It’s a business owner’s worst nightmare: a sudden period of slow or declining sales that comes out of nowhere. Your first reaction is to find the source of the problem. This involves an audit of how your sales team operates and where you may be falling short, where you might consider the following questions:

  1. Are you attracting enough new prospects? Is your sales team getting out in the field, making new connections? How much time is dedicated to reaching new potential customers?
  2. How well does your team close a sale? Getting a qualified lead to convert is no easy task. You can look at how your team takes a sale to the finish line, and then optimize the process. To give your closing statements a boost, check out our ten best closing phrases for inspiration.
  3. What’s your sales process? If you don’t have a clear, streamlined approach in place, you may be missing out on sales. Implementing an automated sales process for your sales team can help get your sales back on track.

The upside? No matter what the source of the dip in sales, implementing GPS time tracking for sales reps can help with all of it.

Sales teams traditionally have a lot of freedom when they are out in the field. It is difficult to verify which clients get the most attention, how much is spent on acquisition vs. retention, and so on.

As you can imagine, this isn’t always good for business. Many companies have found this to be a grey area for management, with no clear way of establishing what sales people are doing in the field, or what’s working and what isn’t. GPS time tracking is changing all of this.

The technology has long been available to fleet managers, but companies with sales teams are now using GPS time tracking to boost sales and gain a better understanding of the business. That’s because a sales rep tracking app provides vital data to improve service delivery and rid businesses of inefficiencies.

There are two ways you can implement time tracking for your sales team:

  • The first way is to use a mobile GPS time tracker application which every sales team member will download and install on a company-issued smartphone.
  • The second option is to install a GPS tracker on all vehicles used by the sales force in much the same way as fleet managers do.

You can also use both methods simultaneously depending on your needs.

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How GPS tracking for sales reps can boost sales

To streamline your sales team and consistently improve performance, you must conduct a SWOT analysis of the team. Here, a sales rep tracking app can also be useful.

Recognize best practices – Data from a GPS time tracking system can be used to zero in on your champions. Find out what the top sales people are doing right, recognize them, and replicate these best practices to the rest of the team. In this way, GPS tracking can amplify the impact of top performing sales reps in a streamlined process.

Reduce staff turnover – Sales teams see an average 20% turnover every year. It’s the nature of the business. But, you can reduce sales staff turnover by using GPS time tracking. The data can give you a pretty good idea as to who is cut out for sales and who isn’t. Time tracking can help guide employee reviews with tangible data, so sales reps with lower sales can better identify ways to improve. The data can also be used to create incentive programs, which have a positive impact on staff retention and company culture.

Client visit reports – Detailed time on-site reports available in GPS time tracking applications show you how much time was spent with each customer. This data is useful in analyzing sales team efficiency. Too much time spent with prospects who don’t turn into customers can help your business decide if that business or industry is the right customer for you. Location-based time tracking formalizes which efforts are worth pursuing and which ones drain the most resources.

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Even more benefits of GPS time tracking

Being able to locate your sales team, see their progress, and determine which sites are getting the most attention is priceless. This allows you to both track and analyze important data that can lead to effective solutions for problems encountered in the field.

The following are the benefits that accrue from using GPS time trackers to manage your sales team.

Save money with time and location monitoring

Here’s how to reduce operating costs and expenses with location-based team monitoring.

Better productivity – Spending precious time on manual job costing and timesheets is now a thing of the past. Automatic time tracking and location data is captured continuously as the timer is running, which means sales teams don’t have to waste time recording their time, which might be less accurate, later. It also saves business owners time by offering automated reports instead of having to review timesheets individually.

With mobile time tracking, businesses can simply set customer destinations, send location data to the team, and display the fastest routes to optimize time in the field. By maximizing routes, you can avoid overtime claims, reduce gas claims, and increase productivity all at the same time.

Better insurance rates – GPS time tracking leads to lower insurance premiums as many insurance providers offer a discount of up to 35% for implementing tracking. This could mean saving thousands of dollars annually in insurance costs simply by using GPS tracking for sales reps.

Better work ethic – As mentioned before, salespeople have a lot of freedom in the field. With a GPS mobile time and attendance tracker, each stop is documented. Location-based tracking can also identify unauthorized vehicle use, such as use outside hours, as well as excessive speeding, which can be detected through instant alerts. If it seems more like a stick than a carrot to implement location monitoring, keep in mind that some studies report people can perform 5-20% better when they know there’s an audience.

