8 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Engagement

As of this month, did you know that there are more than 50 million active Facebook pages? That’s a lot to compete with.

Businesses from around the world now understand the importance of having a good presence on social media. Facebook represents a huge potential market for many businesses, but for many, it is extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. Your visibility in the newsfeed of your target audience depends on engagement like never before.

How do you boost engagement to increase brand awareness? Here are 8 excellent tips to help better your Facebook page engagement:

1. Research your audience & competitors

Before I start any campaign, I always begin with research and development. It’s imperative to better understand your customers, target market and your competitors.

Take advantage of Facebook’s Graph Search to really hone in on your target audience and competitors. For example, you may want to search “Pages that fans of [competitor] like”. Here, you’ll get an idea of additional pages that your competitor’s followers like. You can then view the type of content that is receiving the most engagement on these pages, which will in turn help you to develop the best content for your page.

2. Post frequently, but not too much

Finding the right balance of page posts is important to keep your followers interested, without bombarding them with too much content. It’s recommended to test your audience to determine the right number of posts per day. In many cases, the magic number is somewhere between 2-4 posts per day. If you’re not seeing enough engagement, increase your post frequency. If you’re starting to see more unlikes on your page, decrease the number of posts per day.

To view your page unlikes, go to View Insights at the top of your Facebook page, then click Likes, and view Net Likes.

3. Note when fans are online

Pages that post when the majority of their followers aren’t online really suffer from low engagement. Facebook provides you with all the details to see what days and times your audience is online. To view these metrics, go to View Insights, then Posts. If you notice, for example, that your followers are online at around 10am on average, consider scheduling posts for 9:45am. Check these insights on a regular basis to ensure your information is up-to-date. And note, just because you’re not working on the weekends doesn’t mean that your followers aren’t on Facebook. Schedule posts if need be to hit those weekend Facebookers.

4. Split your posts, depending on location

If you have a local business, or own various franchises, you might want to take advantage of Dark or Unpublished Posts. This is not only a great way to target posts, but it’s also a great way to create location based offers. Many users love home-grown posts that speak to them specifically.

In Power Editor, you’ll need to Create a Campaign. Next, create an ad, then select Objective, then Page Post Engagement. Once you scroll down, you’ll see the words Create New Unpublished Post (also called a Dark Post). Here you’ll be able to create your post and specify the target audience location.

5. Post the right content, the right way

The most frequent problem I see on Facebook pages is the way posts are formatted. This is a crucial part of increasing engagement, and one that many page owners overlook. In order from best to worst engagement, here are the types of posts you should consider using:

BEST: Status Update with a strong call-to-action
BETTER: Image Upload with detailed description
GOOD: Link, with uploaded image of 1200 x 627px
OKAY: Video, uploaded to Facebook direct
NOT-SO-GREAT: Video, shared from YouTube or otherwise

Just a little tip, to increase your image size in your link post, or to replace the auto-populated image, click Upload below the image in your link when creating your post. Be sure to have an image with dimensions 1200 x 627px.

6. Encourage followers to create interest lists (and add you to them)

Facebook interest lists allow users to group pages they like into categories, making it easy to scan through relevant content. Many users don’t know about interests lists, so letting them know how to use them could increase your chances of being added to theirs. If you are, followers will be able to see all your content in the stream when viewing their lists. This will help increase visibility, increase engagement, and potentially reduce your Facebook ad spend.

7. Invest in Page Post Ads

Unless your post is receiving a high volume of engagement, not all of your followers will actually see your content. It is said that Facebook will deliver your posts to only 16% of your followers, unless your posts receive likes, shares and comments or you invest in Page Post Ads.

To start promoting your page posts, you’ll need to have a Facebook ad account. Go to your ad management dashboard and create a new ad. Select Page Post Engagement as the type of ad, then select your page from the dropdown menu. You can then select either one post, or select Keep my ad up-to-date by automatically promoting my most recent post. If you’re looking at promoting all your posts going forward, it’s recommended to select this option. The minimum spend on Facebook ads is $1/day. By promoting your page posts, you’ll reach more followers, friends of followers and additional targeted audiences, depending on the audience you choose.

8. Engage with others

Too often many Facebook pages are seen as a one-way transmission of content. Many brands forget that social media is meant to be, well, social. If you go to a party and hide in the corner all night, chances are that no one will want to speak to you. So get out there, start talking to people and other pages, strike up a conversation on their terms, and chances are, they’ll reciprocate. It’s all about spreading the love in this crazy world called social media to receive top Facebook page engagement.

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