Hubstaff 0.8.0 Timer Enhancements

Hubstaff timer

Timer Enhancements Under the Hood

  • Mac Build – The Mac build received numerous improvements that we first introduced in the Windows app. Data can no longer be lost due to network or power outages in the Mac app.
  • Insuring No Data Loss – Both the Windows and Mac apps now do a better job guaranteeing that data is sent to the server. If data can’t be sent to the server it is saved and the app retries again in a few minutes. It will not throw away the data until it is uploaded successfully.
  • Libraries – We have recompiled the software using newer versions of the libraries we depend on, which has resulted in more stable, slimmer apps.

Better Security

Security is a top priority at Hubstaff. Implementing SSL encryption in our apps is something that took careful planning and implementation given some of the unique aspects of our software. The lack of SSL encryption has been a major reason we’ve operated under a beta label. That said, SSL is now implemented in both our Windows and Mac desktop apps. This ensure that all communication between the apps and the server is encrypted and secure.

Better Error Reporting

Finding and squashing bugs is something we are always trying to do better. For a few versions now we have had automatic error reporting built into the Windows app. Now the Mac client has this feature. With this release we also include the complete error logs in our reports from both the Mac and Windows apps. This gives us better insight into what went wrong so we can find the cause and fix it.

Coming Soon

  • Team payments – Integrating with Paypal to enable records and payments to employees / contractors (No cost to you)
  • Timer widget for the Mac app – Continued improvements to the Mac timer including the counter
  • Version 1 (Removing the beta label)
  • Tasks – Integrations with popular project management systems

Do you have items that you’d like to see us work on that are not covered above? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. We’re moving on these items in the order of importance directly based on your feedback!

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