First Freelance Website Without Fees Hits 7,000+ Freelancers

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Hubstaff Talent is a zero-fee freelance website that connects businesses with great talent across the globe. It officially launched on September 30, 2016, and the platform now has 7,126 freelancers that specialize in everything from computer science and coding to writing and marketing.

Businesses can use Hubstaff Talent to find great talent at competitive prices; freelancers can use it to find new gigs and contracts.

We created the site because most freelance websites take too much off the top in terms of fees. Plus they require businesses and freelancers to use their site for transactions. This is very limiting, especially when you already have payment and communication tools you prefer using.

No fees. No markups. No middlemen. This is the promise of Hubstaff Talent.

How it works

Before contacting a freelancer or applying for a job, businesses and freelancers must create a profile. This is free to do and takes 5-10 minutes. After you create your profile, the site is dead simple to use.

The process consists of five simple steps:

  1. Create free profile
  2. Post job or apply to job
  3. Get introduced directly via email to freelancer/business
  4. Decide on terms and begin contract
  5. Send and receive payment through any method

If the contract is hourly, freelancers can sign up for a free Hubstaff account to log hours. Business owners can also create a Hubstaff account to manage their team of freelancers. This account lets you see how many hours your freelancers are logging and what they’re working on.

Note: A Hubstaff time tracking account is not needed to use Hubstaff Talent. It simply streamlines freelancer management and payments.

How it compares with other freelance websites

SiteClient FeeFreelancer Fee
Hubstaff TalentNoneNone

While Hubstaff Talent doesn’t yet offer tens of thousands of freelancers to choose from, it’s more flexible than the other freelance websites. Businesses can pay and manage freelancers however they want. There are no restrictions. And, for freelancers, there’s less competition for gigs and contracts.

What the site looks like now

The site’s user interface and navigation is similar to many other freelance websites, making it very easy to use.

If you’re a business owner and need to hire a freelancer, you simply type a keyword in the search bar that matches your project criteria. After this, a list of freelancers appears…

hubstaff talent freelancer results page

You can then narrow down freelancer results by skills, availability, pay rate, years of experience, language, location, and age. There is also an option to view agencies offering their services as well as freelancers.

When you select a profile, you will see more information about the freelancer and a link to their resume. You will also see a contact button. Clicking the contact button provides you with their email address.

hubstaff talent php developer freelancer profile

For freelancers, the process for finding gigs and contracts works very similar to how businesses go about finding freelancers.

If you’re a freelancer or agency looking for work, type keywords in the search bar based on the types of services you offer. After doing this, job opportunities will populate on the results page. You can filter jobs by posting date, required skills, required experience, pay rates, project budgets, location, and language.

Help us make Talent even better

In 2017 and beyond we want to make finding gigs and freelancers free and incredibly easy. We already have the first part nailed down, but we’re always open to suggestions for how to make the site more relevant and easy to use.

If you love something about the current site or want to see an improvement in a future release, let us know in the comments below.