The Best Windows Time Tracking Apps in 2017

Windows time tracking tools

Effective time tracking increases productivity and accountability. It also decreases distractions, time spent on invoicing, and various other drains on your valuable hours. By better managing your time, you can reduce wasted hours of work and seriously improve your efficiency.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a member of a remote team, or the manager of a large in-house group, time tracking can be a very valuable tool in your quest to get more done in less time.

These 11 Windows time tracking tools will show you exactly where your time is going. They also offer additional features like timesheets, invoicing, and payment services. They can easily become your go-to software for handling most of your work duties.

Windows time tracking: Hubstaff

Suitable for both solo freelancers and remote or office-based teams, Hubstaff ensures that employees never go underpaid and that managers always know what team members are working on. We’re probably biased, but we think it’s the best Windows time tracking option out there.

Besides tracking time, the Hubstaff app creates timesheets, monitors activity levels, and takes randomized screenshots of work activities. In-depth reports provide managers and employees alike a thorough overview of logged time.

Hubstaff integrates with a number of apps that are already a part of your workflow, from project management tools to communication platforms. It also offers automatic payroll with major online payment services like PayPal and Payoneer. And you can issue invoices straight from the app, making accounting easier.

Hubstaff is free for solo users. For teams, the basic subscription starts at $5/month after a 14-day free trial.

Try the Windows Time Tracker from Hubstaff

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Windows time tracking: Toggl

This is one of the simplest tools for logging hours you can get. While you can use it for personal productivity, the app is also great for managing a team’s time tracking.

You can add an unlimited amount of projects, assign them colors for better visibility, and add sub-projects for better organization. Toggl allows you to set billable hour rates, generate and share time reports, and log hours even if you’re offline.

Toggl integrates with more than 85 other tools, meaning you won’t need to change your workflow. It’ll fit in seamlessly with the apps you already use.

Basic Windows time tracking for teams with up to five members is free. Premium plans start at $9/month per user with a 30-day free trial.

Windows time tracking: Trackerr

Harvest is a popular time tracking app for Mac, and Trackerr is the Windows equivalent. Trackerr offers the most important Harvest functionalities and is suitable for both personal and team use.

Unlimited number of devices, idle detection, and hotkey support make the app especially easy to use. Time tracking can be done in two modes: duration tracking and timestamps. You can also log hours manually.

Trackerr offers a 7-day free trial. You can make a lifetime single-user purchase of the app from $15, buy it for five users for $59, or for ten users for $99.

This app is a powerful way to handle your productivity and keep your budget in control. The tool integrates with all major project management platforms, so it can neatly fit into your daily routine.

Users can easily invoice for both billable hours or fixed-price projects. The tool grants you visibility on employee attendance, productivity rates, and profitability of projects. You can monitor the progress of projects via the dashboard.

Timecamp is free for solo users. Team subscriptions start at $7/month per user with a 30-day free trial.

Windows time tracking: Paymo

Paymo is an all-around project management solution that offers Windows time tracking functionality. You can choose to use the complete set of features or just log hours via its web timer or mobile app.

Automatic time tracking is available in Paymo’s Windows app. It monitors all activities during your working hours, and you can assign different time slots to your tasks at the end of the day. The monitoring can also help you identify and reduce your social media use.

Paymo starts at $8.95/month per user with a 15-day free trial. If you want to add project accounting with invoicing and expense tracking, the additional fee is $9.95/month for your whole company. Gantt chart project planning, task scheduling, and progress tracking are included for another $19.95/month per business.

ClickTime’s cloud-based time tracking is a good option for Windows users. It allows you to log hours on any device with ease.

The tool makes expense reporting seamless with its built-in budgeting and receipt-uploading features. You can control the budget of projects, manage time allocation, and connect the tracker to many popular apps. ClickTime offers mobile timesheets, as well as more than 70 different types of reporting that you can export and share.

The basic ClickTime plan starts at $10/month per user with a 30-day free trial.

Windows time tracking: Active.collab

Active.collab is a piece of team collaboration and task management software with time tracking capability. It also offers a separate Project & Work Timer App, which is available for Windows too. The Timer app is an easy-to-use stopwatch that sends all data to the main tool.

