Social media is a growing trend for businesses; they can create a Facebook page to guide to current and new customers to their sales, store information and locations. Twitter offers a different type of relationship with customers. There are many ways to enhance relationships through Twitter and some companies are missing out. Let’s take a look at how companies can benefit from Twitter and what their Twitter strategy should be.

The Advantages of Twitter

Twitter is an ever-growing social media outlet, which gives opportunities for companies to connect with their customers. One advantage is the large amount of people posting and viewing tweets each day. Over 500 million tweets are posted each day, with over 230 million active users.

Many companies and businesses discussed in tweets. Users are tweeting about the good and the bad in regards to brands with or without the company’s knowledge. By following these posts, companies are given a chance to fix an issue or compliment a customer to change someone’s mind or further confirm their trust in the brand.

For example, Socialancer, a social media help site, offers a great setup of how a company can use Twitter to its advantage. The tweet mentions FedEx in a hashtag with a compliment, giving FedEx an opportunity to response with a positive angle such as “So glad our company could get that package to you on time” or “We operate independently, compete collectively and manage collaboratively. That’s our motto.”

Taking the opportunity to positively represent their company creates a connection with the customer in the sense that they are responding to social media and shows they WANT to connect with customers.

So Your Company Has a Twitter Account, What Now?

The first part in setting up a Twitter account is to create a bio and Socialancer suggests starting off with a great first impression. Create an appealing bio by using a photo of a real person to humanize create a face for your company. Use a real name and real location when setting up the profile. It’s important to include a website with a link to the brand, so followers can easily click to learn more.

Upkeep is important when managing a social media account. Make sure to respond to @mentions and retweets to stay involved in the discussions. Taking time to engage in a conversation and doing extras like stating their name and saying thank you go a long way.

You’re Missing Out

Some companies are spending their time and money on brand promotion and marketing but not spending time on Twitter to connect with customers individually. Mashable discusses what top brands are making the most of Twitter. While tracking the top 100 global brands, Simply Measured found that those top companies were posting at least 12 tweets a day. If a company is not actively engaged on a Twitter account they could be missing out on over 40,000 interactions each month.
The more a company posts on Twitter, the more readers are exposed to its brand name. Companies missing out on this free exposure may be getting left in the dust.

Don’t Wait Another Day, Start Tweeting!

Maybe you have a company and you don’t understand how to incorporate the products into a social media account or what to tweet about. Let’s take a look at the company CJ Pony Parts as an example. It would make sense for the company’s creator to use his information on the Twitter account for this brand. Use the address and information listed on the site on the social media account. Throw the Twitter logo at the top and bottom of the page to catch attention.

So, how can a Mustang parts provider get attention and gain new followers on Twitter? Tweet interesting facts. For example, “Wikipedia tells me this year would be the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang.” Anniversary dates are easy to remember and car enthusiasts may take interest, especially to a big anniversary like 50 years.

Try asking trivia questions in posts. Get followers thinking and interested to know the topic in question. Offer incentives to following your brand. “The 100th follower, or 100th person to retweet gets 20 percent off their first purchase.” Offer information about the products. “Our featured seat covers are $70 off this month! Get the luxury of TMI Upholstery Sport R Series covers without the dent in your wallet.” Maybe focus some tweets on the Mustang enthusiast with a post like this: “They’re already looking, give them something to be jealous of. $20 off rims and lighting.”

It’s important for companies to utilize social media and take advantage of the free brand exposure to incorporate a Twitter account into their marketing strategy.  Customers want a brand they can be proud of and that wants to connect with them.

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