5 Powerful Tools for Effectively Running a Remote Team

Technology makes it easier than ever to have a remote workforce for your business or startup; however, using the right technology for your team is the key. Managing projects, timesheets, tasks and communication properly is vital to running a successful remote business. These five software tools will help you manage your team, stay on top of your projects, and keep your clients happy:

1) Hubstaff

A time tracking software, Hubstaff gives you the ability to get a more precise look at how much time has been spent on a project and how your team members are using their time.

When your team installs Hubstaff, they can instantly start tracking their time spent on client projects and your managers can see how productive your team is with random screenshots of the work being done as well as detailed reports of progress. This can then be used to invoice clients, pay your team, and remove the barriers that exist with remote team management.

Make Remote Team Management Easy

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 2) JIRA

Provided by Atlassian, JIRA is a project management ticketing system that allows you to track the progress of your project, task team members, and scope out timelines as you go. JIRA is ideal for agile projects as it gives your team a space to track progress of their tasks daily and make adjustments to estimates as needed.

With JIRA, when your project manager assigns a ticket to a team member, that person is then notified via email and that person can then make comments and mark their progress. This is then fed into a report for your managers who can use it to track the burndown of the entire project. While JIRA is great for software development projects, it is also useful for internal work, sales, and marketing projects.

When your project requires more documentation or explanation, JIRA easily plugs in with Confluence, another great software tool for your remote team.

3) Confluence

Confluence, also by Atlassian, is a wiki platform that allows you to create pages, upload and share documents with your team. It comes with a variety of plugins that you can specify to your team’s needs (like the JIRA plugin mentioned above).

Confluence has an easy-to-use interface that makes it great for building an internal documentation library for your team to avoid the hassle and errors that come when emailing information back and forth. You can also build up project areas with Confluence and share them with clients so both you and your clients can add project-specific information and documentation.

With its large amount of storage and search capabilities, Confluence is a great way to keep information and documentation related to past, present and future projects. It makes keeping your projects organized easy and information transfer between remote employees seamless.

4) GoToMeeting

Just because you have a remote workforce doesn’t mean you still can’t have productive meetings. GoToMeeting makes it easy to schedule meetings with your team, share presentations so everyone is on the same page, and record your calls for reviewing later.

By providing the ability to call in via a computer or phone anywhere around the world, GoToMeeting is ideal for national and international teams. The ability to record calls and share internally or with clients makes sure no one misses the conversation.

5) Jing

There are some concepts that just can’t be explained via email, this is where Jing comes in. Jing is a screen capture software that allows you to make short recordings of actions on your computer that you can share with others.

Jing is ideal for quick training on new concepts or for sharing new features of projects with clients. Jing’s easy-to-use interface and built-in sharing capabilities make it easier for your team to share ideas and concepts that cannot be explained over the phone or email.

Remote teams allow businesses to draw from a larger talent pool and find the right fit for their organization; however, keeping your team on track across miles and time zones can be difficult. Using software like Hubstaff, JIRA and the others listed above can make the management of your team so easy, it’s like you’re all working in the same location.

Make Remote Team Management Easy

Hubstaff is free for 14 days