It’s hard to clearly outline how extremely difficult it is for web development agencies to get a healthy client base in the modern age. With plenty of options clients can go for, from already established agencies to very affordable freelancers, start-ups have their work cut out for themselves.

We were conflicted with this challenge too, and I don’t even want to start covering how incredibly hard it was at first. How exactly do we go about building clientele, without having to compromise on quality? The solution didn’t show itself for a while, but when it did, it came with a bang.

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Where Hubstaff Comes In

We discovered Hubstaff back in 2013, and we instantly thought of two completely separate problems it can solve for us.

One – exactly as planned – would carry on to massively improve our internal workflow and cost efficiency (I’ll tell you more on this later). The other one helped us to bring a different value proposition to our clients.

Thanks to Hubstaff, our custom services and support stopped being charged on a fixed hourly basis. We were finally able to start charging clients in a flexible way, according to the accurate amount of time each job took.


This not only saved our clients money – but it also brought much more business to BigBangThemes.

After a while, we analyzed the new business model and found out that even though some clients ended up paying less, most of them decided to get more things done.

This meant better profits for us ― a perfect win-win situation, and a great opportunity for our clients to send over some rocking testimonials, as well as spread the word with their peers.

Don’t get me wrong, we never were one of those agencies which would throw a crazy hourly valuation or cost, but let me explain this a bit better.Our main activity is split between selling email templates on a rocking Drag & Drop email builder, and selling WordPress themes. While both venues are profitable and sought-after, neither of them bring in clients that would be considered “big fish”. Au contraire actually.

You can grab BigBangTheme’s FREE Drag & Drop Email Builder here.

How Hubstaff Helps Our Clients

We’re working with small to medium companies who know how important their web presence can be for their business. They just haven’t actually had the chance to grow it into being profitable, or don’t have huge budgets to invest in a better website or online brand.

Knowing that this is the case, we realized how important it is for our clients to be able to have a clear report of what we’re doing. It was also important to explain why 30 minutes of overtime added to their invoice was the difference between a good product, or a great one.

This was easy for us to set up. Each client would get a zip file containing screenshots of what our agents did while working on their project. This was sent as soon as the deliverable was ready. This technique was especially helpful with clients asking “why did this take that long to develop”.

The other challenge that Hubstaff helped with – is making sure that we have a near-perfect internal workflow. Given the fact that top quality developers (who are available for hire) are hard to find in a world peppered with freelancers who would rather earn a quick buck than a steady income ― BigBangThemes was founded on the idea that we definitely needed to take our team global, and go completely remote. It was nearly impossible for us to find enough local developers to help cover our workload.

Meet the BigBangThemes Team

BigBangThemes team using hubstaff

If you’re reading the Hubstaff blog – keeping a remote team tight is definitely a challenge you’ve probably already encountered. Between keeping track of what everybody is doing and making sure that everybody is being (or at least trying to be) productive, remote working would probably not be possible without it. If you’re on the edge about using Hubstaff, check out their 14-day-free trial. You definitely won’t regret it.

In a nutshell, from our point of view, Hubstaff is essential to our way of doing business, our growth, and our customer’s satisfaction levels. We’re eagerly waiting for Hubstaff to continue their growth story so we can do so alongside them.


What do you think of BigBangTheme’s story? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.