You know what business owners love? Always improving, staying ahead of competitors and maximizing their time, to name a few. And you know what helps with all of that? Podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on management techniques, productivity tools and inspiration. And because podcasts vary by length and topic, you can pick up quick tips on pretty much anything while you’re commuting, grocery shopping, or waiting in line. Basically, thanks to podcasts, you’ll never stop getting good advice.

And these days, they’re funny! There are over 5,200 podcasts on marketing and management alone (and a bunch of podcasts about yetis, too). That means the best ones have to be done well in order to stand out. Now, they have studio interviews with the people you admire. They have humor. They have intro music!

How we found the best podcasts for entrepreneurs

So where should you start? Let us be your podcast guide. We’ve scoured the internet for the best business podcasts, which then had to pass the following criteria to make the cut:

  • Educational value: Do you walk away with actionable advice after each episode? Is the content highly relevant to business owners? Is listening to this podcast a good use of their time?
  • Snooze test: Does the podcast keep you engaged, or is it easy for your mind to wander while listening? Obviously, the podcasts that lose your attention — the ones that don’t pass the snooze test — did not make the list.
  • Premier guests: Do the podcasts feature guests that listeners wouldn’t normally get to hear from? How impressive are the speakers, especially when it comes to running a business?
  • Fresh content: To make sure we’re featuring the newest, most relevant content, this list only includes podcasts that are still releasing episodes in 2018. This way, you won’t discover a new podcast only to realize it’s no longer in production.

How you can make the most of this list

Do we recommend you stop what you’re doing and listening to every podcast on this list? Of course not! Who has the time?

To make this list as useful as possible for you, we suggest following the Just-in-Time Learning approach. According to Pat Flynn, this means only allowing yourself to consume information about the task and project you’re working on right now.

As you go through this post, subscribe to any of the business podcasts that sound the most relevant to you on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts (AKA Squarespace ads). Then, when you have free time, you can scroll the list of episodes and find one related to what you’re working on. Or, you can bookmark this post and come back when you want to freshen up your subscriptions.

Either way, this list can be tailored to your goals so you’re maximizing your time, and learning a whole lot about entrepreneurship. And now, onto the top business podcasts of 2019.

Podcasts on startups and founders

How I Built This

how i built this podcast cover art

If you’re looking for inspiring (and enlightening) founder stories, you need to check out How I Built This. In their own words, it’s a show about “innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the stories behind the movements they built.”

NPR’s Guy Raz, whose voice you may recognize from the TED Radio Hour, interviews a bevy of driven individuals who all have interesting paths to share.

Start with:
WeWork: Miguel McKelvey
Maybe it’s our affinity for remote work, but the WeWork story is fascinating not only because of the business it created, but the work anywhere culture it helped shape.

Episode highlight:
“When the learning curve expires, that’s when I start looking for other things.”


Eventual Millionaire

eventual millionare podcast cover artWe’ve probably all said it at one point or another, “I wish I was a millionaire.” If you’re an entrepreneur, Eventual Millionaire has the actionable advice on how to get there. Absorb insight from successful entrepreneurs, find out how they got to where they are, and how you can apply their methods to your own life.

Eventual Millionaire is hosted by Jaime Masters who has interviewed over 350 millionaires and billionaires in search for resources, stories, and experiences. At the end of every episode, Jaime asks her guests what listeners can do that week to help reach their goal of a million.

Start with:
The Secret to Abundance with Derek Rydall
Derek Rydall has coached everyone from fortune 500 execs to celebrities, so naturally this episode was quick to grab our attention. Rydall recently released his book, The Abundance Project: 40 Days to More Wealth, Love, and Happiness, and shared his tips on how to experience abundance in every area of your life — isn’t that what we all want?

Bonus: Check out the episode with our co-founder, Dave Nevogt.

Episode highlight:
“You have two choices. You can have the courage to take that action and start the circulation again or start preparing for more stagnation.”

rocketship fm podcast cover is about all things startup. The episodes cover everything from growth, culture, management, funding, SaaS and so much more. There really is something for every business-minded professional. is part of The Product Collective, a place where people and products can connect.

