Looking for affordable WordPress development? Tired of all those over-priced developers with 6-month waiting lists and 5 digit quotes?

Perhaps you’ve even gone the other way and looked to the super-cheap third-world coders and found yourself defrauded one too many times? Don’t you wish it was possible to get WordPress Developers that are affordable, yet have guaranteed, agency-like quality?

There is more than one way to find WordPress developers. Finding freelancers is the cheapest method. Hiring web development agencies is the most expensive method.

Other methods, such as contacting owners of finely designed websites, fall somewhere in between when it comes to price. And then, there’s the secret weapon – our special “staffing trick” at the end of this article.

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Hiring a professional WordPress development agency

Most serious entrepreneurs hate wasting time. If you want to avoid hundreds of useless applications, dozens of wasted interviews that go nowhere, avoid doing hiring yourself. It’s a lot easier to just go to a renowned professional WordPress development agency.

Hiring a WordPress development agency is definitely not the cheapest way to build or upgrade a website. But if you are looking for a way to get things done quickly and efficiently, agencies are the way to go.

With all this being said, I know that some people simply can’t afford to hire a WordPress development agency. This is why we came up with our “secret staffing method” – a special strategy that combines the quality of WordPress agencies with the affordability of freelancers. (for more on that, just scroll to the bottom of this page)

Browsing freelance websites for affordable WordPress development

If your budget is an issue and you like torturing yourself, then freelancer websites are your best choice. Upwork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer and other websites do feature thousands of affordable WordPress developers. It all sounds good in theory, but in practice it all breaks down into endless frustrations and deep agony.

Unskilled workers truly litter all over freelance websites

A massive quantity of bad workers – this is the biggest flaw in freelance websites. There are way too many unskilled freelancers, especially from the third world. And they’re all competing for your attention, time and money.

It is possible to find good freelancers on those websites, but are you willing to pay the price? I am talking about the hundreds of hours of frustration that you will experience on freelance websites. And frankly, there’s little chance that you’ll find anyone that’s good yet affordable.

If you spend some time on those websites, you’ll be immediately overwhelmed. You will find that there are thousands of developers from all over the world, and each one of them is applying to dozens or hundreds of ads each day. Their hope is to land a job, any job at all. They’re not there to provide good work, build a skill level or earn a reputation.

Try these simple tips to only attract high-quality freelancers

  1. When posting an ad, it helps to show that you have high standards; you can do that by requiring them to provide reviews, portfolios and reference letters.
  2. Define your project to the smallest detail so that they know exactly what you need.
  3. Try posting a different ad on each freelancer website in order to see which one gets the best response.
  4. Require them to jump through hoops when they respond to your ad. Give them detailed instructions and a format on exactly how to respond to the ad. You will able to tell if they have carefully read the instructions or if they’re just one of those freelancers that apply to every ad on earth.
  5. Schedule at least two final rounds of interviews with the final list of candidates. People who give up after the first interview are not hard workers.

Spying on other WordPress websites is a great idea

Have you tried looking at WordPress websites in your industry or niche? Let’s imagine that you restore classic cars or motorcycles. There are probably hundreds or thousands of WordPress websites that offer the same services as you do.

Find those websites and see who made them. This information is usually tucked away in the footer of the website. It will say something like “website by xyz design studios”. Call up that studio and ask them if they can do a similar website for you. I know that this seems like simplistic, common sense advice, but you’d be surprised how few people do it.

Special note: just because a developer made a good website, doesn’t mean that they’re a professional. It just means that they’re a much better candidate than a random Elance listing. You still have to use the tips

Do you need a developer or a designer?

Most people do not know the difference between a developer and a designer. A WordPress designer is someone who handles the aesthetics of your a website. A WordPress developer is more concerned with the functionality and most often deals with servers and coding.

You have two options when you want a WordPress website done by freelancers:

  • Find a freelancer that’s good in both WordPress development and design or
  • Hire two separate freelancers for each of the two jobs, and get them to collaborate

Think about all the complexity involved in finding just one good freelancers. Now double this frustration, and you know all the work you’ll have to do for a good looking and functional WordPress website.

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