your virtual teams’ success. Since this post seemed to help so many people, we decided to update it into a medium that’s even easier to digest and share with others; an infographic.

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These 5 essential productivity tips and tools will help you work your way to a distributed team that gets the job done efficiently, effectively, and awesomely. You’ll be leading an ultra-productive remote team in no time.

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5 Productivity Tips for Your Virtual Teams' Success [Infographic]

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How do you ensure virtual teams’ success

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