Episodes are easy to listen to, and at under 30 minutes a piece, perfect for commutes or shorter attention spans. If you appreciate good music, you’ll like even more.

Start with:
Why are we obsessed with productivity?
For productivity geeks like ourselves, this episode is a great place to start. Learn more about why our society today is so obsessed with productivity, and the benefits of productivity tools and software in our businesses, startups, and everyday life.

Episode highlight:
“The productivity industry offers the promise that users can re-claim ownership over their time in today’s always-on workplace.”


Starting From Nothing – The Foundation

starting from nothing podcast cover artThe Foundation trains bootstrapped entrepreneurs how to build their business and what we really like about the way they do things is that their most successful former students train their current ones. The Foundation podcast is packed with informative interviews from successful entrepreneurs, it’s like a taste of their training program – you might even want to sign up for it once you’re finished with a few episodes.

Start with:
How I Dropped Out Of College, Started My First Business With No Experience, And Launched 2 Best Selling Kindle Books, All By The Age Of 21 – With Chandler Bolt
Who doesn’t love a good success story? The story of Chandler Bolt is just that. He joined the The Foundation two and a half years ago at the age of 19, Upon graduating he built his team and went from $0 to $192,000.

Bonus: Check out the episode with our co-founder, Dave Nevogt.

Episode highlight:
“Your money lags 12 months behind your mindset.”



startup podcast cover artAward for the most meta podcast goes to Startup, which is a show about what it’s really like to start a business. And that business, is a podcast company. The show is about the show. Still with us? Great, because Startup is a blindingly honest look at how businesses are built, so as a business owner, you really shouldn’t miss it.

Host Alex Blumberg, formerly the producer of This American Life and co-host of Planet Money, documents his experience launching the podcast company, Gimlet. The show, and the company, are now very popular. So popular that Netflix is making a series about this story starring Zach Braff.

Start with:
Gimlet 1: How Not to Pitch a Billionaire
Because it’s told as a sequential story, you have to start at chapter one. I mean, you don’t have to, it’s your life, but if you skip around, it might be harder to follow. Plus, this episode is a great primer on how to pitch your business — by showing how not to pitch billionaire and angel investor Chris Sacca.

Episode highlight:
“This is a story; a story a business reporter like me would have killed for. With behind-the-scenes access to all these embarrassing details that never get reported. Like for example, when you’re about to make your first ever pitch to an investor, how do you dress? Business formal? Tech casual?”


Dorm Room Tycoon

dorm room tycoon podcast cover artThe best part of finding a new podcast is scrolling through an endless list of impressive guests and getting excited about all the things you’re going to learn. If you haven’t had the pleasure, let us introduce you to Dorm Room Tycoon. In this podcast, host William Channer, co-founder of Panda and editor of Interface Lovers, interviews designers, developers, founders, and growth hackers who share their advice on building successful startups. William started the podcast while still at university (hence the name).

Because the podcast cuts to the chase and extracts as much info as possible from the guests, you can count on quick intros and plenty of tweetable quotes.

Start with:
Cal Newport, ‘How To Stay Focused’
If you’re a fan of Cal Newport’s book Deep Work, this episode is where you should start. The main idea: focus is the new I.Q. in the knowledge economy. Individuals who cultivate their ability to concentrate without distraction will thrive. Cal provides practical examples and strategies about the ways we work now and in the future.

Episode highlight:
“You have to start training your mind to be very comfortable with unbroken concentration and to increase the level of depth it can attain. Training has to start right away and then you can complement that with some sort of tactical changes that are compatible with the existing culture.”

Best productivity podcasts

This Entrepreneur article says successful entrepreneurs are decisive and action oriented, so we compiled our favorite productivity-focused podcasts for you. These shows will help you get more stuff done without adding more to your plate.



productivityist podcast cover artProductivityist is hosted by productivity strategist, Mike Vardy. The 30-minute episodes are perfect for people who like to be strategic with their time. Each week, Vardy and guests discuss ways you can take your productivity and time management to the next level. This podcast features useful advice that is easy to incorporate into your work. If you’re always on the lookout for ways to boost productivity, this podcast is for you.

