If you are leading or supporting a business, you can expand your (and your company’s) opportunities by continuing to learn. The following are educational small business blogs that are worth bookmarking and reading regularly in order to stay updated on industry trends, business opportunities, and to continue learning about the hits and misses of other small businesses.

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1. Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Center

Learn about talent management, finance, business planning and more at the Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Center [Tweet]

Intuit QuickBooks is accounting software that allows users to track expenses, pay employees and more. They maintain an article database called the Small Business Center designed to help small businesses in their operational efforts. Their three featured categories are Starting Up, Money and Hiring & HR, but they also provide articles on marketing, innovation, product and technology. Their database of articles contains useful and relevant information about taxes, compliance, pricing strategy, business planning, recruiting, management and HR regulations, among others.

Visit this small business blog if you have questions or concerns about finance and funding, managing employees or making sure you don’t overlook any regulations.

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2. Social Triggers

Learn about how to get traffic and sales by using psychology at Social Triggers [Tweet]

Social Triggers ties psychology to marketing in order to explore ways to gain traffic and sales. Writer Derek Halpern bridges the gab between science and business to help entrepreneurs and executives become master marketers, persuaders and salesmen. Halpern blogs about proven strategies and tactics while making psychological research and business case studies accessible and understandable. In addition to his blog, Halpern uses the Social Triggers Insider podcast to interview well-respected professionals in their fields and reveal some of their research and findings. Some of his past guests include Dan Pink, Dan Ariely, Dan Heath and Charles Duhigg. Social Triggers also has a web TV show of short videos wherein Halpern shares simple tactics and strategies such as “how to email influential people.”

Read the Social Triggers blog for proven tactics that you can apply to your business or life. This is a great site to visit often because of the easily digestible and diverse forms of content.

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3. Richard Branson’s Blog

Learn about life lessons from a successful entrepreneur at Richard Branson’s blog [Tweet]

Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group, which holds more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries today. He began as a young entrepreneur by launching Virgin Records in 1973. The Virgin Group has expanded under the leadership of this successful entrepreneur, and includes a train company, luxury game preserve, mobile phone company, Virgin Atlantic and more. On his LinkedIn profile, Branson describes himself as a “Tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at Virgin!”

Richard Branson’s blog is full of insights from a successful business owner who has had his share of exceptional fails and stellar comebacks. Follow this blog to read the musings and ideas of a modern thought leader.

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4. LocalVox

Learn how to reach local audiences at the Local Vox blog [Tweet]

LocalVox specializes in helping businesses tap into their local markets. Their product is an online marketing platform that helps local businesses market themselves online, simply and effectively. Their platform works with websites, social media, directories, search engines, and email platforms in order to deliver seamless results with a local market. Local businesses can take back control of their online brand image and start proactively marketing to their communities.

Among our list of small business blogs, this one caters to businesses based on location. Instead of speaking to companies in a general sense, their articles help small businesses reach local audiences specifically and provide insights based on tried and tested practices.

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5. Duct Tape Marketing

Learn about marketing, copywriting, CRM, blogging, advertising and conversions at Duct Tape Marketing [Tweet]

Duct Tape Marketing is a personality-infused small business blog that offers insights and resources to assist marketing efforts, no matter what the scale. Duct Tape Marketing was founded by John Jantsch, a marketing consultant, speaker and best-selling author. According to their website, Jantsch “has been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies.”

This blog provides marketing insights from a trusted industry expert. Subscribe to it in order to stay on top of new marketing trends and discoveries. The blog is also a useful resource for researching and learning more about advertising, social media, SEO, content and strategy.

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6. EnMast

Learn about small business best practices from business owners at EnMast [Tweet]

EnMast is an online gathering place for business owners to discuss, collaborate, learn, mentor and share their stories and lessons. It is a service of Anchor Advisors, Inc., a small business consulting firm that helps owners grow their businesses. The EnMast blog covers topics such as best practices, finance, human resources, leadership, management, marketing, productivity, sales, strategic planning, trends and technology.

Follow this blog to learn from a wide range of successful business owners in different industries. Readers can be confident in the usefulness and relevance of posts, because the topics were introduced, discussed and vetted by real-life entrepreneurs.

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7. Mightybytes

Learn about web design and development from the Mightybytes blog [Tweet]

Mightybytes is a creative firm based in Chicago, Illinois committed to creating positive environmental and social change while providing unparalleled support to their clients. They are a Certified B Corporation dedicated to their communities and employee health and well-being. Mightybytes incorporates sustainability into everything they do, from building a website or software to having energy efficient office appliances. Mightybytes offers content strategy services, design with user experience in mind, and web, app, software and e-commerce development.

Check back in with this blog every month or so to see if they’ve posted anything new. It’s one of the small business blogs that combines helpful articles with other posts that you may not be as interested in, such as job openings and product endorsements.

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8. Small Business Trends

Find a comprehensive overview of small business concerns at Small Business Trends [Tweet]

Small Business Trends is a small business blog that caters to all aspects of running a startup. The topics include marketing and social media, technology, management, finance, and even a section for advice on startups and franchises. This is a useful website simply because of the comprehensive coverage of different topics, issues and trends. It’s packed full of information, so if you’re just starting out or want to learn more about running a business, it’s a good place to start. You won’t run out of articles to read anytime soon.

Visit this blog once in a while to check if there are any new trends that are important for small businesses, or if you have a small business question you want to research.

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9. Penelope Trunk

Learn about careers, productivity, entrepreneurship and management from Penelope Trunk [Tweet]

Penelope Trunk has founded four startups, including Quistic, an online career course provider. She blogs about management, productivity, entrepreneurship and careers in general and her advice has been published in more than 200 newspapers. She has also turned her expertise into the successful startup, Brazen Careerist. Other topics on her blog include networking, resumes, mentoring, diversity, office politics and how to blog.

This is an educational small business blog because it caters to all members of a team, from management to interns who are still searching for their niche.

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Bonus Blog: Hubstaff

Learn about virtual teams, working remotely and more at the Hubstaff blog [Tweet]

Hubstaff is the blog you’re reading right now. In addition to posts on small businesses and entrepreneurs, Hubstaff also has a growth series that documents the challenges and successes our startup has had thus far. Our blog topics are helpful to distributed teams and virtual companies, as we specialize in remote time tracking software. Hubstaff’s intuitive desktop app is easy to use and records screenshots and activity levels, so you can see what your employees are doing while they log time, and how productive they are.

This small business blog is helpful for startups just beginning their journey, established small businesses who want to increase productivity, and anyone who works with freelancers or distributed teams.

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We hope you’ll find the resources above as useful as we did. Don’t forget to bookmark these small business blogs to continue to learn, grow and improve your successful businesses. Let us know what small business blogs you follow.

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