Sean Pallera

Sean Pallera

Senior Content Specialist

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Born in Cavite, Philippines, Sean Pallera is a Senior Content Specialist at Hubstaff. He uses his writing abilities to deliver engaging and informative content to readers. Aside from his duties to Hubstaff’s content team, he regularly helps with SEO tasks such as on-site optimizations and link building campaigns.

Sean previously worked as a blog manager at an SEO agency. There, he edited articles from content writers, helped manage the editorial calendar, and ensured that articles were published according to schedule.

His experience with managing multiple clients has shown Sean the value of tracking time. Sean is dedicated to getting things done as efficiently as possible, allowing him to enjoy the full benefits of remote work.

Sean's colleagues at Hubstaff include Dave Nevogt, Jared Brown and Austin Connolly.

Blog posts written by Sean Pallera: