Finding Clients for Your Agency

You have the top-notch agency in the area, and you know it. However, finding clients for your agency is harder than you may have thought it would be. Regardless of the quality of your services, obtaining clients is a game all on its own. While it can sometimes be hard to find the clients you want and need, you can achieve a great client base and an established reputation if you follow these steps. The following six steps will help you connect with the clients your agency is looking for.

1. Make Your Agency Sparkle from the Outside

This doesn’t mean the outside of your agency’s office. Make your business look incredible from branding, to ads, to vibes. The way you present yourself can sometimes mean more than the work you actually do. How you market yourself determines the kinds of customers and clients you attract. We’ve already covered branding, but there’s a lot more to it. In today’s digital world, you need to have an impressive website. This means staying up-to-date and in the know. Your website needs to look professional and serious, so that clients know you hold your agency to high standards.

2. Evaluate Your Business’ Brand

This is a serious concern. Your business’ brand tells the consumer a lot, even if it’s not what you want them to know. In order to wow potential clients, you need to be able to do a lot with your brand. If you’re a quirky, yet powerful agency, show it. If your agency is a more straightforward business, then show it. Regardless of what kind of agency you have and what the culture is like, you should show it through your branding.

3. Client Referrals

Regardless of your agency, you offer a service that you want people to know about. It’s not petty to ask your current clients for referrals. As with most agency-oriented businesses, it can be difficult to build a reputation or convince prospective clients to work with you. Having your current clients refer others to you gives you more credibility in that potential client’s eyes. Consider creating a rewards program associated with referrals. Maybe you’ll provide a free service to those who refer people who later become clients of yours. This not only helps make your business reputable, but it sends it out into the public and your current clients get rewarded. In all honesty, you can consider this part of your marketing strategy.

4. Build Relationships with Other Businesses

This isn’t the same thing as client referrals. This involves establishing mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses that will enable both parties to grow. Seek out businesses in your area or around the world that are doing work you’re impressed with and reach out. Compliment a project or video they created and show your support. This relationship could grow into a working partnership or a friendship where you refer clients to each other. We all should know by now that relationships are often the key to success, and having built relationships with other businesses and agencies in your area can help establish you as a dependable agency.

5. Be Creative with Your Marketing

Sure, you may have some billboards up across town, or maybe you’ve created a decent online marketing campaign. But what does your whole marketing strategy look like? When you’re thinking about advertisements, think about what will stand out. Consider what you see everywhere you go, and think about how you can make your ads different. You don’t need to be completely outrageous—though that isn’t a bad idea—but in order to get your agency’s name recognized, you’ll need to think outside the box.

6. Show Off Portfolio

There’s nothing better than being able to boast about who your agency has worked for and the great things it has accomplished. When your clients permit, show them off. Put a portfolio on your website—see step 1—that will show off your best work. Even being able to show off big-name clients will be enough to win over some new ones.

We all know how challenging it can be to bring in new business to your agency. Thinking outside of the box can energize your business’ marketing campaign and make it more attractive and noticeable. Establishing relationships and offering client referrals will help build your reputation in the business world. Making your branding—including your website— recognizable and attractive can speak heavily for your agency on the outside.

Finding the best ways to get new clients takes time and effort, but following these steps will surely put you in the right direction!

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