Android Time Tracking: Everything You Need to Know


Whether you’re freelancing from coffee shop to coffee shop, managing employees on the move, or running a remote agency, Android time tracking is a great option to increase productivity, billing accuracy, and accountability on the go. Your Android device is already working overtime on emails, scheduling, and project management; why not use it for mobile time tracking?

Imagine this:

  • You manage a remote agency team and getting employees to manually report time (and do it accurately) is like pulling teeth
  • You employ a team of remote contractors and spend way too much time reviewing timesheets and processing payment
  • You have employees moving between multiple locations and it’s nearly impossible to accurately track their time on-site and on-the-road
  • You freelance for several clients and juggle multiple projects with hardly a minute to spend manually completing timesheets

Do any of these scenarios sound even remotely familiar? If so, chances are you could benefit from a mobile time tracking solution.

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5 ways Android time tracking apps are changing the game

The nature of work is changing. We’re spending more time out of the office, and our professional lives are increasingly driven by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Fortunately, as our work evolves, so does the technology that powers it. That’s especially true when it comes to mobile time tracking. Here are 5 ways Android apps for tracking time are putting power, quite literally, back in our hands:

1. Real-time work logs

Mobile time tracking gives managers unparalleled insight into remote team productivity as work logs are generated in real-time. With your team using Android time tracking apps, see at-a-glance what projects are being worked on across the entire team, and take corrective action without wasting a minute.

Hubstaff Time Tracking for Android

The ability to track time to specific tasks gives remote team managers real-time insight into progress and productivity, no matter where the team is working.

2. Automatic timesheets

Timesheets are at the core of time tracking, and the best mobile time tracking apps generate timesheets automatically with a simple push of a button. Less time spent manually categorizing and adding up billable time means, well, more time for billable work.

3. Automatic payments

Mobile time tracking apps make paying your team (or getting paid) easier than ever before. In addition to generating automatic timesheets, certain Android time trackers allow for automatic payments based on tracked time for a given pay period.

4. GPS time tracking

GPS Time Tracking for Android

GPS technology means the best time tracking apps for Android can now monitor your team’s location, ensuring accountability for service businesses that jump from one job site to another. With GPS time tracking, you know exactly how much time is spent on the job, and on the road.

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5. Integrations

From Slack to Asana, Basecamp to Trello, and everything in between, work on-the-go is increasingly coordinated through a powerful suite of apps for project management, communication, collaboration, payments, accounting, and more. Cutting-edge Android time tracking apps offer seamless integrations with these tools so you can streamline critical business processes, boost productivity, and increase profitability.

Best time tracking apps for Android

The market is flooded with mobile time tracking apps, and deciding which is best suited for you and your Android device can seem challenging. Not to worry. Here’s a time-saving list of our 3 favorite Android time tracking apps:

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Time Tracking App for Android

Hubstaff offers powerful mobile time tracking for Android with real-time work logs, automated timesheets, GPS tracking, and integrations with more than 30 third-party applications. The software also allows for automatic payments based on time tracked in Hubstaff and connects with popular third party payment apps like PayPal and Payoneer.

Managers of freelancers and remote teams enjoy Hubstaff because it gives them powerful insight into worker productivity. Real-time work logs, screenshots, and activity level monitoring mean you can be sure time paid is time spent working.

Sure, we’re a little biased, but there’s a reason why Karyn Lurie over at staffing agency GrowMyTeam says “We could not run our business without Hubstaff.”

Pricing: Starting at $5/month for one user

Track Time and Productivity

Free for 14 Days

2. Toggl


Toggl offers an intuitive interface, progress indicators, and automated reporting. Projects are easily organized by color and can be divided into sub-projects. Tracking syncs in real-time across devices and time tracked offline is saved so you don’t miss a minute.

Available premium features include billable rates, time estimates, and tracking reminders.

Pricing: Starting at $49/month for one user

3. Harvest


Harvest offers real-time tracking across multiple projects and allows users to estimate future budgets and schedules based on past data. The tracker is strong on integrations and connects with more than 70 other tools to streamline your work processes.

Users also enjoy Harvest’s expense tracking feature, which allows you to take photos of receipts, assign them to projects, and add them to invoices.

Pricing: Free for one user with up to two projects; starting at $12/month per user for unlimited projects.

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Get the most out of mobile time tracking: integrations

The most successful businesses don’t operate in silos, and the same is true of today’s leading time tracking software for Android. Whether you work on your own or manage a team, time tracking app integrations with popular work tools can help you streamline processes, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.

Android Time Tracking

Here are 3 of our favorite types of integrations to get the most out of your time tracking software:

Project Management

Whether you’re using project management software to coordinate with a team or organize your own work, mobile time tracking apps offer integrations to keep everyone and everything on the same page. High-powered Android time tracking apps offer integrations with Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Teamwork and many more. Integrations with popular development project managers like GitHub and JIRA make time tracking for software companies a breeze, as well.

Some time tracking apps like Hubstaff even offer integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications like Salesforce. Learn more about time tracking in Salesforce

Benefits of integrating time tracking with project management:

  • Ensures accountability among employees and remote workers
  • Streamlines processes for increased efficiency
  • Improves ability to accurately estimate future projects
  • Provides transparency to clients

Payments, Accounting & Invoicing

Whether you’re looking to automate payment or invoicing, or need to import time into your accounting program, mobile time tracking apps offer easy integrations with popular programs like PayPal, Payoneer, Freshbooks, Bitwage, QuickBooks, and more.

Help Desk

In the world of customer service and support, time is of the essence, and the rising popularity of remote teams means more and more support specialists are working on mobile devices. For optimizing response times, some mobile time tracking apps allow users to track time spent on tickets in help desk platforms like Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a manager supervising an entire remote team, Android time tracking software puts the power of increased accountability, productivity, and profitability directly in your hands. Struggling with timesheets, worrying about worker productivity, or trying to keep up with teams on-the-go are a thing of the past with mobile time tracking apps for Android.