After careful consideration involving a free 14-day trial and peer reviews, you decide that Hubstaff is the perfect time tracking tool for your business. There’s just one thing left to decide: which Hubstaff plan makes the most sense for your goals?

Hubstaff has three plans you can choose from: Solo Lite, Basic, and Premium. While every plan comes with the basic time tracking and employee monitoring features, one will always rise to the top based on how you intend to use Hubstaff.

Now, you may start thinking, “All I need is basic time tracking, I’m just going with the free plan.” However, successful businesses become that way by making the best decisions possible. Since you will be entrusting your team and, by extension, your company’s output to Hubstaff, you should take the time to consider each option.

To help streamline the decision-making process, this post will cover each Hubstaff plan, its unique features, pricing compared to identical software, and the scenarios in which they are best used.

As you’ll see, Hubstaff is more than just time tracking software. The more features you use, the more efficient your organization becomes.

Hubstaff Solo Lite Plan


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Price: Free

One of the great things about Hubstaff is that you can make use of its essential functionalities for free, if you’re a team of one.

Solo Lite features:

  • Time tracking
  • Limited screenshots
  • Keyboard and mouse activity

While it may appear that the free version doesn’t have much to offer, it’s still a reliable and highly functional software. Especially if your business is just starting out.

Pricing isn’t really an issue with the Solo Lite version because it costs nothing, and you can keep using it for as long as you want. One of Hubstaff’s greatest strengths is its ease of use, which you can take full advantage of with this plan. And, you will still be receiving software updates whenever they are released.

Businesses that benefit most from Hubstaff’s Solo Lite plan

If you are a freelancer, solopreneur, or are just starting your own business, you should be all set with the Solo Lite version. Despite having fewer features than the other two versions, it will still be able to help increase your own productivity with more accurate time tracking.

Simplicity and clarity: Solo Lite plan benefits

Here’s what you can expect when you start using Hubstaff’s Solo Lite plan:

  • More accurate record of your work hours
  • Simple start and stop feature to keep you focused on work, not time tracking
  • Seamless web, desktop, and mobile apps for work on the go
  • Activity rate based on mouse and keyboard activity to provide baseline productivity
  • Clear view into how productive you are on a daily basis

Hubstaff Basic Plan

Price: $5.00/month/user ($4.08/month/user if paid annually)

Aside from the features already included in the Solo Lite version, the Basic version of Hubstaff steps up the productivity, which can lessen your workload by a considerable amount.

Basic plan features:

  • All features included in the Solo Lite version
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • 1 integration
  • Employee payments
  • 24/7 support
  • Per user settings

Time tracking for teams

Unlike the Solo Lite version, Basic allows you to measure your own productivity, along with anyone on your team thanks to the optional screenshot and activity features. Hubstaff’s intelligent activity tracking gives you a quick glance into how your team is doing at any time.

Built to save business owners time

The biggest upgrades when going from Solo Lite to Basic come in the form of employee payments and per-user settings. Essentially, the employee payments feature allows you to send payments directly through Hubstaff.

If you’re sending payments by writing checks, Hubstaff will save you a good amount of time each week. Similarly, per user settings allow you to customize Hubstaff for each team member—this is especially useful since the tasks for every job can be largely different. Set separate bill and pay rates, turn off screenshot capture, and more. You have control over how you use Hubstaff.

One integration per plan

Additionally, the Basic plan lets you integrate one third-party service into your projects, allowing you to keep your tasks well-organized and working with the other tools you use. GitHub, Basecamp, and Zendesk are only some of the many integrations that are compatible with Hubstaff.

The Basic plan starts at a monthly rate of $5.00 per user, but it has an annual option that cuts it down to $4.08/month per user. Timecamp, a similar time-tracking software costs $5.25 per month if billed annually and $7.00 if billed monthly for roughly the same features in its Basic plan.

Who uses Hubstaff Basic the most?

