Hubstaff’s Freelancing Month 2017

Many of us here at Hubstaff have spent time—and still spend time—freelancing. We know what it’s like to chase down clients, submit bids, track all of our hours, submit invoices, and manage all of the other facets of a successful freelance career.

We work closely with freelancers and contractors every day. And we want to help our friends and colleagues in the freelancing business succeed.

So we’re dedicating this month—June, 2017—to freelancers. We’re going to be publishing articles that help freelancers do more business, and do better business, more efficiently.

We started with our 2017 Global Freelancing Trends study. We set out to provide new, actionable information on how freelancers get jobs, get higher rates, and secure the best clients. We’re really proud of the information we put together, and we think it’s a great place to start our freelancing month.

Read the 2017 Global Freelancing Trends study

Once you’ve ready over the results of the study, dive into the rest of the great content we’re putting out this month! (And check back regularly as we update this page to include the new freelancer-focused articles we’re publishing this month.)