The Hubstaff iOS App: Manage Remote Teams on the Move

The Hubstaff iOS App: Manage Remote Teams on the Move

We have just released the new Hubstaff iOS app. We believe our product has the power to liberate and empower teams to work remotely. “Distributed teams” go beyond remote employees sitting at their computers all day long. Efficient virtual teams can involve team members who make company trips, visit clients on-site and more. With our new app, you now have everything you need to manage your team on the go.

Why use it?

We are on a mission to change the way companies work. The Hubstaff Time Tracker empowers hundreds of teams to excel even when they are divided by thousands of miles. With our new app, we are bringing this to every business, regardless of industry or size.

Hubstaff gives you full control: you can use our online dashboard and real-time reports to track location, see time as it’s being logged and more.

The Hubstaff app will also save you time and money. Eliminate duplicate apps riddled with errors and office documents that are falling apart. Eliminate the risks of human error. Your team members can record time to individual tasks with the push of a button.

You can even pay your workforce automatically based on the time tracked with Hubstaff. Save hours of precious time every week by automating payment and recording processes.

Track Time and Location for Your Remote Team with Hubstaff

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Check Out Locations Online

The new Hubstaff iOS app monitors GPS locations while you track time for work, making it a great choice for small and large businesses alike.

Hubstaff iOS map | Manage remote teams on-the-go with Hubstaff's time and location tracker app

You can now see the locations directly on the “Activity” page in Hubstaff. You can see where each person was when they were tracking time to a specific project. This is great for service businesses or sales reps.

How to see locations online | Manage remote teams on-the-go with Hubstaff's time and location tracker app

Time and Location Tracker Features

Work logs | Manage remote teams on-the-go with Hubstaff's time and location tracker appThe Hubstaff app and software has been carefully engineered so that it can run unobtrusively in the background while you do other things. Hubstaff is optimized to use minimal battery power and only takes up 8.5 MB.

  • Accurate: Track time down to the second with 100% accuracy.
  • Budgets: Control over-spend within your projects by using weekly budgets.
  • Online dashboard and reports: Review time sheets, see who’s currently working and get an overview of time distribution at a glance.
  • Payroll: Take the hassle out of payroll with our flexible payroll system. Choose a rate (hourly or fixed), pay period and method of payment and let the rest happen automatically.
  • Work logs: Read why people are late to a job site, had to log more time today or why they ran an errand.
  • Integrates with over 30 other products (and growing) including Quickbooks and Basecamp.

Utilize the cloud

Using Hubstaff to store your data means you can take advantage of all the security and convenience of cloud technology.

  • Your company’s data is sync’ed to our servers in the cloud, no backing up necessary.
  • Access it from anywhere via the website, where and when you want.
  • Get a real-time, bird’s eye view of your workforce.
  • The latest security measures are being used to protect your data.

Sign up for Hubstaff and download the app to begin maximizing your time today!

Send us your feedback

We put a lot of hard work into bringing this to you so we would be very grateful if you share your thoughts with us.

Take the Hubstaff iOS app for a spin and let us know what you think. Please tell us about your experience in the comments below. We are always looking to improve!

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