Start with:
The Free-Time Formula with Jeff Sanders
In this episode, Jeff Sanders talks about health-centered productivity and being intentional with your time. Sanders is the founder of the Rocking Productivity Academy and author of The Free Time Formula.

This episode takes a deep dive into the connection between productivity and physical health. His health-first approach is: when you’re healthy, you’re productive. This is a great reminder for people who are already active in their daily life, as well inspiration for those who are looking to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Bonus: Our co-founder, Dave Nevogt, was on an episode about Distractions and Disruptions.

Episode highlight:
“If you want to change your life then why not start immediately?”


Beyond the To-Do List

beyond the to do list podcast cover artIsn’t it nice when you meet someone who shares your obsession appreciation for productivity and time management? That’s how it feels to listen to Beyond The To-Do List. In this podcast, host Erik Fisher talks to the people behind the productivity, from authors to founders to experts in positive psychology.

Start with:
Meetings: Mamie Kanfer Stewart on Making Meetings More Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable
In this episode, the founder of Meeteor joins Fisher to discuss what makes a productive meeting, and why bad meetings are such a hindrance to getting work done. Even if you love getting together as a group, Mamie Kanfer Stewart has useful ideas on how to get more out of your meeting time.

Episode highlight:
“That’s the #1 thing: start by asking yourself, ‘What is it we want to accomplish? What is the outcome we want to achieve?’ Not, ‘What is the purpose of this meeting?’ But what is the desired outcome? And then decide if a meeting is the optimal way to get to that outcome.”


Pick the Brain

pick the brain podcast cover artNo matter where you stand on the term “pick your brain” (Gross? Accurate? Cool?), the name of this podcast really does say it all. Hosts Erin Falconer (one of Refinery29’s Top 10 Women Changing the Digital Landscape for Good) and Jeremy Fisher explore ideas from the smartest minds in productivity, health, and self-improvement. Brought to you by the nice folks at

Start with:
The Funny Relationship Between Success and Failure
This podcast is a good reminder to watch more commencement speeches on YouTube for inspiration. Most of the episode is a commencement address from Will Ferrell, and it’s both insightful and entertaining. To quote the hosts, “Anything in life is better if it’s funny.”

Episode highlight:
“Enjoy the process of your search without succumbing to the pressure of the result. Trust your gut, keep throwing darts at the dart board, don’t listen to the critics, and you will figure it out.”

And a bonus quote from Guillermo Del Toro: “Success and failure live next door to each other. But there are no numbers on the door. You just have to knock.”

Best podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

Business owners think for themselves. They don’t adhere to the status quo, and they aren’t held back by “the way things have always been.” That’s why focusing on creativity can help you be a better entrepreneur. Challenge your own thinking by taking in the stories shared in these podcasts, which will get you thinking outside the box in no time.



heroine podcast cover artHeroine is a collection of life journeys and down-to-earth conversations with women creative leaders and risk takers. Guests on the show come from innovative fields where art and science meet, like design, tech, and business. Host Majo Molfino interviews the people you always wish you could talk to; each conversation distilled into highly quotable episodes you’ll want to send to everyone you know.

Start with:
Smart Leaps {Margaret Stewart}
This episode is about toeing the line of your comfort zone, and how calculated risk can be so powerful in growth and development. Margaret Stewart, VP of Product Design at Facebook, dives into the career choices she made and her advice for taking smart leaps.

Episode highlight:
“Naïveté actually serves you well in life. If you overthink the risks, or the possible downsides of things, you’re going to talk yourself out of almost all the best experiences of life. If you take the safe and easy route, things may work out ok. But you’re probably not going to learn and grow and stretch yourself, and I think that’s where most of the fun and fulfillment in life comes from.”


