We live in a world of global trading and rapid Internet expansion, where international money transfers are becoming more common than ever. Companies can hire people from all around the world, trade goods and services online, and collaborate with people in different timezones instantly. Not only has technology advanced by leaps and bounds, it’s become common, with businesses outsourcing work to countries such as the Philippines on a daily basis.

Due to the convenience of outsourcing work, transferring money abroad has never been so easy as it is today. Sending money to the Philippines, India and other countries has become (almost) as simple as sending money within the United States.

Many American companies have found top virtual employees from the Philippines who have been able to drive marketing, customer support, programming and other efforts on behalf of the company. Those remote workers need to be paid somehow, and thanks to the wide variety of options, sending money to the Philippines is quick and simple. The only thing you have to worry about is discovering the best fit for your business among all the choices.

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How to Send Money to the Philippines

If you have decided to outsource your work to employees from the Philippines, you’ll need to choose one of the different money transfer processors. We’ll try to save you some time and help you make your choice.

Before deciding on your service, consider security, the Philippine Peso exchange rate, transfer cost and speed of delivery. Your aim is to send money as safely, quickly and at the lowest fee possible. Here are a few services that can offer this.


Many Filipinos who work online use PayPal to receive their salaries and commission payments. When doing freelance jobs for people from other countries, this is one of the most common ways they collect their earnings.

PayPal is popular because opening an account is simple, easy and free. After a few simple steps, anyone can sign up for a PayPal account and start transferring and receiving money online.

The main advantage of PayPal for sending money to the Philippines is the fact that many people there already have an account. On your side of the transaction, this money transferring processor offers you various payment options to choose from.

However, there are certain disadvantages you need to consider as well. If you outsource and use PayPal primarily for business in the Philippines, there is a possibility of your account being “frozen” due to looking “suspicious.” Once an account is frozen, it may take a few weeks to activate it again. If PayPal assumes that a certain account is illegal, it may freeze it without additional notice.

If you consider using PayPal to send money to employees around the world (in addition to your Philippine workers), you have to be aware of the bank withdrawal options. It is good to know that in reality, not all banks in foreign countries offer withdrawal options from a PayPal account.

Consequently, after you pay your outsourced employees, their newly-earned funds may only be used for making online purchases. This is the reason why some people choose other methods of money transfer.

At Hubstaff we use a simple system for paying independent contractors that helps us save $32,400 to send to our bottom line. We integrate Hubstaff with PayPal to automate payroll and make sure it’s accurate, affordable and on time even if you’re sending money internationally. Check out this guide for setting up a connection between your PayPal and HubStaff acounts.

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Western Union

Western Union offers a quick and easy way to send money to the Philippines. Using this money transfer service, you can send dollars or pesos to Manila, Pampanga, Bulucan and other Philippine cities. In some cases, Western Union allows you to send up to $2,999 for free. The main advantage is that your employees in the Philippines can instantly withdraw the money you’ve sent.

Another advantage of using Western Union is that there are more than 8,600 agent locations in the Philippines. They also have a mobile app that makes the money sending process even easier. This app can be used on iPhone, Android, or iPad devices.  You can choose your bank account, debit card or credit card to send money directly to the receiver’s bank account.


Payoneer is also one of the best ways for sending money to the Philippines. They charge per transfer and the period needed for the money transfer to complete is usually up to three business days. Payoneer allows users to withdraw money from ATM machines wherever they are located.

Despite having minimal fees for their selected partners, you need to keep in mind that Payoneer charges recipients, too. These fees come with each load on a recipient’s card, as well as each withdrawal from an ATM. For this reason, it may not be your employee’s first choice.

Hubstaff users can integrate their Payoneer accounts to automate payments and payroll. Learn how to set up the connection between your Payoneer and HubStaff accounts.

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How can Hubstaff help you send money to the Philippines?

Regardless of the money transfer method you choose, Hubstaff addresses the main issues you may have and provides the support you need. We make the process of sending money to your employees easy and secure.

Our service for sending money to the Philippines enables you to use the best methods to pay your outsourced employees. In addition, we offer you kick-ass time tracking software, so that you can easily track the work and payments for each of your employees.

When you have outsourced employees, you should have precise information about their working hours. Since they are not present in your office, company, nor country, how can you actually supervise their work? Without Hubstaff’s time tracking software, there is no effective and reliable way to closely observe your employees abroad.

Our time tracking software offers you the opportunity to easily spot and prevent ineffectiveness and incompetence among your employees. This software also helps you detect all the outstanding workers so you can reward them appropriately.

You can easily generate reports, detect activity levels, add notes and more, regardless of the number of people working in your online team. To make a long story short, Hubstaff’s time tracking software includes all the crucial time tracking features to make employee time management effective. This software solution is a must-have, especially for employers with teams of outsourced employees.

Hubstaff is also useful for employees, as the work monitoring features will motivate them and boost productivity. Hubstaff can drive freelancers to focus on completing their tasks and goals, which will help them earn and achieve more for themselves and their companies.

Hubstaff makes payroll easier

Hubstaff integrates with Payoneer and PayPal in a few easy steps, so you can use either of them for sending payments. Hubstaff will calculate how much your employees should make based on the time tracked with Hubstaff’s desktop time tracker, and you can set up automatic payments so payroll is accurate and on time, every time.