Better ROI – Perhaps above all else, the ability to record and view reports at the end of a week, month or longer will save your business money. With GPS tracking, every visit has a length of time and financial outcome attached to it. Over time, you can start seeing where it helps to invest more time and where sales reps can spend less time in the field. Some clients and products may be more high-touch and require more in-person attention. Others could benefit from fewer visits. Tracking location for your sales team can help uncover this.

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Optimize operations with GPS time tracking

Time wasted on meeting with sales teams to verify expense reimbursements will be a thing of the past. With a GPS time tracking system, you can automate and optimize operations, and free up more time to actually go out and sell.

Fuel and mileage reimbursements – Many small and medium-sized businesses have salespeople use their personal vehicles for customer visits. A GPS time tracking system or application allows you to create and manage mileage reports as well as automate and streamline fuel reimbursements. You no longer have to worry about overpaying salespeople. Staff also can’t over-report mileage or expense personal trips to the company.

Monitoring sales territories – Some GPS time tracking applications such as Hubstaff come with a feature known as a geofencing for location monitoring. This is a virtual limit that sets up territories for sales staff. If a team member ventures outside the allotted area, that person and the sales manager get an immediate notification. This helps avoid territorial disputes and encourages focusing on allocated areas.

Instant support for your sales reps

Equipping your sales team with mobile time tracking helps them avoid delays occasioned by heavy traffic, road works, or accidents so that they get to the client on time.

Real-time tracking – Some GPS time tracking apps let you manage your sales team in real-time. Geofencing, in particular, makes sales managers’ lives easier by automating time cards. Time tracking can automatically start and stop as a salesperson arrives or leaves one of your company’s set locations, so time spent with prospects and clients is more accurate. You can view time and location as it’s tracked, giving you a clear picture of where your team is throughout the day. You can also redirect sales teams to a better route if they get held up along the way.

Urgent requests – If something urgent comes up, you’ll be able to see which salesperson is closest to the site and can send them over. This makes location monitoring helpful for customer support teams, as well. In the past, you would have had to call each team member separately to determine their location. But, with a GPS time tracker, you can identify, locate and contact your nearest team member and re-route them to deal with urgent matters. This saves time and reduces unnecessary trips.

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Communicating a new process to your sales team

Going from no time tracking to time tracking can feel like a restriction to how sales reps work. However, explaining how mobile time tracking is going to help the business, and sales, overall is a good way to introduce a new procedure.

We’ve discussed a few clear benefits for your team, but here are a couple of bonus features they might appreciate.

  1. Safety. With a GPS tracker, you can quickly locate and send help to employees in case they need support or assistance. Team members also don’t have to worry about a manager accusing them of slacking or sleeping on the job. It’s all tracked, which can provide proof of work if ever questioned.
  2. Alerts. Team members are able to receive alerts so that they avoid traffic and problematic routes. This enables them to see more clients and boost their sales.
  3. Incentives. Productive team members can be rewarded with a sales incentive system that is directly tied to the data from the time tracking application. This can help up front with the adoption of a new system as reminders may be necessary.

If your team is still resistant even after explaining all the above, you can do a trial run for a month or so. Some GPS time tracking solutions offer a 14-day free trial. Once they get a chance to try it out, they’ll see the benefits in action. A win-win situation is the best outcome for the business.

Do it all with Hubstaff GPS time tracking

Hubstaff is a comprehensive time and GPS tracking software that runs on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux. With robust location-based tracking that’s up to the second, you’ll be able to see how much time is spent at a site vs. on the road.

With Hubstaff’s geofencing feature, you can even create job sites where your sales team will get reminders to start tracking as they arrive. This way, you can see exactly how much time is spent in transit, or with each client. Read more about benefits of geofencing.

With more accurate location and time tracking, you can automate payroll based on a fixed or hourly rate. View reports and make adjustments that will end up saving your business time and money, and boost sales for your team. Plus, Hubstaff integrates with over 30 business tools you’re likely already using.

Hubstaff GPS time tracker helps sales teams hit goals, optimize routes and deliver a better customer experience by getting rid of wasted time and resources.

To see other GPS time tracking apps, check out our comparison of the top eight location tracking tools.

This post was originally published December 5, 2014, and updated February 25, 2019.

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