This version of Hubstaff is perfect for small companies, startups, remote businesses, and even in traditional office settings. Smaller teams and businesses that rely on 1-2 other software tools to do business will get the most out of Hubstaff Basic.

Easy efficiency: Benefits of a Basic plan

Determining how productive your employees are is made easier, the results are more accurate, and you are even relieved of the burden of having to crunch payroll numbers. How’s that for a “basic” version?

  • Simplified team management with time tracking and activity rates
  • Customized experience for each team member, including: optional screenshot capture, blur and frequency, idle timeout, and the ability to modify time
  • Ability to grow with your team and scale down if needed

Hubstaff Premium Plan

payment integration hubstaff

Price: $10.00/month ($8.25/month if paid annually)

If you own a business, you should consider growth, and the challenges that come with it, to be near-absolute certainties. Over time, your organization will expand, and so will the size of your team. This is where Hubstaff’s Premium plan shines.

A growing organization means the potential for higher output, but it also entails the possibility of things getting off schedule or missing deadlines. The Premium version is designed to support large and growing organizational structures with necessary, time-saving features.

Premium features:

  • All features included in the Basic version
  • Unlimited integrations for seamless business operations
  • App and URL tracking for better productivity tracking
  • Automatic payroll to save you 1-2 hours each week
  • Weekly limits so projects and teams don’t go over budget
  • Attendance scheduling so that time and attendance are all in one place
  • Invoicing to take one more billing concern off your plate
  • Location tracking for mobile teams
  • Project budgets so you won’t lose sleep over blown budgets
  • Time off and holiday tracking

Built-in peace of mind for business owners and teams alike

As the size of your team increases, it becomes more difficult to monitor the punctuality and quality of work of each individual. Having to check in constantly is a big time-waster for everyone, really. Honesty and human error can also be an issue, since some employees may leave their timer running when not working.

All of these issues are addressed with functionalities of the Premium plan that provide business owners a greater sense of relief.

One such feature is the ability to track time off and holidays in Hubstaff. You can set time off accruals per team member, customize policies, submit and approve time off requests, and more.

Another premium feature is the ability to set project budgets and hours limits for team members. The stress of managing budgets on a daily or hourly basis vanishes when you use Hubstaff premium to its full potential.

Skyrocket your productivity: Benefits of a Premium plan

As you can see, Hubstaff Premium takes you into peak productivity by simplifying common business processes. Managing client payments are made simpler with the built-in invoicing feature. Create invoices based on time tracked and bill rates, send them to clients, and keep them in an organized place.

And with the added 24/7 support, there will always be someone ready to respond if you experience difficulties or simply have inquiries.

Competitively priced for goals-driven businesses

You’d have a hard time finding this exact set of time-saving features for the same price as Hubstaff. At a monthly rate of $10 per user, and $8.25 if paid annually, Hubstaff delivers time and budget savings to businesses of all sizes. For comparison, Time Doctor, has a fixed price of $9.99 per month, with fewer features. Harvest has a similar approach to time tracking but starts at $12/month per user.

In fact, you can experience the things that the Premium plan brings to the table for free: try it out during the free trial period and see just what it’s capable of doing.

Companies that benefit from Hubstaff Premium

Hubstaff’s Premium plan works well for both small and large companies because pricing and features can scale up or down as needed. Thanks to its location-tracking capability, it is exceptionally well-suited for industries with a mobile or remote workforce, such as construction, landscaping, and for any sales teams. If you can see your company experiencing growth, or consider it to be in the categories listed above, then Hubstaff’s Premium plan is for you. 

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Which Hubstaff plan should you choose?

The decision is based mostly on how much you want Hubstaff to streamline your business. If you’re only looking for accurate time tracking for one, Solo Lite is your answer. If you want the same thing but for 2+ team members, try Hubstaff Basic.

If you want more features, more time savings, and better overall productivity, Hubstaff Premium is worth the (competitively priced) investment.

Ultimately, it all boils down to you being able to correctly identify where your business currently stands and having a clear picture of where it’s headed.

For even more information, check out our full plan comparison.