Building a Better Virtual Team

As I lead my companies forward one of the most important things that I do on a daily basis is to add new members to my virtual team. This serves so many important roles and possibly is the most important thing that I do as a leader / manager.

The basic idea is that you want to always be moving towards a more productive, agile, broad and smarter team of resources that you have at your disposal that can tackle your tasks when needed.

I have designers, developers, writers, video producers, PPC specialists, on-site SEO people, link builders, managers, and accountants on contract constantly. They are my team of trusted contractors, I pay them only when they are doing work for me, and I treat them right. I give bonuses, give them great recommendations and other things in order to get preferential treatment when it comes time for another project to open up.

I am always looking for good people, until I find that one person that does work that I just love for the rate that I can justify. Don’t be satisfied with what you have.

Here are some specifics:

  • Hire for evaluation periods – I constantly am looking for smaller type tasks that are not totally intertwined with my code base that I can use as a test task. I’ll post this task on a job site and interview the people. I’ll usually give the same task to 2-3 people. I will generally know within 2-3 hours whether or not this person is someone that can help my organization move forward or not. You’ll be amazed at how telling this process can be. You are paying between $12-$50 per hour usually. So for $36 – $150 you can find someone that can be with your organization in a very specialized manner for years to come. This is very powerful.
  • Let the most talented rise to the top, and the least talented fall off – Most people fold under pressure. They see competition and shy away. Let them know that you have others working on similar tasks and just see what they do / how they perform. Many will not even show up to collect the check. Guaranteed. Others will fly.

When you find someone you like, add them to your team… give them some work. Intro them to the company and get them started. The world has changed… You no longer need to commit to someone for full time work / 40 hours a week. Many great people enjoy working from home, and working on their own time.

Challenge – find 2 people this week that might be able to help your company get something done that it’s been struggling with for a while. Give them a little test task and see how they perform. You may have just solved one of your major business problems in this process.

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