The industry for SEO services is extremely competitive, so agencies and consultants are always on the lookout for ways to improve. From finding new customer acquisition tactics to tracking agency time more efficiently and invoicing clients, there are more than a few ways to optimize company performance.

We’ve reached out to a few awesome Internet marketing agencies to find out how they get discovered by potential clients, and win them over to become loyal customers. Read on to see what they had to say about getting more clients. Our thanks to everyone who played a part in this post!

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John E Lincoln, Co-Founder & CEO of Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

Ignite Visibility was named the top Internet marketing company in California and has a talented team of SEO professionals. In addition to SEO, they are also experts in social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion rate optimization, web design and development, and online reputation management. They’ve been featured on Forbes, Search Engine Round Table, Marketing Land and the Search Engine Journal.

Become subject matter experts in SEO in order to earn more clients. -@ignitev Click To Tweet

We have become subject matter experts in SEO, social media, CRO and paid media. Our Ignite Visibility University blog currently attracts between 10,000 and 20,000 visitors a month, over 50% of which are returning visitors. We put so much time into our posts. But also, we teach two courses at UCSD. The entire team contributes on some level. This allows us to stay sharp with our strategies. So generally, our blog has been the best asset we have for generating business. That and the strategic partnerships my business partner and I have formed. 

With all that being said, we have a philosophy to always over-deliver for clients. By doing that on every account, we have grown the size of each client and attracted a great deal of referrals.”

Brad Shorr, Director of B2B Marketing at Straight North

Straight North | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

Straight North is an Internet marketing firm that focuses on making every click count and they manage everything from PPC to email campaigns to SEO. They’ve been featured on Forbes, NBC News, Smashing Magazine, Moz and Salesforce, and have generated more than 200,000 validated leads since 2014.

SEO is the best source of leads for gaining SEO agency clients -@StraightNorth Click To Tweet

SEO is our best source of leads, and we also get good results through PPC. Our sales team is quite productive as well, networking, cultivating referrals and by good, old-fashioned cold calling. We have learned never to rely on only one or two forms of lead generation, as great opportunities can come from all kinds of sources.”

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Robert Fisher, President of drumBEAT Marketing

drumBEAT Marketing | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

drumBEAT Marketing offers web design, video production and more with all of their services coming together for productive SEO and innovative web design. With a team in the UK and Texas, this Internet marketing firm serves a wide audience as a small, personal team.

Client referrals and PPC are great leads for new SEO clients -@drumbeatmrktng Click To Tweet

We get a lot of client referrals; these are obviously great leads as they are aware of our capabilities and they are generally price aware as well.

Beyond referrals, we do some PPC and we get organic leads from search as well. We are members of various business organizations and all of these together provide a regular flow of potential clients.

We believe that we have to stay aware and market our firm or we will not get new clients. If you are not actively marketing your firm, you are not marketing your firm.”

Melissa Popp, Operations Manager at Altitude SEO

Altitude SEO has a transparent SEO process that follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and other search engine guidelines such as Bing and Yahoo! This makes it easy to be found no matter what search engine your potential customers are using. Altitude SEO provides site tuneups, assistance with Google penalties, HTML optimization, web design, speed optimization and more.

Start a dialogue with clients by offering a free SEO report -@altitude_seo #SEO #clientacquisition Click To Tweet

Our agency offers free basic SEO reports to our clients when they contact us through our website or by phone. This report and approach have been the best way to start a dialogue with our clients about what we can do to fix issues affecting SEO, visibility, and performance on the web. When we present our clients with solutions to their issues, they’re more receptive to what we do and giving us a shot.”

Ajaz Mirza, Group Project Manager of SEOValley

SEO Valley | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

SEOValley specializes in search engine optimization, local SEO, web development, social media marketing, conversion optimization, analytics and tracking, and online reputation management. With operational teams located in Bhopal, Bangalore, Glasgow & Sydney, SEOValley operates on a global scale since their launch 14 years ago.

Organic search has been and still is the most efficient traffic & client acquisition marketing channel Click To Tweet

“Being an SEO agency, it goes without saying that organic search has been and still is the most efficient traffic & client acquisition marketing channel for us.”

