When talking about packing and moving company software, GPS and time tracking are the essential features that spring to mind. In fact, we believe the industry cannot operate efficiently without such a system in place as its whole model is dependent on delivering goods from one place to another within strict timelines.

A recent study found that businesses that use GPS tracking software tend to increase their service profitability by 12%. Monitoring your field workforce in real-time helps the business to optimize its operations thereby improving its overall productivity.

With Hubstaff’s Time Tracking app that comes with the built-in GPS location monitoring capability, packing and moving agencies have an intelligent way of aligning their business goals with customers. For businesses that handle more than a handful projects in a single day, this app can ease the intricacies of workforce management and provide efficient control over their workforce and logistics.

But all of this may sound abstract and you may be asking: why are GPS and time tracking so essential for packing and moving company software? In our experience, we’ve found that they improve the efficiency of these companies in 4 major ways. Here they are:

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1. Increase in ProductivityIncrease in productivity | 4 Reasons Why a GPS and Time Tracking App is The Ultimate Packing and Moving Company Software

The primary cornerstone of the packing and moving business is workforce and vehicle mobility. Granted, being ultimately productive implies having a smarter way to manage and monitor the mobility of your field workforce. With a GPS and Time tracking app you can keep track of unauthorized stops, lunch hours and any other delays that occur on the road. You don’t have to rely on your team’s manual updates on failed or delayed deliveries. You can easily check the reports of their activities and performance and keep them accountable for any delays.

Part of how a time tracking with GPS app can help you increase productivity is by effectively keeping tabs on the diverse tasks and projects you’re running simultaneously. Especially when you have a small team of workers handling multiple projects, extra attention must be paid. Tracking team members’ time can enable you to prioritize your projects effectively. And this will, in turn, empower your employees to execute their duties more efficiently. With the new GPS and Time tracking app from Hubstaff, you can do all of these.

This app automatically keeps track of the time your workforce stays on the road and creates an automatic timesheet at the push of a button. You can focus on the important stuff of running the business smoothly while the Hubstaff app takes care of your timesheets for you.

 2. Monitoring workforce locations in real time gps tracking app

For a packing and moving business, it is imperative to know the exact position of your teams at all times. Without proper knowledge of where your workforce is, you cannot have total control over your business. Hubstaff’s GPS tracking app has made the job of monitoring your mobile workforce easier by accurately tracking the location of your team members in real-time.

With a GPS and time tracking app, you can easily keep a check on the employees who’re taking unnecessary stoppages or longer routes which cause the delay in delivery deadlines. You can easily see which team is working at which location and which team is driving towards the work location.

3. Manage Payroll

hubstaff payroll app

Time tracking app also enables you to get accurate timesheets of your individual team members. And this means that you can efficiently manage the financial side of your business.

Hubstaff’s app comes equipped with automatic payroll which takes the hassle away from managing accounting for individual employee manually. It takes into account the salaried employees and also the staff which gets paid on an hourly basis. It seamlessly integrates with other payment and accounting apps like PayPal, QuickBooks, and more so that you can continue to use your existing accounting setup while allowing Hubstaff to automate the Payroll for you.

 4. Become more customer-friendly

Now let’s rewind. The reason why you’re in this business to start with is to help customers. Customer satisfaction is an important factor for the success of your business. With customers who sign on for moving their stuff, the main part of satisfying them is regular and punctual delivery (of course alongside reasonable price). All of which is a culmination of what a GPS and time tracking app helps you to do. With efficient time management through reduction of idle time and effective tracking of the workforce, you can easily satisfy your customers by regular on-time delivery and earn a reputation of being a punctual business.

hubstaff time tracking app

With an accurate time-tracking app with GPS location monitoring capabilities, any packing and moving business can have immense benefits. If you are still on the fence about getting a GPS and time tracking app for your packing and moving business, visit Hubstaff today and find out how your packing and moving business can benefit from it.