GitHub is a software development platform with a flexible issue tracker that lets you stay on top of bugs and code problems. It allows teams to collaborate on development, design, marketing and more. GitHub allows you to organize your business into teams, collaborate on code development and organize issues.

With Hubstaff’s GitHub time tracking integration, users can now track time to individual GitHub issues, find out which issues are taking too much time, and monitor how quickly issues are resolved.

Hubstaff’s lightweight desktop time tracking apps were natively designed in Mac, Windows and Linux to eliminate compatibility issues, no matter what operating system you choose.

Integrate GitHub and Hubstaff today to track time to separate issues, access time reports and gain insights on how your team works.

  • Track time to individual GitHub issues.
  • Access employee productivity monitoring tools.
  • Download automatic time reports that can be filtered by user, issue or date.
  • Pay your team automatically or manually right from your Hubstaff account.
  • Integrate in just a few clicks and stay automatically synced.

View a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Hubstaff and GitHub here.

Efficient GitHub Time Tracking

Track Time with a Lightweight Desktop App

Hubstaff’s desktop apps were designed natively in different operating systems to ensure a seamless experience, whether you use Mac, Windows or Linux. The desktop apps won’t slow down your computers, and will help your team track time efficiently.

  • Track time easily with the push of a button. Start the timer when you begin work, and stop it when you take a break or finish for the day.
  • Your employees and contractors can see how much time they spend on different issues.
  • Your team can see where they’ve spent their time that day.
  • The desktop app shows work notes to give a better picture of the project and issue.
  • View due dates in order to prioritize issues.
  • Work and record time offline. The Hubstaff app will upload recorded time, captured screenshots and activity levels when a user reconnects to the Internet.

Easy Integration and Automatic Syncing

Connect Hubstaff and GitHub with just a few clicks and your integration will automatically stay synced. Just authorize the app with oAuth and all GitHub repositories will sync with Hubstaff projects so you can track time against issues.

  • Quick and simple integration in a few clicks.
  • Users see assigned issues automatically, so there is no need to manually add issues to Hubstaff.
  • Automatic synchronization every 30 minutes.
  • Upon integration, users can begin using Hubstaff to track time to GitHub issues at no additional cost.

Get Insight on Work and Productivity

Hubstaff allows users additional insight into how a team works and their levels of productivity. It provides randomized screenshots so you can see exactly what your team is working on when tracking time to a GitHub issue.

  • View activity levels of employees/contractors to see who is productive at work.
  • Activity levels are based on mouse movements and keyboard strokes.
  • Randomized screenshots provide the best picture of what your team is working on.
  • Adjust screenshot frequency. Take up to 3 screenshots every 10 minutes, or turn the feature off.
  • Screenshots help ensure employees are working on the right GitHub issues and projects.
  • Activity levels can be monitored to ensure consistent quality work.
  • If you notice a drop in productivity, you can reference activity levels when giving employee feedback.

Powerful Time Reports

Once your team uses Hubstaff for GitHub time tracking, you’ll have access to automatically generated time reports that can be used internally or externally.

  • Download reports and save them to your computer.
  • Email reports directly from your Hubstaff account.
  • Filter data by user, project or date.
  • See how much time it took to resolve an issue.
  • Use reports to invoice clients.
  • Use reports to pay your team members for the exact amount of time worked.
  • Make administrative tasks easier by downloading reports for business records.
  • See how much time an employee worked over a specific time period.

Worry-Free Payroll

When your team tracks time with Hubstaff, all their time information can be used to streamline payroll and make pay day even better. Just utilize Hubstaff’s time tracking software and reports to pay your team members automatically for the exact amount of time worked.

  • Pay your team directly from your Hubstaff account.
  • Integrate Hubstaff and PayPal with a few easy clicks.
  • Set different pay rates for different employees or contractors.
  • Schedule automatic payments to make pay day easy and simple.
  • Schedule pay periods based on how frequently you want to pay your team. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or twice a month.
  • Send manual payments.
  • Send payments or salaries in different currencies.

Find out more about Hubstaff’s Automatic Payments and Payroll.

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