Rebecca Stickler, Content Marketer at WebpageFX

WebpageFX | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

WebpageFX is a full-service marketing agency that offers SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and website design and development. With 270% growth in a 3 year period and more than 30 new employees hired, WebpageFX was honored with inclusion in the 2015 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America.

The way we attract clients is exactly what we offer as an agency -@webpagefx #SEO #blogging #emailmarketing Click To Tweet

The way we attract clients is exactly what we offer as an agency: A blend of several different Internet marketing strategies. Our main focus is SEO, but we also maintain a company blog, publish evergreen article pages, send out a biweekly email newsletter, and stay active on social media.

We’ve also gotten quite a few clients through client referral and word of mouth, which is rewarding to see. If a client is willing to recommend us to another business, we know we’ve met or exceeded their expectations – which will help us both continue to grow.”

Shenna McNamara, Marketing Manager at Inflexion Interactive

Inflexion Interactive | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

Inflexion Interactive is a digital design and marketing agency that services mid-sized and Fortune 1000 businesses. They were recognized as an Official Honoree by the Webby Awards and was named one of New Jersey’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies.

SEO isn't dead, it's evolving. Stay ahead of the curve. -@InflexionTweets Click To Tweet

SEO has truly been the best way for Inflexion Interactive to find clients. Inflexion is constantly reevaluating their strategy as to find the best tactics to reach prospects. The web design agency invests heavily in their own SEO strategy and educate and encourage their clients to do the same. SEO isn’t dead, it’s evolving. Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO has allowed it to be an extremely valuable tool for the agency.”

Michael Ramirez, CEO at SearchRPM

SearchRPM | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

SearchRPM helps businesses of all sizes improve their site’s online visibility using SEO best practices. Based in Austin, TX and led by Founder and CEO Michael Ramirez, SearchRPM makes it easy for businesses to learn and apply SEO to their web properties.

In oversaturated industries, it’s important to separate yourself from the pack with a unique business model Click To Tweet

Some of the top lead sources are referrals (personal and professional), professional networking off-line, organic search and online features on industry based websites. In oversaturated industries, it’s important to somehow separate yourself from the pack whether that means having a unique business model to looking and talking differently from everyone else. SearchRPM prides itself for being open and honest about what it takes to build a lasting brand in today’s search economy.”

Sean Si, CEO at SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. SEO Hacker began in 2010 when Sean self-taught himself about the industry in his spare time after work. They have since founded the SEO Hacker School, which offers courses in search engine optimization, copywriting and more.

If almost all of your leads as an SEO agency are inbound, you showcase your service in action -@seo_hacker Click To Tweet

Almost all of my clients are inbound – with the exception of personal referrals from a family or friend. The reason behind this is that we’re ranking first page for well sought-after keywords such that link to our money site such as “SEO Philippines” or “SEO Services Philippines”. That’s really where most of our leads come from.

Once we get leads, it’s my task to go out, meet with them or schedule a call with them and then close the deal. In my time as the sole sales guy of my company, I have a considerable close rate of over 70%”

Michael Cleary, CEO at Huemor

Huemor | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

Huemor is a New York web design agency that creates memorable digital experiences. They’ve worked with NBC Sports and the BP Group and have earned top awards and recognition from The Webby Awards, CSS Design Awards, and Top Interactive Agencies.

Create strategic partnerships with technology platforms to generate leads -@huemordesigns Click To Tweet

Industry partnerships with technology platforms. As well as establishing great relationships with our clients that extend beyond the business.”

Kelly Shelton, Marketing VP at Boostability

Boostability | How to Get SEO Clients: Tips From Top Agencies

Boostability offers SEO services for small businesses, franchises, resellers and media outlets. Their management team has 40+ years of combined Internet marketing experience and they developed proprietary SEO software technology to drive high client value and large customer management. They also ranked number 1 of more than 1,000 SEO companies on

Develop a useful tool that you can use to start conversations with potential clients -@boostability Click To Tweet

“SEO has proven to be the most profitable way for us to generate customers. Ranking for terms like ‘best SEO company’ and ‘SEO company’ always drive in the most qualified, ready to buy clients. We also developed to help businesses see how their website is performing. This has been a great way to start a conversation with potential clients. The most significant way in which we generate clients is through our partnerships. Our core service is white labeled SEO fulfillment. We partner with organizations that have existing relationships with businesses and want to offer online marketing services to them.”

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