The air in freelance marketplaces is getting rarefied by the day.

Competition is cut-throat and without a well crafted strategy aimed at finding clients on, you will loose out on an important source of income.

In today’s online economy, sites like are a vital source of business for companies and individuals. The range of businesses that rely on freelance marketplaces run the gamut from web development and design firms, content development and social media campaign agencies to accountants and lawyers.

There are three main issues you should pay close attention to as an individual freelancer or company on PeoplePerHour, these are, attracting clients, retaining clients and improving your ratings to attract more clients.

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Attracting Clients on


A Killer Profile

Your profile is your storefront.

This is the first impression that potential clients have of you. So, you have to go out of your way to make sure it does a good job for you. Everything from your job title, status, “about you” section, all the way down to your skills must be a perfect marketing mix.

A good profile is what makes the difference between successfully finding clients on PeoplePerHour and being confined to the mediocre bottom half of workers on freelance sites that never seem to close any business. A quick examination of the profiles of the top workers on and indeed other freelance sites reveals that winners have killer profiles.

These profiles hook customers and reel them in. They will typically include photos, videos and quotes.

In one word, fun…they are fun to read.

Your profile photo should be a professional image showing your face (individuals) or a company logo. Complete all areas of your profile and include a list of references.

Include a Portfolio

A profile without a portfolio is a weak profile.

A portfolio proves that what your profile states isn’t simply hyperbole.

It demonstrates that you possess the skills you have gone on about in your profile. For example, a writer should include samples of written work or links to published work. A web designer would include links to sites designed for past clients. An accountant or attorney may provide a link to a sample business plan or legal contracts drafted respectively.

But, I’m sure if you are new to all this, you must be wondering how on earth you are supposed to have a portfolio. For example, what should someone fresh out of college do. Well, if you don’t have a portfolio of past clients, make this clear in your profile but upload samples of work you have done or link to samples.

If you haven’t got any samples to show, create some.

Read more about finding clients as a freelancer.

Take Advantage of Hourlies

peopleperhour featured hourlies

Hourlies are short promotional packages designed by the guys at PeoplePerHour. The concept is borrowed from sites like Fiver, in the sense that you get to tell the client in a few words what you can deliver within a specified period of time at a stated price.

It was originally one hour but now you specify just about anytime, for example, “I can design a five page website for $100 in one day”. This gives a potential client the opportunity to purchase your hourlie on the spot. Successful hourlies have the following characteristics:

  1. They fill an under served niche within the PPH universe
  2. They are fun, typically featuring a 30 second video and/or visually appealing photos.
  3. They are sponsored. Sponsoring an hourlie costs $14.95.

A sponsored hourlie gains more exposure and stands better chance of being bought by a potential client.You can expect the following benefits by featuring an hourlie:

  1. Your hourlie is placed at the top of the search listings with a special ribbon.
  2. According to PPH, featured results get 10 times more clicks.
  3. Your hourlie is promoted in PPH’s daily hourlie newsletter that goes out to 400.000 buyers.
  4. Upon sponsoring an hourlie, PPH gives you access to a premium bank of 19 million images to choose for your Hourlie.
  5. Your hourlie is highlighted as Featured for 7 days.

Retaining Clients on

There are two main issues you should pay attention to in order to retain client on PPH and other freelance sites. These are:

  1. Response Time – clients are impressed by fast response times. If a client sends you a message, ensure you respond within thirty minutes. Download the PPH mobile app so that you are always logged in and can respond to clients promptly. If do this every time, your profile will indicate that you respond to messages instantly and this is good for marketing.
  2. Over Deliver – the second key to retaining clients of PPH is to over deliver. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Go out of your way to impress your client by doing an excellent job and offering unexpected free extras in the final work. This will win you lots of repeat clients.

Improving Ratings on PeoplePerHour

pph cert levels

Finally, finding clients of is easier when you are ranked highly by their algorithm, CERT.

The good thing is that unlike many other freelance sites, PPH profiles are ranked based on monthly activity. This gives newbies a chance to move up the rankings.

There are six CERT levels, namely; Level 1 to 5 and the top level known as “Top 10”. To rise up the rankings, you should do the following:

  1. Build your earnings and feedback – bid on many jobs and when you get paid, ask clients to leave some positive feedback for you. If you are offline clients, ask them to hire and pay you via PPH. If you invite clients to PPH and they hire you, you don’t get charged any fees unlike other freelance sites. Take advantage of this feature and invite as many of your clients as possible to contract you on PPH.
  2. Get endorsed by your friends – community is at the heart of PeoplePerHour and getting endorsed by friends gives you a significant boost in rankings. Using the HireMe widget on your website also helps increase your endorsements as does inviting friends to the site using your unique referral link.
  3. Engagement – being timely with your project delivery and having a fast response time also boosts your rankings.
  4. Repeat usage – this is your ability to get repeat clients. Repeat usage is a great indicator of a skilled freelancer and provides a significant boost in rankings.
  5. Trust – link to your social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook is a great way to validate your authenticity and boost your CERT rankings.

Finally, offer potential clients an extra level of transparency. Consider using time tracking software that will allow you to have extremely accurate records of time worked, as well as screenshots and activity levels. Hubstaff makes this easy, and by having this amount of confidence in the quality of your work you may stand out ahead of other potential candidates on PeoplePerHour.

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