Remember the days of employees clocking in and out of work manually with a punch card? Nowadays, with the advancements of technology, various time clock apps and software offerings make it easy to monitor employees’ work hours, especially for remote workers, freelancers and consultants who don’t physically work in the same office as you, and provide you with more important details than simply knowing when your employees clocked in and clocked out for work.

While some employee workday timer apps still work like traditional punch cards, most clock in clock out apps have evolved into advanced time tracking software that not only provide you with details on when your remote employees and freelancers clocked in and out of work, but also allow you to monitor and analyze time spent on particular tasks and tools, to help you optimize your working day and make you and your team more efficient and productive.

In this post, we’ll walk you through what a time clock app is, why your team needs a time tracking tool, and how to pick the best solution for your team.

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What is a time clock in and out app?

Keeping track of employees’ work time has never been easier or more accurate with time clock apps. Time clock software not only allows you to keep track of your employees’ work time but also allows you to monitor and analyze employee time spent on particular tasks and tools, giving you the full story behind the time and effort being spent on these tasks and projects, and allowing you to keep a pulse on which projects are falling behind schedule and which can be done early.

There are numerous inexpensive and convenient clock in clock out apps for Android, Apple, Windows, Chrome, Linux and more that make it easy to switch between projects, tasks and clients with just a few clicks from anywhere and anytime with no hassle — these apps run in the background tracking your time, while you stay focused on your work. Some clock in clock out app solutions even allow geo-tracking, which is very useful for managing a remote workforce such as sales teams on the go, field technicians and more, and even make it easy to pay these employees for their travel time and expenses.

Additionally, these solutions often integrate with other essential work tools such as project management, finance and HR platforms like PayPal, Quickbooks, Clickup and Asana, which makes it even easier to accurately keep track of time and projects and bill for work completed.

Why does my team need a time clock app?

Do you spend hours making, reviewing, sending, disputing and finalizing manual timesheets? Is your team’s manual time tracking killing team productivity? Do you even know how your remote employees or consultants are spending their working day? Which of your employees and freelancers are most productive?

Whether you’re a manager of a small remote sales team or in charge of outsourcing contract work to multiple agencies, you must think about the questions above to help you understand how your employees are currently clocking in and out of work, how they should be clocking in and out, and what your team needs out of a clock in clock out app or software solution, to maximize employee billable work hours and increase productivity.

Time clock in and out software will not only give you insight into how your employees are spending their working day and how to optimize productivity levels, but it will also eliminate the pain points of manual time tracking and timesheet entry including:

  • Having to manually input work hours into payroll
  • Verifying all the numbers are correct
  • Guessing what employees did during these hours
  • Reviewing timesheets for hours
  • Forgetting to fill out manual timesheets
  • Waiting long periods to find out if hours are approved
  • Taking forever to pay employees and get paid

Eliminating these pain points and minimizing time wasted on this stuff, you and your employees will be able to get things right the first time, remove human error and give you the mental energy and time to do things that matter for the business —  leaving you feeling more confident in the work done and providing you with the data to make decisions affecting the future of your business.

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How do I pick the best employee time clock option?

How do you choose the best clock in clock out solution for your team? Since there are a plethora of employee time clock apps and software solutions available nowadays, it’s important to determine what exactly your team needs before selecting the right time clock.

Here’s a list of questions to address that will help you select the ideal employee time tracking app:

  • Do I need to just track start and finish time or do I need to track activity throughout the entire workday?
  • How many of my team members will be using the time clock in and out app?
  • How much does it cost per user?
  • What kind of features does the time clock software offer?
  • Is there a scalability option allowing savings and additional features?
  • Can it be easily integrated with other tools my team uses in their work?

Answering these questions is crucial once you set on the path of optimizing your workflow and team management. A careful consideration of these questions is needed in order to pick the right time clocking in and out solution, which will add value to your work and effectively structure your employee time clock in and out ecosystem. See how you can get employee buy-in for time tracking solutions here.

How has a clock in clock out app helped your team? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!