If you’re searching for a Mac invoicing software you can depend on, you’ve come to the right place. 

One reason many people leave full-time jobs behind for freelancing is that they do not want to be beholden to timesheets and rigid schedules. Freelancers and those who employ them crave the freedom and flexibility to work when and where they want, which allows them to be more productive and produce better work.

No one likes to count the minutes that each project takes, but it plays a significant role in ensuring that the freelance community continues to grow and thrive. You could use a free invoice template, but that route can be time-consuming and inaccurate. 

Without further ado, here’s the best invoice software for Mac that can help you save time and make money.

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Kicking off the list is Hubstaff, the invoicing software for Mac that uses accurate time tracking to ensure that every second worked is fairly paid. Hubstaff lets you focus on important tasks instead of spending hours generating invoices or managing your business.

Hubstaff’s Mac time tracker makes it easy to record your hours so you can concentrate on work. After completing your tasks, you can view detailed reports showing the total hours, the tasks worked on, and how much you have earned or spent.

When you’re ready to bill clients, Hubstaff can quickly generate invoices based on time tracked to set projects, and bill rates for each team member. You can then send them to clients without any hassle.

To make things even easier, Hubstaff helps you generate line items in a matter of clicks, and tracks when an invoice has been viewed or paid by your clients. There’s even a PayPal button you can include on invoices for fast online payments.

To start, all you have to set is your organization’s invoice details like the organization name, address, taxes, rates, and payment terms. These will automatically be included on all the invoices you will make in the future.

There’s also an option to manually input invoice details, and send invoices to your client’s email straight from the app.

And the faster you can generate and send invoices, the faster you get paid.


Hubstaff has three pricing plans: Solo Lite, Basic, and Premium. The Solo Lite is a free plan with the time tracking and basic activity monitoring features, which is great for solo freelancers. The Basic plan costs as low as $4/month per user, while the Premium plan costs as low as $8/month per user.



Toggl records your hours, tracks your activity, and generates invoices based on the work you have accomplished. Toggl allows you to see not only how much time you are spending with each client, but also where your time is going.

For example, how much time are you spending in meetings vs. project-related tasks? Having this valuable productivity data at your fingertips will help you provide better estimates and work more efficiently on future projects.

Toggl makes capturing all of that activity easy no matter where you are working. As the name suggests, simply toggle the switch to “on”, and you’re good to go.


Toggl is free for one user, and has premium plans with advanced features starting at $10 per month. The free plan should be enough for solo freelancers, but those who employ more than one freelancer should consider the paid service.

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Time trackers and invoice software are great, but there’s often a disconnect between scheduled appointments on your calendar and billing time spent in those meetings. Timely changes that by integrating your meetings with your time tracking and invoices.

After integrating Timely with your calendar app of choice, you simply need to confirm that you would like to add a meeting to your timesheet. This also works well if you are the type of person who blocks time on your calendar to complete work — those blocks are automatically part of your invoice.

Calendars can be shared with your clients so there are no surprises about when work is being completed. This can also help you avoid unwanted conflicts midway through the project.


Timely offers solo plans starting at $7 per month, and team plans starting at $99 per month.



Harvest is a popular time tracking and invoicing software for Mac that is used by thousands of businesses.

Harvest is known for its integrations. It pairs with several kinds of tools like CRMs and issue tracking services, making it possible to link time tracking and invoicing to different aspects of your business.

Once invoices are generated, you can mark them as complete and as paid so you’re never left wondering about where a project stands. Harvest also eliminates one of the most difficult parts of freelancing — reminding your clients to pay you. Enable automatic reminders and take yourself out of that difficult situation completely.


Harvest is free for single users with limited features, and costs $12 per month per user for advanced features.

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Once you’ve got time tracking and invoicing automated, it’s time to think about applying the same principle to generating project quotes. Paydirt can help with that.

The app provides quote templates that can be customized and sent to clients in nearly any language. All of your quotes are stored in one place so you can see whether they’ve been accepted or declined by the client, and send reminders to take action if needed.

Once a quote is approved, it becomes the basis of your time tracking and eventually your invoice back to the client. Freelancers have a complete history of the project, and clients know exactly what they are getting based on the quote provided and the time tracked along the way.


Paydirt has two plans for solo users. There is the Starter plan with basic features for $8/month, and the Hustler plan with improved features for $16/month. Paydirt’s Co-op plan supports up to 3 team members, and costs $29/month.



While many time tracking and invoicing apps are designed for the solopreneur, TSheets is all about managing a team.

TSheets integrates with several accounting tools to simplify both time tracking and payroll management. Now you can say with confidence that you know exactly where your money is going, down to the minute.


TSheets is free for a single user. Team plans cost $5/month per user, with a $20 base fee for up to 99 users and a $100 base fee for more than 100 members.

Software Pricing Free Trial Free Plan
Hubstaff $4–$10/month per user 14 days Yes. Two free months are included with an annual membership.
Toggl $10-$20/month per user 30 days Yes
Timely $99 – $299/month for team use 1 payroll cycle Yes (1 user)
Harvest $12/month per user 35 days No
Paydirt $8 – $149/month per user 30 days Yes (basic features only)
TSheets $5/month per user, plus base fee 30 days Yes (basic features only)

Make the decision based on your business

Many of the services mentioned here offer free trials so feel free to experiment and determine which one will be best for your work style or your team dynamic.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your decision should be based on your business needs. The better the tool’s capabilities fit your team, the more efficiently you will be able to perform.

In the end, whatever app you choose will make creating invoices and managing billing a smoother process. You’ll have one system you can go back to for all of your clients, or one place you can see the great work being done by your team no matter where they are located.

What are your favorite time tracking and invoicing apps? Let us know in the comments section!

This post was originally published October 13, 2017, and updated August 2019.