Consolidating Your Organizations in Hubstaff

As Hubstaff is preparing to move out of Beta and release version 1 of our time tracking platform, I wanted to quickly get in touch with you in order to make this process as easy as possible.

We’ve put alot of thought and work into the structure of our software so that one person can own many organizations (companies) that can operate independently, but under the same login without the members of these orgs being able to see what the others are doing, etc…

Since orgs are free to create within Hubstaff, we’ve found that some clients have created many different orgs (even though these orgs should have been created as projects). In the past this has not been a problem because everything was free, and you could create as many as you liked. As we transition into v1 it’s going to be best to merge your projects into one singular org if you really have only one company. If you really do have multiple orgs in the real world, then by all means you can keep them separate.

We’ve made the process of consolidating everything very quick and easy, and we’ve put together this quick guide to help you transition.

Basically what needs to happen is that you need to use the “move project” tool to consolidate your orgs. Here’s some documentation on how to the process works.

How to Consolidate Orgs by Transferring Projects

Text Version:

Step 1: Decide which Org that you want to consolidate under (typically this will be your largest organization)

Step 2: Go to the Organization that you want to transfer projects FROM

Step 3: Select the project that you wish to transfer to the destination org.

Step 4: Click on Transfer

Step 5: Select the Destination Org from the Dropdown

Step 6: Archive the old organization


Q: Will the members of the project I am transferring be moved to the destination organization?

A: Yes, all members from the project will be transferred as well as their permissions.

Q: I’m not allowed to move the projects that I want to move. What could be the problem?

A: Please confirm that you are the owner of the destination organization. This is required to transfer projects.

Q: What is the advantage of consolidating the organizations?

A: Hubstaff will charge at the organization level. So if you have 3 orgs, You’ll have to set up billing for each of these organizations. Therefore it will be better to have one singular org if that’s the way your businesses are structured.

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