Design Matters with Debbie Millman

design matters podcast cover artIn 2005, Debbie Millman started the Design Matters podcast. The same year, Apple added podcasts to the iTunes Store. Coincidence? Or is that the Debbie Millman effect? Being the first ever design podcast in iTunes is impressive enough, but even more impressive is that Millman’s Design Matters is still making episodes with creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, playwrights, authors — pretty much anyone in the creative field. With over 200 episodes, you have your commute covered for the next year or so.

Start with:
Brené Brown
It almost feels too predictable to choose Brené Brown’s episode because every podcast episode she’s on is absolute gold but…every podcast episode she’s on is absolute gold. Can’t really go wrong when Brown is speaking on vulnerability and creativity, so give it a listen.

Episode highlight:
“If I fail wholeheartedly, I can live with that. If I fail and I’ve been half-assed or half-hearted, that I cannot live with.”


Best business and growth podcasts

In perhaps the most obvious category for entrepreneurs, we’ve assembled the best 2018 podcasts about business and growth. These ones pretty much sell themselves so let’s get to it.

TEDTalks Business

ted talks business podcast cover artTEDTalks has built a global following, with inspirational speakers that range from top CEOs to passionate activists to world-class athletes. Fortunately for us, TEDTalks has expanded their reach into the podcast world. Much like its video counterpart, each TEDTalks Business episode is under 15 minutes, perfect for those with a short attention span and a lot of time on-the-go. TEDTalks Business includes talks from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, innovators, and business researchers. Beware: once you get started on this podcast, it’s hard to stop.

Start with:
My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything | Shonda Rhimes
It’s really difficult to pick just one episode to start with but we suggest this talk from Shonda Rhimes. For those of you who don’t know, Shonda Rhimes is the creator behind successful television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. In this episode, she talks about what happens when you lose passion for your work and how saying, “Yes,” to everything helped her get her “hum” back.

Episode highlight:
“Work doesn’t work without play.”


The Rework Podcast

rework podcast cover artRework is a podcast by productivity software, Basecamp. Hosts Wailin Wong and Shaun Hildner take us behind the scenes, interviewing business owners who are bootstrapped and have taken a unique approach to growth. The Rework podcast discusses better ways to run a business, and is ideal for anyone who is tired of the narrative that tells business owners to raise money and scale fast.

Start with:
Life After Shark Tank
Ever wonder what it’s really like to be on the show “Shark Tank”? In this episode, Rework talks to three business owners about what it was really like to be on this hit reality show.

Episode highlight:
“Part of me was just like, ‘This is insulting me,’ but then I had to remember in that moment — and this is what allowed me to stay cool — this is a TV show. They are running a business. Their goal is to get ratings and at the end of the day, this is not my target audience. So, I was very angry in that moment. But then I was able to level out because I started remembering my ‘why,’ my purpose, and that ultimately I wasn’t talking to the correct people. And so, the biggest thing after Shark Tank is that I decided that I would never talk to the wrong audience again, I would only talk to people who understood my core values, understood why it was essential.”


Growth Everywhere

growth everywhere podcast cover artGrowth Everywhere features tips and advice on how to grow both professionally and personally. Each episode contains advice you can actually use from world-class entrepreneurs. Host Eric Siu digs deep into the world of business growth and development.

Start with:
Why Neil Patel Pays $30,000 for Content & Gives it Away For Free (& MUCH More)
We are big fans of Neil Patel here at Hubstaff so naturally we suggest starting with this episode. In this episode, Patel shares his insight on the benefits of attending local events, why startups fail, high-level content production, and so much more.

Episode highlight:
“When you open up your email, respond to it right away. Don’t mark it and respond to it later or read it later. It just creates inefficiencies, and you’ll spend double or triple the time on the email.”


How Success Happens

how success happens podcast cover artIt’s pretty simple. This podcast helps you understand how success happens by talking to everyone from ultra marathoners to polar explorers to Martha Stewart. It’s hosted by Linda Lacina, managing editor of Entrepreneur. If you read Entrepreneur already, this podcast will be a natural fit into your workday.

