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Founded in 2012, you can count on Hubstaff

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The Hubstaff Team

Dave Nevogt


Jared Brown


Kelvin Diaz

Customer Support

Danny Baumann

Front-end and Support

Madhav Bhandari


Rachel Go

Social and Content

Andy Baldacci


Ilia Markov


Kim Marfil

Customer Support

Tim Rapp

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The Hubstaff Mission

To create a platform that empowers teams to work together in real time with full transparency and that enables those team members to work wherever and whenever they want. We believe this creates a better life for everyone involved.

Hubstaff’s Values


Each person should be able to work where and when they want.

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The truth will always come out at some point, but we believe it should come out immediately. Our platform is built on transparency and we are fully transparent with our revenue numbers.

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We are not afraid. There will be people who do not agree with what we do, but we are changing the way the world works.


Each person will perform at their highest levels if they are truly challenged daily.

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We think differently and provide unique solutions. We are innovators. We create.


We are accurate with our answers, marketing and code.


Support is our advantage. No one does it better.
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How Hubstaff Helps Remote Teams

Time Tracking

Track time down to the second with our native apps.


Proof of Work

Remote teams need more information than just time.

Time Tracker with Screenshots
Employee Monitoring
Software Usage
Internet Monitor
GPS Tracking App


Over 30 project management and payroll integrations. See all integrations

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Jaime Tardy| EventualMillionaire

I’ve been using Hubstaff for almost a year now. It has been so important for me to keep track of my employees! I am able to see what they are doing (or are not doing!) which helps me make better business and leadership decisions. Plus I have all of my information in one place. Love it!

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