Agency Management: How an IT & Web services agency uses Hubstaff to manage a team of 90 employees

Agency Management: How an IT & Web services agency uses Hubstaff to manage a team of 90 employees

Founded in the year 1996, Shield Watch has over 18 years of experience in handling complex IT challenges across industry verticals. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, US, Shield Watch today has over 90 people on their team spread between their headquarters and office in Kolkata, India.

Pratik Roy Choudhury (CEO, Shield Watch) and Kausik Sarkar (MD, Shield Watch India) were kind enough to share insights into some of the roadblocks they faced getting to this size and how they overcame them with remote agency management and innovative tools. If you are a growing Company with similar vision, you need to read this case study.

About the Company

Shield Watch was established 18 years ago with a vision. The vision of providing world-class, affordable IT & Web services to small and medium businesses across the globe. The point of differentiation between Shield Watch and other players in the industry lies in their willingness to go that extra mile to make sure they understand their client’s business and help them get the most out of technology by providing custom solutions.

Using their flagship brand LeverIT™, Shield Watch provides a range of services. From customized network and computer services to building custom web, software and marketing solutions for all size companies- their staff of certified Engineers and Technicians work to ensure that the customers get the finest services.

To bridge the gap between the client and their remote team, Shield Watch has established headquarter in Tampa, Florida, USA along with an operating center in Kolkata, India. Both the teams work in tandem, communicate on a daily basis via email, GoToMeeting™‎, video conferencing and VoIP while the managers regularly travel between the two locations.

Most of the web, mobile development and digital marketing projects are executed from Shield Watch India whereas, the Shield Watch US handles the IT managed services (MSP), project management and sales. Having a team in the US and India allows Shield Watch to always have staff available for their clients, 24/7.

Trouble finding the bottom line

In such a large organization, it can be difficult to track the progress and profitability of a project, especially when there are so many projects being worked upon at a given time, by so many different people. It became clear to the Shield Watch team that too much time was being spent trying to get all of this data together. As a result, the agency management, overall performance of teams, and their individual employees were hampered. It was simply too difficult to determine the bottom line.

Lack of transparency

To complicate matters, there wasn’t a way for clients to track the progress of their remote projects in real time, which hurt the transparency they had been promised. While there were periodic product demos and updates on milestones, clients did not have access to what their team was working on day-to-day basis. For some clients, the demos and milestones were enough, but the team at Shield Watch wanted to provide all of their clients with a transparent way for them to know exactly what their team was working on at any given time, without creating more agency management overhead.

No more guessing

Since finding and implementing Hubstaff, life has become easier for everybody– the managers, the teams, the staff members, and the clients. With Hubstaff, the team at Shield Watch can now easily track the progress of projects and calculate how work time was spent by each team member on each project.

Hubstaff makes billing easier for this client, and they know the profitability for every single project Click To Tweet

Not only does this make for easier billing of their clients, but now they know the profitability for every single project. No more guessing and no more wasting time trying to piece together the data from a dozen different sources.

Agency Management: How an IT & Web services agency uses Hubstaff to manage a team of 90 employees

According to Kausik, the best part about Hubstaff is that it can be integrated with ActiveCollab, a third-party project management tool, making it extremely easy for both clients and managers to track the details of each project. They can even take screenshots of what their employees are working on and send it to their clients to provide even greater transparency, greatly improving the trust clients have in Shield Watch.

Integrate ActiveCollab and Hubstaff

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Even with a team of 90, they aren’t slowing down

The next year is going to be extremely important for Shield Watch as they are looking to expand their recently launched flagship brand LeverIT™ and are building the presence of their web development brand, Code{UR}Idea, in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and more.

With a strong management team and agency management system in place, and the proper software tools like Hubstaff and ActiveCollab, Shield Watch knows that they have the ability to grow while still offering their clients the great service, transparency, and accountability that they are used to.

In Kausik’s own words:

“I highly recommend Hubstaff to all offshore teams, working remotely with global clients to help plan their projects and budgets in a better way based on the data that the application provides.”

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What was your profit on your last project? Do you know?

If you don’t know, then you need Hubstaff. Hubstaff makes it easy to integrate with your project management software so you can know exactly how much time each employee spent on every project, and can stop guessing if you actually made a profit a project.

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