activeCollab is a convenient project management tool that allows remote team members to communicate more effectively. Their effective messaging tools make virtual work coordination automatic and instinctive.

Hubstaff has developed an activeCollab time tracking integration that helps employees track time to activeCollab tasks from their desktop with natively designed apps for Mac, Windows and Linux.

With Hubstaff’s activeCollab integration, users can:

  • Track time to individual activeCollab tasks.
  • Access automatic time reports to see where employees or contractors are spending their time.
  • View random employee screenshots to see what your team is working on.
  • Learn which of your employees are most productive with activity level reports.
  • Use Hubstaff’s downloadable reports for your records or to easily invoice clients.

Read activeCollab Integration Setup to view a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Hubstaff and activeCollab.

Analytical activeCollab Time Tracking

Seamless Setup

Integrating Hubstaff and activeCollab is simple and seamless. Just integrate once and your tasks will stay synced so employees don’t have to worry about manually adding tasks to track time.

Integrate in order to:

  • Link your team members.
  • Assign your team new tasks in activeCollab and Hubstaff simultaneously.
  • Begin tracking time.
  • View all time recorded to different tasks.

See how easy it is to integrate here.

Expert Design

Hubstaff’s integration makes activeCollab time tracking easy with a desktop app that works quietly in the background and can be operated offline.

Hubstaff’s desktop apps are:

  • Natively designed. Our programmers developed different apps in different operating systems to minimize compatibility issues.
  • Efficient for working offline. Continue to track your time, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Hubstaff will record time and screenshots, and upload everything once you reconnect.
  • Designed to be lightweight. This means the app won’t slow down your computers and runs quietly in the background.
  • Easy-to-use. Users can view linked activeCollab tasks, due dates and any updates.

Find more features of Hubstaff’s desktop app here.

Screenshots and Activity Levels

Hubstaff provides efficient employee monitoring tools such as random screenshots and productivity reports.

You can use these analytics in many ways. Here are some examples;

  • Send screenshots to clients along with their invoices. That way, clients can see exactly what services they are paying for.
  • Monitor screenshots to make sure employees are working on what they should be.
  • View activity levels for each employee to discover your most productive employees.
  • Analyze activity levels to determine which employees are doing well, and which aren’t.

Learn more about our time tracker here.

Detailed, Automatic Reports

Hubstaff generates automatic reports based on the time your team records with our desktop apps. Users have access to these reports, and can use them to:

  • Manage your team budget for a project.
  • Manage the budget of an individual team member.
  • Invoice clients and show what tasks they are paying for.
  • Keep easy business records.
  • Find out where your team is spending too much or too little time.
  • Know exactly who is working and when.

Pay Your Team Automatically

Once your team begins tracking time on Hubstaff, that time can be used to automate payments right in Hubstaff. Just connect your PayPal account and pay your employees and contractors automatically.

Hubstaff can handle your payroll and give you the option to:

  • Determine whether you want to pay your team automatically or manually.
  • Decide how often you want to pay your team; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Set pay rates for different employees.
  • Pay in different currencies.

By using Hubstaff to handle your payroll, you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your successful business.

Learn more about Automatic Payments and Payroll.

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