This Q&A post covers the questions we get on our Remote Work Facebook Group (now deleted), a meeting place of skilled remote workers, employers, and thought leaders.

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What’s the labor law surrounding remote employee benefits?

Employee law and benefits

Here are a few things we researched about remote employee benefits;

If your remote employee so much as logs onto their computer to work, it counts as “touching the wall” and they must be paid (source:

If your company has an office with an Employment Law Poster, making it available online for your remote workers shows a good faith effort that you’ve tried to make it available to everyone (source: JJ Keller).

Be sure to stay compliant with individual state labor laws when hiring remote workers in a new state (source: JustWorks). Even if your remote worker can work from anywhere, legal rights and obligations still depend on geography, which is determined in the contract (source: Personnel Today). For example, employers with non-exempt remote workers (teleworkers are not the same as independent contractors) need to provide meal and rest periods according to California law (source: TriNet).

When it comes to workers compensation, independent contractors are typically not covered by insurance for work-related injury (source:

At Hubstaff, we hire a team of independent contractors, which we outline in one of our growth posts. We send 1099 forms to all of our US-based team members.

How does a remote team manage customer support?

Customer service

We have other tasks for support agents to handle on downtime. Support is our number one priority, but one of our support agents does graphic design for the blog and a cold email campaign. Another agent gets all the support articles set up on the support site and does a lot of testing for iOS and the web. That way, we feel confident we can fill enough hours for our team with no problem since we’ve designed tasks that they can do when there are no support tickets open.

What are your questions on remote work, productivity, or time management?

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