Do you have trouble keeping track of what everyone in your company is doing? Or wish you had a better handle on the due dates and progress of all of their projects?

The solution is an effective task management system. And a number of them are especially well-suited for businesses.

These 10 software will help you coordinate all of your essential business tasks. And with both free and paid plans, there’s something for every company size and budget.

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Wunderlist for Business

Wunderlist for business task management

Price: $4.99/month per user.

The price of Wunderlist Business task manager will appeal to cash-strapped small businesses. And anyone who’s overwhelmed by more complicated, feature-rich interfaces may find Wunderlist’s simpler approach more appealing.

Wunderlist’s main unit of organization are lists. Use them for departments, teams, projects, or any other group that makes sense. You can then add team members to particular lists and easily assign them tasks.

Assign tasks to people, comment on them, and add files and images. Although Wunderlist is a rather simple task manager, it does have a lot of great communication features. And notifications make sure everyone involved knows what’s going on.

Wunderlist is a relatively bare-bones app when it comes to business task management, but it’s really good at what it does. for Business for business task management

Price: $2.99/month per user.’s  impressively low monthly rate sets it apart from many of the other players in the business task management space. The per-user charge of $2.99 drops to $2.25 if you pay the $26.99 annual membership.

The clean user interface lets you manage lists, tasks, and assignments without visual clutter. You can also assign admin status to users, which is useful if you want to assign supervisory monitoring of a particular task.’s daily planner works with multiple different time management tools, including pomodoro and Getting Things Done (GTD). One cool feature of this business task manager software is their  app. It features an AI assistant to help you get on top of things on your task list and making sure you prioritize well.

Todoist Business

Price: $28.99/year per user.

Todoist’s free plan comes with some great features. Sub-tasks, sub-projects, and easy collaboration tools are useful for teams. Natural language dates (like “Monday at 2pm”) make it easy to use, and productivity tracking gives you a good metric for measuring how much you’re getting done.

The paid Business plan lets you create up to 200 projects with up to 50 people per project, enables location-based notifications, and allows for productivity and login tracking. You’ll also get task commenting, labels and filters, and recurring due dates using natural language (like “every Monday at 3pm”).

With added collaborative tools, Todoist Business makes for a great team task management tool. It’s simple, but makes it easy for both employees and managers to see what’s going on.


Hitask for business task management

Price: $4.98/month per user.

Despite not having a free plan, Hitask is a nice alternative to more popular business task management software. And its 500,000+ users speaks highly of the app.

Hitask is based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology; color coding, tags, sub-tasks, and file storage all help you work your GTD system. There’s even a built-in time tracker.

The big draw to Hitask is the unified dashboard; you can see everything you need to from the main view. Your calendar, various views of your projects, and your team can all be accessed from the same place. It’s a really efficient way to handle your tasks.

DropTask for Business

Price: $8.25/month per user.

DropTask’s highly visual system will appeal to users who like to be able to get a quick overview of what’s going on. And its easy drag-and-drop interface is intuitive even for users who haven’t used tons of different task managers.

Scheduling, Kanban-style organization, restricted views, and task dependencies make DropTask a highly capable task management system. Daily summaries, progress tracking, statuses, and integration with a number of other useful apps mean you’ll always have a good grasp of what’s going on.

DropTask for business task management

Although there is a free plan available, it’s limited to five members and a single project, whereas the Business plan allows unlimited numbers of both. The free plan also doesn’t include a number of the more useful features.

And while the price is comparable to similar task management apps, the per-user fee drops dramatically with larger teams. Twenty users, paid upfront for three years, only costs $2.92/month per user.


Producteev for business task management

Price: Free.

On Producteev’s free plan, you get almost everything. All of the task management features are included at no cost. But for $99 a month, you can get personalized support and a response within 24 hours. You also get to customize the colors of the app and upload your own logo.

But the fact that you get unlimited users, tasks, and sub-tasks; label and priority capabilities; due dates and reminders; and activity tracking without paying a cent is very impressive. And because it bridges the gap between task management and project management, that’s a lot of power.

One of the nice tracking features is the Audit Trail, which lets you see all of the action taken on a specific task. Who was assigned? When did they get the assignment? Who commented when? All of these things are easily visible in the Audit Trail.

And with easy management of networks and projects, you can use Producteev for a variety of teams, departments, or clients. All for free.

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Price: sliding scale (starts at $17/month for up to three users).

The apps up to this point are best classified as task management tools. Flow, however, is a full-blown project management solution that gives you significant power over users, tasks, and management.