Start with:
This Man Spent Four Years with the World’s Most Innovative People. Here’s What They Taught Him. Mark Stevenson, Futurologist, Historian, and Author of We Do Things Differently
If you rolled your eyes at the term, “futurologist,” don’t worry. Stevenson kicks off the episode by clarifying that he’s never referred to himself that way, and that he’s not even sure he likes that term. It gets even more interesting from there.

Episode highlight:
“A trait I see with a lot of the great entrepreneurs is their ability to engineer serendipity. People who are magpie-like with their intellect — always looking for new things, always asking questions, always reading a wide range of stuff — suddenly that creative idea becomes obvious. Not because they’re necessarily brilliantly creative but because they’ve seen enough, and suddenly those two things in juxtaposition are something only they’re able to see because of the breadth of their curiosity.”

WorkLife with Adam Grant

worklife podcast cover art“How to make work not suck.” What’s not to love about that? If you enjoy learning about organizational structure and work culture, you’re going to like WorkLife. You’ll love it even more if enjoy a certain level of snark and comedy in your business podcasts.

Start with:
Your Hidden Personality – Susan Cain
There’s so much talk about introversion and extroversion in work settings, and this episode finally gets to the bottom of it. Spoiler alert: your personality type doesn’t define you or any future decision you’ll make. Sure, those tools are helpful for understanding people, but they’re not everything.

Have you ever heard of the study that compared people who salted their steak before they tried it to those who don’t? The auto-salters are low self monitors, and you can learn all about what that means in this episode.

Episode highlight:
“We have far more degrees of freedom to shape our lives than those strong, trait-is-your-destiny positions would encourage you to believe. There are fates beyond traits.”


Masters of Scale

masters of scale podcast cover artMasters of Scale is solid advice from founders who have been there, hosted by LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman. Give Masters of Scale a listen if you enjoy useful, engaging, and memorable entrepreneur podcasts that feature real-life founders who have made it.

Start with:
How to Price Your Product to Scale – Payal Kadakia, Founder & Chair of ClassPass
One of the great things about this podcast is learning from founders who have tested out ideas. It’s like having all the answers without taking any of the risk. And trust us when we say Kadakia has all the answers.

Episode highlight:
“What happens frequently in growth cases like ClassPass is that you start with a business model that’s unsustainable. It’s the only way to hook that vital set of early users. But if you stay with that business model, you die.”


Best management and marketing podcasts

Starting a business and marketing a business go hand-in-hand. Here, you’ll find podcasts that cover the marketing and management pieces of the entrepreneurial puzzle. For best results, listen with a notes app or notebook nearby.


Building a story brand with Donald Miller PodcastBuilding a Storybrand with Donald Miller

It helps when a podcast host is also a great speaker. Donald Miller is one of those hosts. Miller’s book by the same name guides brands through a process to clear, compelling brand stories. Highly recommend picking up a copy if you haven’t checked it out.

This podcast has a similar goal: to help brands get their message out, grow their business, stand out, and have fun doing it.

Start with:
#90: Michael Hyatt — Redefining Productivity
If you’re a planner-type, you know the name Michael Hyatt. We’ve even referenced his ideal week on our blog before. This episode is great because it addresses all the things we love to read up on: routines, planning, goal-setting, and how “being busy” isn’t the same as being productive. Would definitely recommend to all of our fellow Type As.

Episode highlight:
“Most of us have heard somewhere that it takes 21 days to establish a habit. That’s completely without merit. All the research on goal achievement and habit formation says that it takes a minimum of 66 repetitions to form a habit. I usually shoot for 70 days, and it can take as long as 120 days. I think of it as achieved when it’s been installed into my system and I no longer have to think of it.”


The Limit Does Not Exist

the limit does not exist podcast cover artThe Limit Does Not Exist is a Forbes podcast, so you know it’s going to have that Forbes-level quality before even pressing play. Hosts Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell have a great dynamic with one another and know how to engage their guests in a smart and intelligent manner.

