According to Chron, the landscaping industry is set to grow 10% annually. Is your business poised to keep up? Optimizing working time, boosting productivity, and increasing revenue are are always on the mind of landscaping managers and business owners. You need to organize and manage a ton of activities simultaneously, and keep improving your results. Fortunately, from handling customer relationships and invoicing and accounting to employee management and marketing, the right landscaping business software can make a huge difference.

Today, landscaping companies can rely on powerful software solutions that make business management easier and more effective. These smart apps for landscaping businesses help managers better handle the workflow of their teams, communication with clients, and ultimately, the success of their companies.

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Why explore lawn care business software options?

Using management software is all about optimizing your business and bringing better results for the efforts you invest. A large part of your operations can be handled via an app or a software, which takes away the redundant tasks and optimizes your working hours, as well as the time of your employees. There are diverse options for apps that can be useful to your landscaping company, including features for scheduling, time tracking, and billing and invoicing, among others.

Landscape scheduling software can greatly improve your overview of tasks and deadlines. It can help you optimize your workflow, as well as the working time of your employees. When combined with time tracking options, the software you use can also give you a thorough insight into team members’ hours and overall productivity.

Lawn care billing and invoicing software, on the other hand, is also important. You might not have someone on staff who is an expert in accounting, so your business apps can help you do the job with less hassle.

Among the various features and benefits that you will get with the best solutions on the market, the most useful highlights include:

  • Quick scheduling
  • Rapid and effective estimating and bidding
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Purchasing and inventory
  • Automated timesheets
  • Employee route mapping
  • Job costing, analytics, and financials
  • Easy reporting
  • Marketing tools
  • Customer services tools

We’ve collected an assorted list of landscaping business software solutions that are both industry-specific and fit for any company, so you can easily choose and get started with the most suitable one for your needs.

1. Hubstaff

hubstaff app for landscapers time tracking

Time tracking apps like Hubstaff offer great benefits to your lawn care company. The platform provides you with online timesheets, employee scheduling, payroll tools, GPS tracking, productivity management tool, online invoicing, and project budgeting. Hubstaff has a tailored solution for landscaping professionals. It includes automatic mobile time cards replacing manual ones and the ability to add geofence time tracking of employees (up to 20-meter accuracy). You can easily handle shift scheduling, monitor late or missed shifts, as well as set recurring hours and weekly limits. Hubstaff also has a mobile app that allows smooth time tracking on the go. Timesheets are streamlined via a single dashboard, and can be used for automated payroll to your team.

Pricing: Full-featured premium plan starts at $10/month per user

2. Yardbook

yardbook app for landscaping business

Yardbook is an online resource for landscaping businesses. It offers help with handling your sales, business operations, and finance and records. With Yardbook, you can manage your lead prospecting, estimates, accounts, and customer communication. You can also handle invoicing and payments and expenses straight from the same dashboard. Yardbook also provides landscape owners to showcase their companies via profiles on its website. Its business model is based on ads, so the solution is free for use. Larger companies can request additional paid premium features.

Pricing: Free with ads

3. Real Green Systems

real green systems landscaping software

Real Green Systems also has a solution targeted at landscaping companies. With its Service Assistant, you can stay on top of your scheduling tasks with ease. It offers different functional calendar views, employee schedules, customer profiles and service history, and call logs. The Mobile Live functionality allows you as a manager to always have a full overview of scheduling and routing, even on the go. Last but not least, Real Green provides its Payment Processing tool to help you handle invoicing and statements. Its full business suite also can offer you estimates, marketing tools, dispatching and routing, and tracking and maintenance.

Pricing: Available upon request

4. LMN

lmn landscaping app for business

LMN is among the best options of management software for landscaping businesses. With its help, you can streamline your operations and improve productivity. It offers a CRM tool which powers your customer service and sales management. LMN also helps you handle your budgeting and estimating. Your employees can easily track their working hours, plus you can easily see job progress via the mobile time tracking tool. Planning and scheduling, as well as GPS tracking and routing are just some of the great features. LMN integrates with QuickBooks, so you can also get invoicing and accounting tools with ease.

Pricing: Starts at $199/month for five admin users

5. PRO Landscape

pro landscape app business

PRO Landscape is the best selling design software for landscapers, and its unique features make it easy to see why. You can create 3D renderings, design using CAD, create lighting designs, issue estimates, and more from functional tablet apps. You can PRO Landscape for both residential and commercial landscaping projects as it gives you a quick and easy design resource for projects of any size. Like the other tools listed here, PRO Landscape can save your business time and maximize profitability by speeding up the time from initial customer contact to completed project.

Pricing: $1,495 for licensing on two computers, and accompanying tablet app

6. Jobber

jobber business app landscaping search schedule

Jobber is a solution fit for all types of home service businesses, including landscaping and lawn care companies. Its top strength is in helping companies make better estimates and quotes, handle scheduling, and issue invoices with ease. In terms of client relationships, Jobber offers you communication, CRM, and quoting functionalities. It also provides you with a rich set of tools to handle your team, including drag and drop calendar, GPS routing, job forms, scheduling and dispatching. Additionally, the Jobber suite provides you with features like chemical tracking, expense tracking, invoicing and payments, and reporting.

Pricing: Starts at $69/month

7. Housecall Pro

housecall pro app for landscapers

Housecall Pro is another great solution for a wide range of home service companies, which can be used by landscaping specialists, as well. On the customer side, Housecall Pro allows your clients to make online bookings, track job notifications, receive online invoices, and make credit card payments with no hassle. It also helps you handle scheduling and dispatching, invoicing and estimating, and even follow-up marketing. You can manage the overall workflow in your company from the same dashboard.

Pricing: Starts at $39/month per user

Grow your landscaping business today

Finding the right landscaping business app doesn’t need to be a complicated task. With this list, you can explore seven top solutions to boost your productivity and optimize your business for success.

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