Breeze is a project management tool that shows users what’s being worked on by who, and how far along projects are. It allows users to keep all their project details in one easily accessible location, share and communicate with team members, and organize schedules in a calendar.

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With Hubstaff’s Breeze time tracking integration, users can access time tracking tools that make it easy to track time to any Breeze task. Your team will be able to record time to individual projects and tasks, and managers will have access to employee productivity reports and randomized screenshots.

Hubstaff’s time tracking desktop app was natively designed in Mac, Windows, and Linux. This was done to eliminate compatibility issues, whatever operating system your team prefers to use.

Visit Breeze Time Tracking Integration Setup to find out how to integrate.

Integrate Breeze and Hubstaff to expand your project management capabilities and improve team efficiency.

  • Track time to individual projects and tasks.
  • View all recorded time in detail-rich reports.
  • Work efficiently with remote employees and/or consultants.
  • Access innovative employee monitoring tools.
  • Automate payments to make payroll accurate and on-time.

Integrate Hubstaff with Breeze

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Easy Breeze Time Tracking

Breeze Time Tracking App

The Hubstaff desktop app allows users to track time to their Breeze projects and tasks with the click of a button. It’s easy to install and lightweight, meaning it won’t slow down your computers. The app shows a wealth of information in one place, helping your team members work more efficiently.

  • Record time with the click of a button. Just start the timer when you begin working, and stop it when you take a break or finish for the day.
  • See how much time you’ve already spent on projects that day.
  • View due dates in order to prioritize projects.
  • See project notes to get a better understanding of what needs to be done.
  • Work offline and the Hubstaff app will automatically upload recorded time once you reconnect to the Internet.

Easy Integration With Hubstaff

You can integrate Hubstaff and Breeze in a few easy steps. Just log in to your Hubstaff account, go to integrations, select the Breeze logo and you’ll be guided through the installation.

  • Install in just a few clicks.
  • Stay connected with your authorization token.
  • Link users and projects automatically.
  • Link and unlink users as you see fit.

Productivity Tools

Hubstaff automatically records your team’s activity levels based on keystrokes and mouse movement in order to determine how active they are when recording time to a Breeze task. You can also monitor what your employees and/or contractors are doing with randomized screenshots.

  • Use Hubstaff’s activity reports to find your most productive employees.
  • Activity reports will alert managers to a decrease in productivity.
  • Activity levels and screenshots and can be used when giving employee feedback.
  • Randomized screenshots can show you exactly what your team is working on while tracking time with Hubstaff.
  • Adjust screenshot frequency to 1, 2 or 3 screenshots every 10 minutes. You can also turn this feature off.
  • Screenshots can show clients exactly what services they are paying for.

Seamless Communication

Eliminate the need for excessive email check-ins with screenshots and work notes. In addition to using screenshots to see what your team is working on, your team members can also attach work notes to their time.

  • Team members have the option of adding work notes to any time entry.
  • Work notes will appear on their desktop apps and time reports, so they can communicate without long email threads.
  • Work notes can be used to explain manual time added or for reminders.
  • You can add work notes to time reports to get an even clearer picture of what’s happening in your projects.

Powerful Time Reports

Once your team uses Hubstaff to track time to Breeze tasks, you will have access to automatically generated reports that can be used internally or externally to help your business grow in numerous ways.

  • Reports are downloadable and can be emailed.
  • Use reports to easily invoice clients.
  • Filter reports by date, user or project.
  • Download reports for your business records.
  • View recorded time and activity levels all in one place to see who was the most productive that week, month or year.

Automate Payments and Pay Day

Make payday even easier by automating it right from within your Hubstaff account. When your team records time with Hubstaff, you can easily pay team members for the exact amount of time spent on services.

  • Pay your team automatically or manually.
  • Pay team members based on the exact amount of time worked.
  • Easily integrate PayPal with Hubstaff.
  • Pay your team based on any date range you want.
  • View paid and unpaid time.
  • View past payments.
  • Set different pay rates for different team members.
  • Focus less on administrative tasks like calculating payroll and more on growing your business.
  • Set up automatic payments according to your schedule; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or twice a month.
  • Pay your team in different currencies.

Learn how to set up Automatic Payments and Payroll.

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