Geoff Whiting

Geoff Whiting

Content Strategy Manager at Hubstaff

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Geoff Whiting is a Maryland-based Content Strategy Manager for Hubstaff. With a background in psychology and journalism, he believes that the best thing you’ll read today is something that helps you work or live better.

Geoff is a work-from-home veteran, having worked remotely for more than 15 years. He previously ran a boutique writing firm that created content for some of the world's largest technology and logistics companies. There’s value in supporting how people work best and enjoy what they do, and Geoff highlights this value in what he creates here at Hubstaff.

Outside of, or at least downstairs from, the home office, you’ll find Geoff pursuing new coffee, photographing street art, and enjoying time with a boisterous family.

Blog posts written by Geoff Whiting: