How to Select a Plan and Update Billing Details in Hubstaff

It’s important to understand that Hubstaff is set up to allow you to run multiple companies under one login. It’s common for web entrepreneurs to run multiple companies with totally separate teams so we designed with this in mind. In Hubstaff, these companies are called Organizations, and they are totally separate entities.

Since each of these Organizations is a different entity, each of them has their own distinct members (they can overlap), owners, settings, plan, and billing profile. This allows you to select different plan sizes, use different credit cards for different orgs, and keep everything totally separate from each other.

In order to select a plan for an organization, you just need to navigate to the page of that organization.

You’ll now be on the main page for the organization, and then you need need to hit the “billing” button.

Once you hit the billing button, then you will be presented with the plan options for that organization (some options may be unavailable, depending on the size of your team).


Next you’ll be presented with the page that allows you to enter a coupon code along with your billing details.


Now your organization’s billing plan is all set up. You can always go back to the billing tab to see past receipts or change your credit card on file.

Important Note: Hubstaff is set up to allow you to enable / disable time tracking for different members in your organization. Disabled members do not count towards your plan size. You would use this in the case of having a member that you don’t work with frequently, or doesn’t work for you anymore but may come back in the future. You don’t want to just delete the member because then their data is lost, and you have to invite them if they come back to your organization. Disabling them is a faster and cleaner way to have a member in your organization, but not have to pay for them.

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