Flow’s project management dashboard gives you a great overall view of your projects and tasks. And with the ability to assign tasks, Kanban-style management, to-do lists, and calendaring, Flow can serve as a full-scale project management app if you need something more powerful than a simple task manager.

What’s particularly nice about Flow is that sensitive projects can be kept in a completely private area, and people will only see it if you specifically invite them to it. Tagging, sub-tasks, focus mode, and cloud storage integrations round out the impressive list of features.

Trello Business Class

Trello for business task management

Price: Free plans available, paid plans from $9.99/month per user.

We’re big fans of Trello. In fact, it’s what we use to manage our own editorial calendar and team.

Trello’s free plan gets you you unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments. Files of up to 10MB can be attached to a card (this can be circumvented with cloud storage links instead), and—possibly the best feature of all—one power-up.

Power-ups let you add functionality to your cards, like the ability to link Evernote notes or Google Drive files. Slack, GitHub, and MailChimp also offer power-ups. Custom Fields is a useful one that lets you add new fields and visual badges to your cards.

The paid Business Class plan, however, steps it up another level. You can add as many power-ups as you want, attach files up to 250MB, and add your own customized backgrounds. The team admin can control permissions, manage users, and keep sensitive information protected.

The Enterprise plan ($20.83 or less per user per month), aimed at very large teams, offers security features like encryption and two-factor authentication. You also get your very own Trello account manager as well as phone and priority email support.

If you’re a huge company with lots of IT assets,  you may not feel you can do without these features. Otherwise, it might see like overkill.

If you’re looking for something easy, pleasant, and affordable, give Trello a try first.


Price: Free up to five users, $9.80/month per user up to 15.

Wrike has some high-profile clients that give it a big credibility boost. Hootsuite, L’Oreal, Western Union, and Fitbit, among others, use Wrike.

The free plan allows up to five users, but doesn’t include some useful features like sub-tasks, dynamic timelines, and shareable dashboards. The Professional plan allows up to 15 users and provides these functionalities.

Beyond that, the Business plan lets you include up to 200 users for $24.80/month per user and includes some powerful analytics and reporting features. There’s also a plan specifically for marketers that includes proofing and approval of documents.

The Professional plan’s 5 GB of storage and 15 GB of video uploads are great for teams that need to share a lot of files. Integrations with Microsoft Project and Access, as well as RSS, give it a boost in power. The Business plan includes Salesforce integration, time tracking, more space, and high-powered analytics.

One standout feature of this powerful task management software is two-way sync with Github, so you can coordinate and collaborate with developers. This is currently free, although the website says it is free “for a limited time only.”

Asana Premium

Price: $9.99/month per user.

Upgrading from Asana’s free plan to its premium incarnation unlocks a lot of power. Tasks, sub-tasks, projects, conversations, dashboards, custom fields, progress tracking, attachments, team pages, task dependencies, and guest access make Asana one of the best project management tools available.

Asana’s many useful integrations also help it stand out from the competition. Its Chrome extension lets you add tasks from any webpage. You can automatically get updates in Slack. Link GitHub commits. Sync Asana and Trello. Even track time with multiple time-tracking app integrations.

It’s overkill if all you need is a shared to-do list, but with very reasonable pricing and a ton of organizational power, it’s hard to pass up Asana when you need to get things done.


Summary: the best task management software for business

Here are the ten apps and the features that set them apart from the rest:

AppWhy it’s awesomePriceWebsite
WunderlistSimple, team-based task management$4.99/month per
Any.doSupported by great apps and forthcoming AI assistant$2.99/month per
TodoistUncomplicated team-based task management with location-based notifications$28.99/year per
HitaskBuilt on Getting Things Done methodology, great unified dashboard$4.98/month per
DropTaskHighly visual task management for teams$8.25/month per
ProducteevTask management with great tracking and task
FlowAdaptable and multi-faceted project managementSliding scale (starts at $17/month for up to three
TrelloPopular Kanban-style management with lots of useful integrations$9.99/month per
WrikeFull-featured project management with GitHub integration$9.80/month per
AsanaHigh-powered project management with tons of project features and integrations$9.99/month per

What’s the best business task management app?

As you can see, there are plenty of great business task management apps out there, from the very simple to the extremely powerful.

Which one is right for your business? Only you can tell. Fortunately, many of them offer free trials so you can see if it’s a good fit for your team.

How do you manage tasks at your business? Do you use a task management software or a more full-featured project management suite? Share your favorites in the comments below!