Start with:
The Limit Does Not Exist: Leah Gilliam Is A Creative Who Codes
Leah Gilliam is the the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Girls Who Code. This episode caught our eye mainly because we are big fans of Girls Who Code. It also kept our attention because of Gilliam’s long list of accomplishments and depth of knowledge on so many topics.

Episode highlight:
“If you feel that one path may not be your only path…this is the show for you.”

And another one of our favorite quotes:

the limit does not exist animated gif

via Giphy

Exposure Ninja

exposure ninja digital marketing podcast cover artWe first started listening to Exposure Ninja’s digital marketing podcast when their team asked if we’d like to be a guest. Maybe it’s because we’re easily flattered, but we’ve been hooked ever since. Host and head ninja Tim Cameron-Kitchen interviews some of the smartest minds in digital marketing and explores how they transformed their companies. If you’re part of a marketing team or simply have an interest in the industry, you need to start listening to this podcast yesterday.

Start with:
Using Storytelling and Social Media to Grow Online with Jessica Gioglio from Tripadvisor and Dunkin’ Donuts
You know when you’re listening to a podcast with so much awesome information that you pull out a notepad and start taking notes? That was this episode of Exposure Ninja for us. If you are part of a social media team, or maybe even the social media team for your company, you need to hear what Jessica Gioglio has to say.

Bonus: Hubstaff marketing manager Madhav Bhandari appeared on a recent episode.

Episode highlight:
“We don’t own our social channels, our fans do.”


HBR Ideacast

HBR ideacast podcast cover artHarvard Business Review actually has a number of different podcasts on their roster but we think the HBR Ideacast is best suited for business owners. This podcast features leaders in business and management sharing their knowledge and experiences. We already know that anything that comes out of HBR is at a high standard, and the HBR Ideacast is no different.

Start with:
Make Tools Like Slack Work For Your Company
As a remote team, we utilize tools such as Slack to maintain communication with each other, so naturally, this episode caught our eye. Host Curt Nickisch interviews Tsedal Neeley, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Paul Leonardi, a management professor at UC Santa Barbara. Both professionals talk about how certain communication tools can be effective within different companies.

Episode highlight:
“We don’t have water coolers in most organizations exactly anymore, but social tools can become like a virtual water cooler of sorts… I can learn that Tsedal has a few kids and that can endear me to Tsedal in a way that would be very much the same as if we sat two cubicles away from one another and we chatted about our kids. Then I’m more likely to ask them for help on work related topics or to ask them to join me in some new innovation project that I’m working on.”

The Growth Show

growth show podcast cover art

The Growth Show shares stories about, you guessed it, growth. Host Meghan Keany Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, interviews business leaders about how they scaled their startup into a multi-million dollar business, built a movement or grew an idea that took the world by storm.

Most episodes mix founder stories with tactical advice and tend to run 20-30 minutes. They change the format of the show from time to time, creating a nice mix of interviews, narrative episodes, and mini-episodes.

Start With 10: How Glossier is Giving the Beauty Industry a Makeover
In this episode, Meghan speaks with Ali Weiss, SVP of Marketing from the beauty upstart Glossier. What began as a simple beauty blog, Into the Gloss, has grown into a makeup, self-care, and beauty titan.

Meghan dives into the secrets of Glossier’s success at standing out and speaks with one of their devoted customers about what makes the brand inspire loyalty.

Episode Highlight: 
“The word listen is overused today because people can have conversations out in the open all the time due to social media platforms and the internet. However, I think we have thought very carefully about what it means to truly listen and to engage in a two-way conversation.”


Best podcasts about social media and the internet

Can a business thrive without being on the Internet? If so, we’ve never heard of it. Probably because it’s not on the internet? We included these podcasts on our “be a better entrepreneur” roundup because of how important social media is for growing a business. Plus, it’s just good to know how the internet works.


