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Cold Emailing Is NOT Dead

  • Many people say cold emailing to get clients is dead, but they’re dead wrong
  • If done right, cold emailing is an effective way to generate leads and drive conversations and grow your business
  • Here’s what you need for perfect cold emails

To get the perfect copy for your cold emails…

  • Learn how to write effective pitch emails: refine subject lines, personalize content, add social proof to all your cold emails
  • Use basic psychological principles for effective conversations and more clients
  • Conduct tests with cold email formulas and templates, then look for ways to improve them

To find the best prospects that you can cold email…

  • Learn how to find decision makers: start with a customer persona, use data mining, or hire a virtual assistant
  • Use social media, business/personal sites to find contact information
  • Use free & paid social listening tools like Radian6, Meltwater, your inbox and newsfeed

To keep decision makers’ attention in your cold email…

  • Learn how to write benefit-driven emails:  use “you-focused” NOT “we-focused” messages
  • Highlight the benefits of your product’s features to make them irresistible
  • Create customer-centric content; yes, even inside your cold emails to potential clients

To minimize the effort needed to respond to your cold email…

  • Learn how to write impactful emails:  keep emails short and to the point
  • Consider using other media formats to get your message across
  • ie. videos, audio, gifs and graphics

The secret key to cold emailing success is…

  • The Follow Up: make sure you follow up, then follow up again – at least 8X
  • You’re not being obnoxious. Be persistent and send 48 emails like Steli Efti @ if you have to
  • Send “The Breakup Email” to close the loop

To find the best cold email tactics for you…

  • Learn how to A/B test cold emails: monitor everything and make sure your insights are scientifically sound
  • Use an A/B testing software, comes with cold email marketing software
  • Use significance calculators to quickly and easily make sure your insights are

To save time, use cold email automation tools…

  • Automation helps you increase the number of emails you send and respond, minus the extra effort
  • Try to avoid using formatted, mass email marketing automation tools
  • Cold email automation tools include: Woodpecker, Quickmail, and

Go ahead generate leads with cold emailing…

  • You should learn the best practices of cold emailing and scale with automation
  • Test different approaches to find what works for your business, prospects, industry
  • Share your experience and hire virtual assistants.

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