You can log hours according to project and client to get visibility on productivity levels and project profitability, and Active.collab can generate time tracking reports for your personal or team work.

Active.collab monthly pricing starts at $25 for five users. You get a 30-day free trial with all plans.

Windows time tracking done right

Try Hubstaff for free

RescueTime exists to help you manage how you spend your time, helping you focus on the things you truly want to achieve.

The tool is designed to show you where and how you’re dedicating your time during the workday. You can set time usage goals as well as turn on an alarm that will sound if you spend long periods of time on social media. The app’s detailed reports show you the websites and software you use the most. And with a productivity score and weekly email summaries, it’s a great productivity booster.

RescueTime Lite is available for free. The Premium version, which offers more than 10 additional features, costs $9 per month after a free 14-day trial.

9. Tick

Windows time tracking: Tick

The Tick Chrome extension offers convenient logging of hours straight from your web browser. Because you only need Chrome to use it, it can be used on any operating system. (btw we have a guide for the best time tracking chrome extensions if you want to check out more alternatives).

Both the timer and manual entry help you keep track of where you’re spending your time. The extension is integrated with Basecamp 3, so it can enter your project management workflow 29with no hassle.

If you’d like to use Tick for one project only, the tool is free. The paid plans start at $19/month for up to 10 projects with a 30-day free trial.

Windows time tracking: Everhour

With its clean and minimalistic design, Everhour is a great web-based option for time tracking on Windows or any other operating system.

The tool offers a timer and manual entry logging, recent activity charts, and a full history of all entries. You can add notes to tracked time and record hours from your mobile devices as well. Everhour integrates with Asana, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, and GitHub, so you won’t need to undergo a long onboarding process to get started with the tool.

The basic plan starts at $25/month for up to five users. You can check out Everhour with a 14-day free trial.

Paydirt is a time tracking tool that automatically allocates logged hours to projects and clients. The web-based tool is available across platforms and devices.

You can track time using the one-click timer and adjust it for backlogging if you ever forget to switch it on. Task estimates allow you to judge the hours you can spend on a task depending on its budget. And the tool offers online invoicing and payments via PayPal and Stripe to reduce your accounting hassles.

Paydirt plans start at $8/month for a single user with up to three active clients.

Your favorite Windows time tracking software

Boosting your personal and team productivity starts with understanding how you use your working hours each and every day. Time tracking tools can help you gain control over your time and achieve more in your week.

If you’re a Windows user, these 11 time tracking software options can be the key to less wasted time and more achieved goals.

What’s your top recommendation for a Windows time tracking software? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Windows Time Tracker Summary

HubstaffAutomatic time tracker with screenshots, productivity reporting, and invoicing$5–$9/employee/month
TogglHighly integrated time tracking tool with a simple interface$9–$49/employee/month
Trackerr for HarvestWindows interface for popular Mac time tracking software$15/employee (plus Harvest)
TimecampProductivity tracker with insights on attendance, profitability, and multiple types of invoicing$7–$10/employee/month
PaymoProject management with time tracking with add-ons for invoicing, Gantt charting, and task scheduling$9/employee/month, up to $19.95 per company for add-ons
ClickTimeTime tracker with useful expense reporting features$10–$18/employee/month and up
Active.collabTeam collaboration and task management software with time tracking$25/month for five users (plans for larger teams available)
RescueTimeTime management tool with social media alarm and usage statisticsLite version free, $9/employee/month for Premium
TickChrome extension for time trackingFree for one project, $19/month for up to 10 projects (larger plans available)
EverhourMinimalistic time tracker$25/month for fiver users, $5 for each additional user
PaydirtAutomatic web-based time tracker with task-time estimation$8/month for single user, team plans available
  • Gina

    Great article Dave! Would be great to get your thoughts on the software I use It’s been great for me but would be good to know how it measures up!

  • Henrik Tiren

    Thank you! Good info!
    But this list misses 1 great and easy utility, which I’ve been using for year.
    The prog is called NkTimeTracker.
    It has “forced breaks” and “focus (do not distract)” modes – very useful for me.

    • Dann Albright

      Thanks for the recommendation! How does the focus mode work?