As you know we released our new UI last week and officially went into Beta. It’s been awesome so far and we have over 2,000 screens already uploaded!

This is just a quick email to inform you of a few improvements that we’ve made this week (we’re going to make a habit of keeping you better informed of the changes we are making behind the scenes).

  1. Ability to delete screenshots – You can now delete screenshots for any 10 minute period on the Activities page. Removing this screenshot will also delete any associate activity and time associated with that screen and remove that time from your reports.
  2. Ability to delete activity – You can now delete activity for any 10 minute period n the Activities page. This will remove the associate activity and time associated with that segment of time, and will adjust the reports accordingly.
  3. Export to CSV – This has been one of our most requested features and we’re happy to say that we now support exporting a detailed report to a csv file. You can use this for invoicing and for your own records. Run any detailed report for a period of time and then export to csv for an itemized list of projects and activity that can easily be emailed or imported into google docs. Soon we will also include tokenized and shareable URLs so you can easily share your work with clients.
  4. Organizations now have their own time zone (this is used on several pages as the authoritative time zone instead of using a user’s time zone) (it will be very helpful when we do time sheets as the organization time zone will be used so that the daily cut-offs are the same for all users in that organization)

To know more about our product updates, head over to our blog.

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