The Formula for Finding Amazing Blog Writers

Great blog writers are hard to find, we can all agree on that. The search takes a lot of time, effort, testing, and trials. While this process can never be easy, I’ll show you a few unique tips and methods to make the process less grueling.

The fastest way to find blog writers is by finding excellent blogs

You probably stumble upon great really blogs from time to time. I am talking about the kind of blogs that you see and go “I wish that was my blog!”

Here’s an idea – every time you find such a great blog, just go ahead and contact the owner, ask them about their writers. There is no guarantee that the writer will be available for hire, or that the owner will even want to give away the name.

And even if you can hire this amazing blog writer, the chances are that he or she will be prohibitively expensive. Great blog writers charge well for their services.

This is definitely not the cheapest way to find blog writers, but it is fast and easy. I presume that you already know a few blogs that you admire. Why not get in touch with them?

The cheapest writers are on freelance websites

Freelancer, Upwork (formerly oDesk) are the most popular freelance websites today. Freelancers from all over the world register on these websites daily. Unfortunately, most writers come from the developing world where mastery of the English language is quite lacking.

And even if you mass-deleted the masses of third-world applicants making you offers with broken English, that still doesn’t make things much easier. You’ve still got a large amount of the other types of writers to deal with. You still need to filter through legions of unprofessional wannabe writers. It might seem tough, but there are ways to make the process easier:

  • It’s a good idea to post a different ad on each freelancer website
  • If you only want high quality writers, specify this and say that you don’t want anyone to apply unless they meet some very tough criteria
  • Request samples through a portfolio, along with reviews from other clients
  • It’s better to treat them like a business partner rather than some grumpy boss who will take advantage of them
  • Give them detailed instructions and tell them how to respond to your ad; that will show you who is serious about the job. It’s an easy way to filter out the freelancer who just applies to every job with a copy-paste response

This method should help you find good contractors. Just keep in mind that it might take a long time before you find someone good enough to work with on a long term basis.

Consider these secret treasure troves of blog writers

Find your ideal writer though an online forum

Would you like to hire someone that loves writing about and dissecting every little nuance of your niche? Let’s say that you wanted to blog about the best food recipes. You can just go ahead and log onto the biggest recipe forums, make some connections, see who the most respected enthusiasts are and start private messaging them.

Obviously a good forum member will not always make a good blogger. But it doesn’t hurt to test them out and see if they’re capable of the job. If you’re in a niche that relies on enthusiasm – forums are a great way to find true enthusiasts.

Use social media to your advantage

I bet you have a lot of friends on social media who are a part of your niche. Consider shooting a message to everyone, telling them that you need a good blog writer.

If someone answers you back with a specific recommendation, you know that it’s on. After all, your friends and acquaintances would only give a recommendation if they’re absolutely sure that its really good. Being your friends – they want to keep up their reputation with you, so they are unlikely to recommend duds.

Niche experts can help you out

In reality, an ideal writer would be someone that knows your niche very well, inside and outside. And if that weren’t enough, aside from deep and broad niche knowledge, this writer will need to possess great writing skills and experience in general.

The bad news is that such a person would probably charge a ton of money since they already have the expertise and can afford to demand high prices for their services.

Guest bloggers can do it for free

A good way to cooperate with and get content from other bloggers is by writing articles for them. After you have written high quality posts for them, you can ask them to do the same for you.

You basically give each other value for free; it’s a win-win deal. It’s always great to have another opinion on your blog. It may attract new readers that wouldn’t have otherwise noticed your blog.

Your guest blogger might even have expertise in an area that’s unknown to you. If you could say the same for yourself, it would be a mutually beneficial relationship.

A major disadvantage is that you’ll need to contribute at least as much or more than they do. So if you write a post on their blog, you will need to maintain it by checking if there’s any comments or questions that you need to answer.

The Big Secret Is Out: You Don’t Have To Waste Time Finding Blog Writers

Finding a good writer is possible, but it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and its a huge hassle. Don’t you think you have better things to do with your time? Aren’t there more productive things you could then go around filtering out hordes of unqualified wannabe writer candidates?

And then, even if you do manage to find a great writer, that doesn’t take care of two other areas you need for a successful blog – article formatting and SEO optimization.

To actually get that post up on the blog and ensure that it is visually attractive, readable and shareable – you need to master article formatting. Ever seen those long-form pieces everyone shares? Are they ever just one big block of text?

If you go and study the best shared articles you’ll notice they’ll finely crafted from a visual perspective, with a good dose of bullet points, lists, numbering, subheadings, images and a chart or two, and have very interesting and attention grabbing titles. In today’s distraction-filled world, an article must be easily digestible (that means you can scan it looking at just the bullets, headings and tables).

Sure you could also go ahead and hire an SEO expert (go through that torturous freelance filtering process again). And then go and hire a formatting expert (go through the hiring process a third time!)… But seriously, don’t you have better things to do with your time?

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