Podcasting is all the rage and many marketers already realize the great potential they hold for expanding your audience, building relationships, and getting new clients.

Since I started working on Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage Podcast, I’ve interviewed dozens of consultants and agency owners and while I’ve learned countless lessons, one of the most valuable has been the importance of building an email list. With this captive audience, instead of turning away potential clients who just aren’t ready to buy today, you can build a relationship with them so that when they are ready to buy, they come to you first.

One of my most memorable interviews was with the outreach consultant Kai Davis. Kai shared some of the most actionable advice I’ve heard on using podcasts to build an audience and keep your pipeline full, and to make that advice even more accessible we’ve turned it into a convenient infographic.

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If you already have some experience with podcasting or are just looking to get started, this infographic lays out the exact steps you need to take, in order to successfully land meaningful interviews to help you grow your audience and your business.

How to Get Featured on a Podcast [Infographic]

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How to get featured on a podcast

Identify your targets

  • Search iTunes for podcasts using terms related to your area of expertise
  • Make sure the show is a good fit by answering 3 questions:
    • Are they regularly publishing episodes?
    • Do they interview guests?
    • Would their listeners be ideal customers?

Make your pitch

  • Stand out by showing them you did your research, know who they are, and understand their audience
  • Make it easy for the host to say yes by giving them 3 potential interview topics:
    • An area where you have a legitimate claim of expertise
    • An opinion you hold that many others in your industry disagree with
    • How you can solve an expensive problem their audience experiences

Be persistent

  • This is where EVERYBODY fails
  • People are busy and get a TON of email, so be prepared to follow up 4 to 7 times until you get a response
  • Keep your follow-ups short and easy to respond to
  • TIP: Use the tool “Boomerang” to set reminders

Nail the interview

  • First: Tell a story that resonates with the audience
  • Second: Create a guide to help listeners solve their problem
  • Third: Offer your solution for free in exchange for their email address
  • Four: Continue providing value over email
  • Five: Ask for the sale

Repeat and grow your business

Ready for your first podcast interview?

Did you find this useful? Do you have some additional tactics to share that we’ve missed? Please share them in the comments section below.