The Science of Social Media – Buffer

the science of social media podcast cover art

“Quick snippets of social media advice” is the best way to describe The Science of Social Media. For business owners who don’t have time to read the in-depth analysis of Facebook’s new algorithm or study up on what has led to proven Instagram growth, this 15-minute podcast has the digestible, upbeat info for you.

Start with:
82: Habits of Successful Marketers, The Science of Confidence
If you already know you’re a creative, confident marketing genius, this episode will be a nice ego boost (you’re welcome). If you’re looking to step up your marketing — especially in the realm of social media — this episode identifies the skills that all great marketers possess, and how to strengthen your own.

Episode highlight:
“Great marketers are really good at being uncomfortable, and they don’t let failure bring them down.”


Ctrl Alt Deletectrl alt delete podcast cover art

The accolades for this podcast speak for themselves: one of “The 30 Best Podcasts for Curious Minds” from WIRED and “Best Podcasts of 2017” by Esquire, to name a couple. It’s a funny, honest look at the internet, social media, creativity, mental health, life, careers… we could go on, but we’ll let you be delighted by the range of topics and guests.

Start with:
#118: Ava Duvernay: On How It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love
You probably recognize Ava Duvernay from the films and documentaries she directed, including 13th, Selma and A Wrinkle In Time. She’s been nominated for a Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Documentary Feature. In this episode, you can hear about how she got into filmmaking, how she gets past comparisons on the internet and the power of gratitude.

Episode highlight:
“It’s not too late to change your mind because it’s your life. And you are the one who has to live it, and you, at the end of the day, have to be happy with what you did.”


Reply All

reply all podcast cover artReply All is a podcast for people who have a certain fascination with the internet. If you tilted your head a little bit and said, “Hmm…yeah, that sounds like me,” you’ll probably like Reply All. It’s an approachable yet deep dive into internet-related topics like Instagram ads, Bitcoin, Uber account hacks and much more.

Start with:
Is Facebook Spying on You?
This episode inspired an entire Slack conversation here at Hubstaff. Does Facebook listen to your conversations, and target you with ads based on what you say? Listen to this episode and then make your own decision. Be a pal and let us know where you stand in the comments.

Episode highlight:
“[Facebook is] really good at collecting information about us. They won’t be very transparent about what they collect or how. And so, you’re basically forcing people to come up with the simplest possible solution for how Facebook knows stuff about them, and that’s that they’re listening in.”


Bonus podcast!

Akimbo by Seth Godin

Remember a few years ago when you couldn’t walk through a marketing department without hearing the words, “Start with the why”? Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But Akimbo kind of feels like that sort of industry-wide phenomenon that’s changing the way we look at our culture, and how to change it.

It’s difficult to explain the theme of this podcast because it’s so high-level, so cerebral that you just have to listen up and give your undivided attention to the cognitive feast that it is. Have we hooked you?

P.S. if you haven’t already, check out Godin’s Startup School, too.

Start with:
No such thing (as writer’s block)
It was a toss up between this episode and the one called, “Don’t fear placebos,” but this felt most relevant to you based on the other podcasts we’ve included. Hard not to love a podcast that features audio from the “Coffee is for Closers” speech.

Episode highlight:
“You cannot rely on reassurance because reassurance will let you down. Instead, we have to learn how to fly. How to fly solo. To dig a ditch. To do the plumbing. To come up with the bad ideas, on our way to having the insight to tell them apart from the good ideas.”

You’re up

Now’s your chance to start listening. Our advice? Use this list as a professional development resource: share it with your team, have each person take a different topic and host a mini-podcast club. Like a book club, but more educational. Don’t forget to report back and tell us how it goes.

What are you listening to and loving lately? What other business-related topics did we miss? Let us know in the comments.


Because this post is part of our series on teamwork, we used teamwork to make it happen. Jordyn Wegner, Hubstaff’s social media & PR manager, and fellow podcast enthusiast, contributed to this list. Check out our other teamwork-related posts on how to measure employee satisfaction and how to onboard new employees.

This post was originally published April 2018, and updated January 2019.