At Hubstaff we realize that the data of your organization is meant to shared with your team and your team only. We take your privacy seriously and our hope is that you’ll see this in every aspect of our product design as you use Hubstaff.

We use several security measures at Hubstaff to ensure that your data remains private, which I’ll briefly outline them in this post.

Hubstaff Permissions

Hubstaff uses permissions to control what users see. You have the flexibility to allow or disallow the viewing of screenshots and activity data by anyone in your organization.

These permissions are grouped into roles. There are three roles. When you add a team member to an organization or project you will have to choose a role for them.

Owners – Owners of an organization can see all of the screenshots within that organization. Think of owners as admins. An organization may have multiple owners or only one.

Managers – The manager role is for team members who oversee others. This is great for supervisors within your organization. Managers can see all of the screenshots within that organization.

Users – Users can only see their own screenshots. They cannot view the screenshots of anyone else.

Different Permissions for Different Projects:

Consider the example where an owner of an organization has three projects. Each project needs to have a different manager. This is easy to do with Hubstaff. The owner can assign a different manager for each of those projects. The manager of one project cannot see any screenshots or activity levels for projects that they are not given the manager role for.

Screenshot Storage and Security

We do a lot on the technical side of how we manage and maintain your data to make sure that it stays private.

At Hubstaff we have developed a desktop client which your team members will download and install on their computers.

This desktop software will trigger periodic screenshots to be taken of the user’s machine.

Those screenshots are then either encrypted and uploaded immediately to Amazon’s S3 servers or stored in the users local storage until an internet connection is available for upload (one of the cool things about Hubstaff is that it works even when an internet connection is unavailable which allows your team to work and track time even if a connection is not available).

The screenshots are uploaded via an encrypted connection similar to what your bank’s website uses. We don’t keep screenshots forever. They are periodically deleted depending on your organization’s Hubstaff plan.

Amazon uses industry-standard security and you can read more about their security levels here:

If you have any more specific questions on security or permissions we welcome them at our help center. You can get ahold of us here.

We look forward to working with you.

The Hubstaff Team

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