John Parker is the CEO of Quipro, a software development agency based in Mexico that has achieved tremendous growth since officially launching in 2013. John was nice enough to share with us just how he uses Hubstaff and Asana to minimize his management tasks so he can focus on growing even faster.

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About the Company

Quipro logo | This software development agency saves money with our Asana time tracking integration

Quipro develops custom eCommerce software solutions designed to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their client’s businesses. One of the major reasons for their success is that they operate under the Lean Startup Methodology which focuses them on the things that drive their business forward, removing the waste that doesn’t actually help them grow. While they do have a small office with 6 people, the majority of their team is remote because with the technology available today, having a large office is simply an unnecessary expense.

While Quipro officially launched in 2013, John has been freelancing for 10 years and built up a large network of clients which helped make launching an agency easier. By understanding the importance of going above and beyond for your clients and truly wanting to help them solve a problem, he was able to quickly grow the agency to a team of over 14 people primarily on word of mouth.

Ending the guessing game

Before Hubstaff, John’s business was growing steadily but it seemed like a never ending guessing game to him. It was hard to determine how much time was actually spent by each employee, or what project it was spent on. When you are working alone as a freelancer, tracking your profitability is a much easier process because you don’t have multiple people working on multiple projects at once. John found that it was easy to lose track of all the moving pieces, and worried that certain projects and clients may not actually be profitable after all, but without deeper insights he had no way of knowing.

He tried solving this problem by using Odesk’s (now Upwork) time tracking software, but in order to do that he had to pay as a fee 10% of the project’s cost. And even with that price tag, the tracking still wasn’t easily precise down to the project level. He knew there had to be a better way.

The perfect combination

John and his team evaluated as many different time trackers as they could find and after an exhaustive search decided that Hubstaff was the best fit for them.. The Quipro team was already using Asana to keep track of their ongoing tasks and projects, but when they integrated it with Hubstaff to get additional time tracking features, they had a complete picture of the work that was required to get those tasks done.  It was the perfect combination.

asana time tracking integration with Hubstaff

By integrating Hubstaff and Asana, you can:

  • Track time to your Asana tasks with the push of a button.
  • Track time to either individual tasks or directly to projects.
  • Keep all Asana tasks automatically synced with Hubstaff.
  • Access screenshots to see employee activity.
  • Find out which of your team members is the most productive with activity reports.
  • Know exactly how much time was spent on any task by each of your team members
  • Export, download and email automatically generated time reports.

John loved that he didn’t have to spend his time anywhere else because he could just add tasks to Asana, and then in the reports Hubstaff emailed him, he would see how much time was spent on each task without needing to constantly ask for status updates.  By removing this burden from him, John was able to focus on what really matters to their business, like talking to their customers and finding new clients.

Not only did it remove a lot of John’s management responsibilities, but now they were finally able to target the most profitable projects and get rid of the ones that lost them money because they can actually identify them now.

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In John’s own words

“Hubstaff allows us to focus on what really matters.  We now know more about our business and spend less time managing it, helping us be a better company.  I recommend Hubstaff to any business that needs more insight into how their time is spent.”

Do you know if all of you make money on each of your projects?  If you don’t, you owe it to your business to try Hubstaff today with our free 14-day trial and see how we can help move your agency forward.