Email newsletters are an immediate, useful and effective method of keeping in touch with clients and making sure your brand stays current with potential customers. Email allows companies to communicate with targeted audiences quickly and efficiently, with measurable results. It also spans physical borders; As long as your audience has an email address, it doesn’t matter if they live in the next town or across an ocean.

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Since email and is such a powerful communication tool for many businesses’ content marketing strategies, we have compiled a list of email marketing tools that can help companies of any size reach and build their customer base.

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Our Top 8 Email Marketing Tools

1. MailChimp

Why we love it: 400 Templates, Open API, Campaign Reports

MailChimp is an email newsletter tool that allows you to create and schedule email campaigns ahead of time to follow your audience’s schedules. It offers a featured called Send Time Optimization that recommends best times to send out your newsletters based on your target audience. Since MailChimp has more than 4 million users, the chances are a few of the emails on your list are in the MailChimp database, allowing the software to provide recommendations based on the records of that email address activity.

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It has extensive design features with multiple templates, and customer support is readily available to help users figure out how to change the color, fonts and layout of different newsletters. MailChimp also has customized subscriber profiles that show individual subscribers’ engagement levels, click-through statistics and open rates. MailChimp reports show how well different newsletters do, so you can analyze what types of subject lines get the most opens and which content is most engaging.

Special feature: Can determine best times to send for different email addresses based on previous MailChimp-related activity–whether with your or a different company’s newsletter.

2. Constant Contact

Why we love it: WordPress and Facebook Integration, Clear Metrics

Constant ContactConstant Contact allows you to build your email lists from your Facebook page, company website, a text-to-join option and more. You can segment your lists to make sure you send the right content to the right people, and avoid overwhelming your audience with too much information. This tool allows businesses to send an unlimited number of campaigns, and track the results with real-time reports.

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Users can store images and files directly in their Constant Contact accounts, connect to social media, and integrate email campaigns with WordPress websites and Facebook pages. Constant Contact also offers custom email marketing services, such as campaign creation, template creation, or full-service email newsletter management.

Special feature: 96 to 99% delivery rates and a simple “essential toolkit” that helps users run Facebook contests and other campaigns using email newsletters.

3. Exact Target

Why we love it: Robust Platform, Social Media Integration, Great Tracking

Exact Target, true to its name, can target your audience by filtering subscribers and using data from past purchases or recent web activity. This email marketing tool allows communicators to schedule appropriate automated messages for different stages in a customer cycle, such as welcome emails, birthday messages and more.

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Marketers can streamline messages, schedule campaigns, and track results with real-time graphical reports. Newsletters are also mobile-optimized so your subscribers can read emails clearly on their phones and tablets.

Special feature: Step-by-step guides to help you send the perfect campaign for your brand, industry and customer base.

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4. Emma Mail

Why we love it: 40 Templates, Superior Design, Actionable Reports

Anyone can use Emma Mail to create beautiful, customizable, mobile-optimized email newsletters that deliver tailored content at just the right time. Their automated sending system ensures your content is delivered to inboxes at ideal times. Emma also offers subject line split testing using Google analytics, and metrics reports that are easily understandable and actionable.

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Emma integrates with multiple applications, such as Salesforce and Shopify, to deliver your audience a seamless experience in each campaign. You can share analytics between Emma Mail and integrations to make smarter decisions and invite customers to join your email list from multiple different applications.

Special feature: Get actionable metrics anytime, anywhere with their mobile app. Emma can also personalize data, ie. if someone has a birthday, makes a purchase, or hasn’t opened the past five emails.

5. AWeber

Why we love it: 150 Templates, Subscriber Segmentation, Attachment-Compatible

AWeber email campaigns integrate with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforce, Shopify and more. You can import your email list with minimal hassle and automate emails to keep readers engaged. This email marketing tool also has mobile-ready signup forms and customizable templates to ensure your campaigns match your brand. In addition to having extensive reports, it’s also attachment-compatible, meaning you can send your audience files right in your email newsletter.

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In addition to having reliable email software, AWeber also has an excellent marketing blog with resources for email communicators. For example, this post shows you how to optimize your content by scheduling a reactivation campaign in AWeber for people who haven’t heard from you in a while (or new customers who need some basic information on your business).

Special feature: In addition to multiple integrations, marketers can visit AWeber labs to develop their own app to integrate into newsletters.

6. Graphic Mail

Why we love it: Email Marketing, Social Sharing, Text Messaging

Graphic Mail provides a low-cost way to target marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness through responsive email newsletters. You can embed social media icons in your newsletters to gain more followers and drive traffic to your websites. Graphic Mail also offers real-time email reports that cover geographical location, open-rate, click-throughs, shares and more.

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In addition to email newsletters, you can also send text messages through Graphic Mail. Their mobile marketing services include bulk texts, shortcodes that customers can send back to make a purchase or engage in other ways, and SMS delivery reports. Marketers can also create mobile coupons or content pages designed specifically for mobile devices.

Special feature: Integrate mobile with newsletters. Send texts that link to a landing page or a mobile coupon that leads to your campaign.

7. Vertical Response

Why we love it: Image Library, Spam Security, Quick Templates

Vertical Response has user-friendly templates that make it simple for anyone to build their ideal email newsletter. Their free templates are all professionally designed and responsive, meaning they will look just as elegant on a mobile device as on a laptop screen. They provide analytical reports, scheduling options, an HTML editor (for those who like to code in styles and formats) and easy contact-uploads.

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Vertical Response has useful image editing tools that work with an Internet-based library. Just upload an image, and you can crop, resize, flip, filter, and add custom text to it. Your edited image will be saved in an online library, available for use whenever you need it next. The software also has a fully-automated email system that can welcome subscribers with branded welcome messages, respond to unsubscribes, and more. Each campaign published with them will be hosted for free online, so you can share links to your previous campaigns anytime and anywhere you want.

Special feature: Professionally designed templates and in-app image editor with filters and special text options. Each newsletter will also be hosted for free online, so you can link back to them at anytime.

8. Infusionsoft

Why we love it: CRM, Email and Social Marketing, and e-Commerce Solutions

“Infusionsoft combines everything your business needs—contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce—into a single online system. It’s the easiest way to grow sales and save time.” –Infusionsoft features page

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This email marketing tool allows communicators to send one branded email blast or schedule automated, pre-created campaigns to keep in touch with your client database. In addition to email marketing services, Infusionsoft also offers customized landing pages, web activity monitoring, and marketing reports. If you want to go beyond email newsletters, you can also create voice broadcasts, direct mailers, and social media posts (or even contests).

Special feature: A new visual campaign builder allows users to set up the automated process of a campaign. For example, Each new subscriber should get an automatic welcome and be tagged under ‘new.’

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What email tools do you use and why? Let us know in the comments below!