Ravin Kapadia is the founder of and Chief Conversionist at Conversion Bug, a growing digital agency in India that focuses on end to end conversion solutions. Keep reading to see how Ravin and his team use Hubstaff to improve productivity and increase trust with their clients.

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About the company

Ravin Kapadia launched Conversion Bug in 2011 as a digital marketing agency based in Hyderabad. After working with a few clients, he realized many would have one agency develop a product without considering the marketing, and then work with a separate agency to do the actual marketing. The problem with this is the marketers had to work with whatever they were given, and often it was a product that wasn’t suitable for effective promotion.

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After this realization, Ravin shifted his focus and started offering an end to end solution for his clients, designed from the ground up to maximize conversions. There is no shortage of agencies offering conversion rate optimization (CRO) services, but what makes Conversion Bug different is the expertise and precise methodology that goes into their work.

How This Digital Agency in India Uses Hubstaff to Increase Trust With Clients

Ravin and his team analyzed nearly 60 of their clients’ websites identifying what works and what doesn’t. In all, 160 factors were identified as having an impact on a website’s conversion rate and Ravin used those factors to create their patented Conversion Quotient (CQ) formula. When Conversion Bug works with a client, their goal is to increase the CQ because they have proven that an elevated CQ leads to better results for a business.

Missing deadlines

While Conversion Bug has recently opened a great office in Hyderabad, to build their original team Ravin found it important to also work with remote employees and allow those in the office to work from home one day a week. This gives Conversion Bug access to a wider range of talent to work with, but also brings along with it all of the challenges of remote work.

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For Ravin, there wasn’t enough accountability for his remote team. He knew what the people in his office were working on, but remote workers were on their own and he was left in the dark. Even for the employees in his office, there wasn’t a way to know exactly how much time was being spent by each person on each project. Ravin found that his team was working more hours than were originally estimated on almost 30% of their projects, hurting their profitability and causing them to miss deadlines. Something needed to change.

Hubstaff gave ConversionBug accountability

Conversion Bug needed a solution that let them identify how much time agency was spending on their projects so that they could bring accountability to the process. Hubstaff gave them that.

By using Hubstaff, Ravin now had the data telling him where time was being spent by every person on his team, and he could start working to improve the inefficiencies and create better estimates. Without these insights, if somebody was taking a 2 hour break for lunch, he had no way of knowing.

At the start, Ravin only used Hubstaff for his remote team, but he soon noticed that the remote team was significantly more productive than those in his office. This was a game changer for him, and the opposite of what he expected. After seeing the differences in productivity, he made it policy for all of his employees to use Hubstaff, remote or local.

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The unexpected benefit

While the productivity gains were a huge win for Conversion Bug, there was an unexpected benefit that came with using Hubstaff. Ravin started using Hubstaff to manage his team internally, but soon found that it plays an important role in winning new business. When talking with prospective clients they are able to say upfront that it isn’t just an estimated number of hours they are being billed on, but the actual time worked. Conversion Bug can use Hubstaff to show their clients exactly what is going on with their project, screen by screen, along with the exact amount of time spent.

How This Digital Agency Uses Hubstaff to Increase Trust With Clients

When working with international teams, Ravin also found it beneficial to talk about how they use Hubstaff to ensure accountability because it builds trust with the prospective clients and shows that they take their work seriously. This is just another factor that helps Conversion Bug close more deals.

Building on their success

Conversion Bug has been growing quickly, landing bigger clients, and starting to diversify into the mobile space. In the coming year, Ravin is planning to build on these successes by expanding beyond India and opening a sales office in the US. When they combine their expertise in developing the CQ formula with the efficiency system Hubstaff helped them establish, they have the tools they need to meet these lofty goals.

In Ravin’s own words:

“Conversion Bug has benefited tremendously from Hubstaff, and any other organization that has trouble with productivity, billing, or meeting deadlines needs to use this software.”

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